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Donkey “primary” examination record

“Donkey” sector had a saying: do not Deng Yue Yang who is not “primary school” is also.  To think donkey-line world, how can we without this “diploma”?  Ever since, he enrolled in primary school donkey “examination”.  Of course Yueyang mountain test sites.Exam content is nothing more than two parts: the basic knowledge and fitness test.  Basics regarded as self-content.Fortunately, I usually just focus on learning, be a good character and scholarship donkey, has long been ready.(Hee hee, self-praise once) Anjiu to answer understanding of Yueyang Hill.  Senior donkey Liu Yuxi said long ago: Hill is not high, but the immortal name.Yueyang is a famous mountain in Boshan.Many worship the gods of the mountain, said the focus of two Anjiu: Grandma Tarzan and the Great Antarctic.Because maybe the gods and 99 mountain peaks of origin related to Yueyang.  It is said that the original 100 Yueyang mountains hills, peak elevation of 811 meters, the whole mountain is both dangerous and beautiful.Later, Tarzan Grandma phase, and put Yueyang mountain hills hidden in the stolen cuffs, put the top of Mount Tai, which is now the very top of Mount Tai.So, with 99 Yueyang mountain say.  Another argument is that the Great Antarctic.There is a local custom, the elderly no matter what age to live to a hundred, only saying ninety-nine.This is because the ancients advocate Nine, nine is considered supreme.Antarctic emperor came here, to make people live longer, use Gangbian deprived of a hill, the hill became 100 99.  I want to say, in this world there is no god, Yueyang mountain pregnant with beauty, to human resources, celebrity men is true.  The mountain village of Gu Jiao is a good example of the county party secretary of homeland.New China Yue Xicui general female pilots, the filming of “My Parents” are the focus of the wave grew up in Yueyang mountain.Defense Minister Chi Haotian Liberation War was in Tianjin Wan Shan next to recuperate.They are the Yueyang mountain of outstanding sons and daughters.  Such a good hill, not fast climb!From the foot of a group of sparrows twittering sound, Yisha went to the top of the hill.A donkey Q: Why call Yueyang Hill?Another donkey said: farmer answered!  I stood up and replied: Some say here impressive sunrise, like Tarzan, Suiqu Daiyue sunny Italy, called Yueyang Hill.I did not agree that this suspected vassal Taishan.In fact, there are mountain Yue Zhuang, Dai village, called Yueyang mountain naturally, they do not climb Mount Tai high branches!  ALICE praise answered them well.I a happy and show off all of a sudden: Yueyang mountain by the name of Wulong, because there are five Piedmont hills, like the five named queue.Do not rumor ah, most people I do not tell him!  Complete answer, went to the top of the hill in front of the temple.He hastened to visit to visit the building!  Send a masonry arch of the temple, which has a vast space, any building or complete or incomplete, had some very grand scale.  South Guanyinge inscription on stone tablets: junji in days.Inscribed as the Qianlong period to declare Sun.Yueyang be seen from the inscription steep hills.Because Yueyang mountain cliffs one side, and now the TV signal tower just stands in the edge of the cliff, the mountain appears more advantageous.  According to legend, Yueyang mountain building began in the Yuan Dynasty, is the earliest extant record Jiajingnianjian reconstruction Shennong Temple, also known as the day to open the temple, later known as Houtu Chun Kwan Temple, this building is the originator of the mountain building of the Yueyang.  Bixia Goddess Temple was built between the years of Emperor Kangxi, lintel engraved with “Mount Tai in section” words.My favorite square in front of the octagonal stone pillars, magnificent feeling.  North of the Jade Emperor, the amount inscribed “Jinque cloud Palace,” all the stone structure, ancient powerful, very impressive, able to saw from a distance, is the tallest building in the mountains.Front window made of stone carvings, coins for the hemispherical dome shape, people feel extremely beautiful.  There are many old stone mountain.I carefully looked at, is the oldest established Jiajing years, “Mountain Yueyang rebuilt Temple in mind,” the monument.Since then Kangxi, Yongzheng and Qianlong, until the Republic of China has.There is a building on three sides of the stone walls are Qianman.In front of a mountain caught my attention, carved a “Boshan county construction bureau bulletin”, September 26 Hitachi Republic of China two decades, the paper stressed grazing logging ban, very environmentally conscious.  After reading the temple, along the mountain road from the Jade Emperor northeast direction and the line is a physical fitness test.  Just under the snow, the slope of shady off yet.Remnants of snow, a little slippery road.Safety first, advancing cautiously.  Fortunately, the roadside covered with forsythia and mountain elm, seizing the branches, and then trekking poles supporting it, it is fairly safe.  Mountains, Bo Shucheng pieces, still show green, compared to bare mountain, in this cold winter, considered the green.Occasionally see Mikie Mei, a small red fruit, embellished, side by side.  Along the way, steep mountains, towering rock itself is majestic views.Looking back looked, connected through the mountains, winds change, population Ridge and downs, I feel a sense of accomplishment.  Next valley, due to the reason of the snow, a white on both sides of a mountain Hz, demarcated.Snow layers of terraced fields, desultory, like a Road zebra crossing.To see such a huge zebra, fatigue will disappear in smoke.  Suddenly, there was a distant hilltop kiosk.Donkey head and said, kiosks that lunch table.With the goal, inspiring love donkeys, soon to the pavilion side.  Laolv branch stove to cook, everyone sitting around the grounds, eat and drink the whole day.Just wronged another group of donkeys, is not such a good location, they can only be a picnic on the hillside.  After dinner, go ahead and donkey head autumn heart a little liquor, a few steep snowy road when no past strode become wary.We tease, horse head Dangdie just the day before yesterday, timid, and asked for a horse head!  Finally, one after another over the hill, top of the hill there have been two large-scale, cottage preserved.From Yueyang mountain of existing legislation Tongzhi five years to see the monument describes that “Nianfei after another, all the club are interested in without arrest, Governor fortunate Sangharaja team came to destroy away” content, estimated cottage or soldiers who Nien barracks.  Yamashita, Zi River flows around the town and Chengzi designate two villages, tai chi yin and yang fish graphical form.Mengjiangnv Chengzi village is described in history books cry Great Wall “vote Zi water to die,” the place.  Ancient cottage down day trip ended.After a full seven hours.It is said that through the hills 99 of 33.This is a day trip longest line.All the way to the end, passing the examination, waiting for the right donkey hair diploma!