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Dongmei impression

[REVIEW] However predecessors for singing Dongmei is really a lot, such as: “calyx number beginning with snow, solitary standard painting this difficult.Incense do not rhyme, very clear I do not know cold “; ‘River Mei Ching according to aroma, a few sticks of cold-core fight hair’; one plum tie three friends of winter, I am particularly impressed Plum Dongmei, always engraved in the heart of.Plum noble character, and it has made me feel respect.Perhaps plum rare independent, non-snow can not find; Yihuo plum indifferent and aloof, non painstaking not appreciate so the strength of the festival, I think in this crazy deepest winter, then they could meet Dongmei, in order to carefully observe a Fan is good.    Tiger drew to a close, in the week before the Spring Festival approaching, I still left unattended for a living in a foreign land.One evening, after dinner, I went to a university guest in the cell next door for a walk.Schools already on holiday, the campus seemed deserted, but this is just easy stroll I walk alone.When I went to a secluded road wander alone, inadvertently smell a faint fragrance, perfume beauty suspected standing near the beginning, so be careful to observe a moment around, but no one lonely.Incense come from?I can not help them search.Alas, it turned out not far from standing in front of me, there is a little plum is not high, quietly hidden in the trees and foliage Cong Tau!It is so humble, ordinary people indeed hard to care about, but it seems that fear and loneliness, and regardless of who had been self-care indifferent elegant, unaffected.However, I am in the twilight of rash today, I do not know whether it believes Jesus?A closer view of that plum, supporting about eight meters high with a trunk large cluster of branches, branches very smooth, with no green leaves, then there are a number of golden yellow flowers inlay on it, and some have been blooming, some flower bud, but are proudly reserved, dark fragrance overflow.It’s not far away, there are several piles of snow accompanied by – it snow, is, in this quiet cold grass, looked at a few days ago silver white lead, glowing coldness.    This is the Dongmei, or call it bloom, plum family is the most fear the cold solitude, but also the most stubborn of plum.Oh yes, Dongmei, the withered flowers, coldest day in bloom alone, non-clank her side, how can stand in the winter; non-aromatic isolated Qingyuan, how self-sustaining operation section?Dongmei, it is a respectable awesome.    Dongmei, hey, Dongmei – which in turn reminds me of a few decades ago, one of my classmates in high school to go to school, she would perhaps Dongmei, is my temporary desk.We had a chat, though not said, and then she is indeed natural beauty, although dressed simple, upper body as if often wore a light yellow Xiaoao, wearing a pair of small shoes garden mouth, but in a little thick eyebrows, eyes stare brilliance If she look at you, it makes you went to pieces.Her laughter is also particularly good-looking, gently, softly, hanging on both sides of the face dimples always make you unforgettable.However, when Dongmei as we are, from rural areas, the ideas behind the pristine natural environment and allow people to goodness, compliance and suffocation.One day, a cold and windy morning, we suddenly heard Dongmei died, someone saw her body with a boy’s body, and a reservoir of the dam discharge.Later she learned that she and the boy who is a childhood sweetheart, but Dongmei’s parents and forced her to marry a cadre home Gongzigeer, so he and the boy both Dongmei diving, beautiful youth will be dissolved Bibo million dumping into the reservoir.People are all working Xu Xi sigh!At that time we were young, I just feel pity, I just feel like a beautiful girl, so quietly away at our side, we had sorrow, hateful curse that parents.But today, come to die Dongmei, in that era, most notably her constancy of love, fear is her power and pressure, is a manifestation of her stubborn personality.    And that’s not exactly noble qualities do Dongmei?Yes, this is Dongmei, worthy of eternal praise Dongmei.    However, for the previous Dongmei singing is really a lot, such as: “calyx number beginning with snow, solitary standard painting this difficult.Incense do not rhyme, very clear I do not know cold “; ‘River Mei Ching according to aroma, a few sticks of cold-core fight hair’; and” the number of branches corner Mei, Ling Han alone open.Remote is not snow, as there are subtle fragrance, “etc., are well-known.These poems, so I had to have more Dongmei impression, but the overall feel is just on the books, not as good as hands-good.Zai Yu Dongmei that before the Spring Festival, so I have to be Dongmei further observation, even thousands of thoughts.Of course, if you can meet in Dongmei in the cold days, then it is nothing more than deepen the impression of Dongmei, it is a spiritual sublimation.[Editor: Can children]