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Dongfang Shuo Lantern girl with legends

According to legend, Emperor Wu of Han Dongfang Shuo called minions there, he kind and funny.One winter, under the snow for a few days, Dongfang Shuo went to the Royal Court to the Emperor to fold plum.When he first entered the garden gate, he found a ladies ready to burst into tears Toujing.Dongfang Shuo hurriedly stepped forward to rescue, and ask the reason for her to commit suicide.  Originally, the maid called the Lantern Festival, as well as parents and a sister at home, since she palace, and I never missed his family and meet every year to make the spring season a wax, it is usually more miss than family.In front of filial parents can not think, it is better to commit suicide.  Dongfang Shuo listening to her face, felt sorry for it assured her, trying to make sure she and her family reunion.  One day, Dongfang Shuo eviction on Chang’an Street stalls put up a fortune.Many people are scrambling to seek his fortune Gua.Unexpectedly, share ask everyone, all the Sixteenth burnt the body of fortune.All of a sudden, played a great panic in Chang’an.People have inquired solution approach to disaster.Dongfang Shuo said: fifteenth evening, the fire goddess gods will send a Chiyi visits down to earth, she is granted burned messenger Chang, I transcribed Jiyu to you, think of a way that allows today’s emperor.He then threw a red tie, walk away.People picked up the red card, and quickly report it to the palace to the emperor.  Emperor took a look, saw that says: Chang’an in robbery, burnt Di Que, 15 days of fire, flame red supper, his heart was shocked, and quickly invited resourceful Dongfang Shuo.Dongfang Shuo pretend thought for a moment, he said: I heard the fire gods favorite dumpling, palace lantern you do not always give you rice balls?Fifteen in the evening can make good rice balls Lantern.Long live the incense altar, heralds Kyoto every family to do rice balls, fire gods worship together.Chuanyu subjects together again within fifteen hanging lights at night, the city firecrackers, fireworks, like the city fire, so that you can hide from the Jade Emperor.Also, notice the people outside the city, fifteen lanterns into the city at night, miscellaneous worries and difficulties in the crowd.Emperor hear, very happy, according to Dongfang Shuo edicts way to do it.  To the city of Chang’an decorated the first month on the 15th, visitors to the bustling, lively and very.Ladies Lantern’s parents took my sister into the city lanterns.When they see the Lantern Festival lanterns write big words, surprise shouted: Lantern!Lantern!Lantern heard the cry, and finally reunited with loved ones at home.  So busy night, Chang’an City really uneventful.  Emperor overjoyed, he later ordered the fifteenth day of each to do rice balls for fire gods, the fifteenth day of the city still hanging lights fireworks.Because Lantern rice balls to do best, so this day is called Lantern Festival.