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Dong Yongzhi clothes Wang Qianfu

Before invading Japanese army stationed in the village of Dong, Dong village five-day symposium to be held at the annual Lunar New Year April 12 to 16 April.In this symposium, the usual Gao should take the ring, holding hands push, wrestling, wrestling and other events.Heroes, gathered Dong, free room and board to Wuhui.Martial arts hero, eager to attend the meeting, which is capable of competing exhibition, showdown.Various martial surrounding villages, military community have drums, shoulder javelin, sword, lined up to come, gathered together, playing tigers, leave singled out, play sparring, showing off their housekeeping skills, in order to martial arts in win higher status and reputation.If the legislation had run into a life and death duel gambling life, hit or interesting duel to get married, and even more unprecedented, drawing huge crowds.Thus attracted eating food stalls, martial arts equipment, agricultural iron, daily necessities, local products and other abnormal trading is booming.Hundreds of miles of the people to see them, do not move at the conference crowded, packed, each end of the Conference, just step on lost Xieer should focus on dozens of baskets.Search for the origin of the symposium, visit the village elders, find the following statement: First, speak according to Huang Li, April 12, two days should sacrifice on the 16th, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen three days should not be marriage, build, ground-breaking, planting, farmers do not want to have to idle idle; the second is by talking about farm work, the equivalent of five days of the Gregorian calendar May 6 to 10, is the slack season; Third, according to climatic stresses, moderate temperature , wearing a simple, easy to Yanwu.The most important reason is that this is the first time Han Xiao Dong superb display of martial arts sacred day.Martial Arts Development Center is the Dong history, drought dock, convenient transportation.Hold symposium is to never forget the story of the legendary martial arts Dongyong.That was in the Western Han emperor yuan sickness among (BC 11 years), has 18 years in the village of Dong Fu Fu see skill in the member away from home (if permanent), 16-year-old Golden Fu Fu princess secretly in love with the handsome chic Dong.After his wife outside the Fu members he saw signs that the wealth gap, the door not properly account, afraid 女大不中留, leaving to go to a fool to stay.In order to let his daughter Pan Gaozhi, enjoy rich, dry and sisters to care for her daughter Wang Jinhua quickly matchmaker to find a desirable good son.Wang matchmaker said: “my wife has family on the capital account, I nephew Wang Gang’s maiden officer in the army, superior martial arts, there centurion inappropriate Yong, sixteen-year-old army, from corporals, even long promoted to centurion , recently promoted to the commander because of military medals, not far from the general rise already, now only pay twenty-eight, wunderkind, immeasurable future, this is not quite used to talk about celebrity, everyone called him Wang Qianfu.Nephew vision is very high, never marry.Golden so beautiful, so full of your home, is really quite divine, it guarantees a say on to.”Fu members outside though the rich and powerful, but also want to find a court battle powerful military battle, you look very happy, set a good carriage, given enough money for the journey, begged the king matchmaker go within the capital matchmaking.Surprisingly, Wang Qianfu young, cocky, I heard that the daughter of landed gentry, does not even bother bother.Wang matchmaker came back in order to conceal the truth, to members outside of Fu Yan said: “Home nephew busy military affairs, general parade around the corner, inconvenient to come to a blind date.Whether to make the capital to watch the event in the Golden Yanwu went to meet the two men in the crowd, secretly stole phase, into fragmentation, are not innocuous, not better.”Fu members outside one, but also feel reasonable.So he took his daughter and his wife drove the Golden Flower, and Wang went to a matchmaker in the capital.In the capital of the Qin Dynasty to the county capital of Hanoi, in the late Western Han Dynasty military town, stationed heavily.Fu went to the West in the capital of the village (now the village love the prefecture are) there are more than sixty years, have direct access to the Official Road, very convenient to come and go.In shining swords and guns, both within the ranks of magnificent military exercise field, lean and capable of Wangqian Fu Long in the general instructions, to lead his men one thousand Yujun Shi serious practice.Wang matchmaker quite proudly pointing nephew, so much to watch Fu members outside an old married couple, the old couple satisfied, bow submissively begged Wang Yucheng marriage matchmaker.Fu Jinhua unknowingly, only know how to happily watch military exercise.Drill clearance, Wang nephew Wang Qianfu matchmaker called out, pointing Yanwu launched on the sidelines of the car and Fu Jinhua, low asking how this woman.Wang Qianfu never seen such a beautiful girl, could not help but look then ever stayed, eyes made him look straight.I saw the ramp according to Fu Jinhua car outside bar, is gnawing a bunch of sugar-coated haws, full of young and ignorant, naive and romantic, dip a hint of syrup on Yingtaoxiaokou, bright red, wet, played down the fear of lipstick, lip curled it, nibble a sugar-coated haws, revealing two rows of white teeth white, so it’s Chunhongchibai, very beautiful.It looks really makes him look good-looking, oval face, a pair of Liu Meifei into the temple, Dan Fengyan stare brilliance, shallow smile, dimples looming.Although rich soil to take Xiaojiabiyu, indeed natural beauty.What a beauties with the beauty of flowers and the moon the appearance, you can Erotic Pretty Angels.Even better, do not avoid Wangqian Fu Fu Jinhua peering eyes, but smile, bright eyes of success.Wang Qianfu see more mouth to sing the larger sheets, could not help but cry out: “Well, well!This will.”Wang nephew matchmaker saw such a look, feel marriage became eight or nine nephew after the end of the agreed military exercise, more prepared bride price, three days later went to Fu member away from home too engagement ceremony.April 12 this day, sunny, flowers in full bloom.Wang Qianfu beaming, riding a tall horse, with eight guards, came to Fu Courtyard.Fu members outside a Future Uncle posture style, heavy bride price, satin pleasing to the eye, dazzling gold and silver, Fu members outside the heart delighted, quickly let Christine Wang Qianfu into a seat of honor, personally pampered tea, and told his wife invited to go daughter meet.Who knows Fu Jinhua listened mother made it clear that marriage, repeatedly shook his head, one hundred do not want to.Her mother said: “My daughter grew up spoiled, accustomed to freedom, not the subject of Xian Qi.If married and officials, as slaves for slave girl, beaten inevitably bullied, aggrieved by a lifetime.If the married guy with poor family, like when the Queen, lifetime free, high above, there are endless enjoy with countless big blessing.”After listening to remark, angry and furious mother, daughter severely beat a slap in the face.Jinhua dead mouth does not fall, stubborn to say: “In addition to Dong people like, other people better, I also do not marry.”