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Dong Xiange

Dong Xiange (December 21, 2015 is already accustomed to the loneliness, besides the gums too much pain.Originally old classmates get together very good, but to lift the needle, it is also a joke over her face.When to go back too late, under a slight drizzle, the mood is not good.The room was silent, listening to the distant sound of loud, sudden and devastating hatred, looking at the old article written, what they can get love.The hearts of things, how it can be easily dispersed.Heart already had the desire to go with Xuefei, never again to meet with you.) Used to solitude care.Tooth pain conditions swollen face, where the drug abatement.This enemy together, but before hanging pillow.Pour joking words hurt hide his face.Pleases sick, glass of wine say nothing of hope.Late back to.Faint light rain count day, feel tired of slavery.    Embrace.The room quietly, the cold was heavy, the night listening to the car-ming, each with comfortable Huan Qing, who steal cut road Akimitsu.In between heart disease book Chouhen.Up old paper thin times the ticket can.Love love.To which, a thing He leaves limit.How scattered light?Closed deep and willing, willing to go back snow, ends of the earth people not see.