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Dong Lin Kings Day

Many areas of China have Xing May 5th Dragon Boat Festival to eat dumplings cake, as the memory of the ancient patriotic poet Qu Yuan.However, there are exceptions, the mother Walled area of King County, Guizhou screen Dong Jia, Chen is June day to eat dumplings cake, in honor of a local peasant uprising leader Lin Wang Dong.Holiday village mother dumpling cake package has only a general size, such as coarse bowl further, more than two feet long cake large dumpling.Legend of the year when Lin Wang led troops to fight, often dumpling cake for dry food, so the package was long and large dumpling cake.Lin Wang Ming Jiaolin wide, was born in the Village where the mother, home country of origin Liping, his father Mian Wang Lin let participated in the uprising, after the failure of persecution by soldiers, begins Liping Hong state area along the ancient state of Long hole, the Castle circles, over eight now moved to the residence by the river.At that time, Po-dong has no inhabitants, before being moved after many Dongjia.Since this was the first stockade was built, around the stockade mother called Village.Ye Lin Wang is back cubs (born after his father’s death), his family was poor, the rich grew up to work, mowing firewood, cattle horses, field water fish to see what all done live.He was tall and burly, outstanding character, Titanic force, smart and capable, make up one of the top few, but also love to help people, folks like him.Legend Lin Wang to the rich fish in the ponds, the rich man told him to cut grass to feed the fish, he put the fish catch slope to graze, eat, and put back in the pond.So he fed fat, big fish.He loved horse.During the day, put your horse grazing, horse riding martial arts, night sleeping in the horse ring, turned the horse feed the tall and strong, and later became his horses.Now behind the remains of his mother Walled year of cultivation stone horse ring, has been the collapse of the two parties, also saved two parties, but also keep his hoof prints and sandals printed on quartzite.Once the king of the forest in the mountains for a rich man to cattle, to see many of the poor do not eat, could not bear, knock a dead cow distributed to everyone cooked.Others worried that he can not be called poor, he had an idea, think of a way to get someone to take cow’s tail inserted in the chimney, called a man hiding in the cave waiting, he ran immediately called the rich man, he says there is a cow stuck in the crevices get out.The rich man hurried to catch up with the mountain, and she saw only cow’s tail exposed outside of the chimney.Rich man will Quche ox tail, cave people learn cattle call, the more pull the more cattle call.The results ox tail off, no cattle, and he had no choice but to go back.Wang Lin enthusiastic position you good things.There is a roadside cave woman cave, cavern fresh air, is the flow out, passers-by could not thirsty to drink.After Wang Lin know, to open his mouth to bite a hole in his hands Bankai slab, fresh air flow out of the line of people had water to drink.Do not believe you can go and see, now on the stone fountain of the king of the forest as well as finger prints and print it both knees.Houzhai mother Yongsan two slope face each, separated by deep valleys, the door usually slope to farm, it is inconvenient to go around the wound.Lin Wang pulled a long rock slope begins to door, made of a stone bridge.He Niangshui: “Takahashi your shelf looks vertigo, key people do not fall.”Lin Wang to blow the bridge was interrupted, has two long slope also keep a few feet off the rock beam.Po-dong area of more people and less land, forest king he wanted to plug off the eight by the river, water holes and reclaimed wasteland over woman.His early in the morning carrying large whip to move at three slopes ready to plug river, just seen an old woman, she shouted: “Look walking three slope.”The results do not go three Poe stopped in the middle of the Walled mother Tin Par, three slope are called mandarin duck slope, will be given slope, slope newspaper alone, not connected with the other slope.It has now been opened to the terrace.Lin Wang grew up, fled here to see the field more and more people, the entire hole are occupied by woman.Rice enough to eat, but also to the officers and men who robbed Qiangliang.There is no way, Dong Jia can not live anymore.So, (elders Zhaizhong) woman hole, the hole, oil-dong forty-eight Dongzhai Walled old and spicy Office (youth) to focus Walled mother of procedure.Walled old said: “We are the Dong generations bullying people, we can not do it through the halcyon days?”We decided, forty-eighth Walled Village electing a person to participate in every set of selected partner Wang.According to Wang Wang Mian election uprising way, per person Headers maple tree, the first live, which is the king.Walled mother recommended a wide forest.Wang election began, 48 people in the Walled mother Headers Zhaizhong a tree, live tree planted forest wide fastest.All in one fell swoop elected him king, the king of the forest from its name.Walled mother Zhaizhong now there is a maple tree, pulling heaven, down branches, trees and other different, it is said that the king planted forest.Wang Lin joint poor everywhere, directing the Walled knife fight Fletcher, the second year of a collection of one hundred thousand poor people, ready to revolt.For uprising, Wang Lin also closed their marriage.His legend and good friend of the girl called Mao Wang, Mu Wang lived in the village, Wang Lin grew up with firewood, mowing, sing folk songs.After the two men grew up, two elderly prepare wedding reception.However, two very young ambition, they said: “There is such a mess, people are so bitter, and so we have to solve the people’s suffering to get married.”The old man thought unreasonable, they both agreed: Lin Wang was suffering from depression, from Mao Wang Mu Wang Village, at the same time each hit a stone from the buckle to the two circles Pass to see whether the two stones met, and if touch together, they get married immediately, otherwise, to postpone marriage.The results of Wang Lin stone just hit the button industry Au, smaller Mao Wang strength, hit the button industry depression, did not touch two stones together, so they do not rush to get married, and later took part in the uprising.Wang Lin very brave uprisings, under his command, early in the morning to break the dragon in the city, we also return to the mother-dong Village to eat breakfast, and then captured by Xinhua, the level of tea and other places, plan marked Changsha, Nanjing to attack to overthrow the Ming dynasty.Another legend he made the three arrows, shot almost put the king.The first night, he called his mother just before dawn when the rooster crows wake him.After waking up, he took his soldiers to attack the king, the king of his tent aligned bursts of three arrows, three arrows in the middle of the throne of the king.However, he shot was a little early, just before dawn, etc. If the king in place another shot, you can shoot the king.Later, Lin Wang was the king of the three hundred thousand troops surrounded, and finally exhaustion, four rebels will not break out, Lin Wang was very angry, sword inserted in the rock board, the results of Lin Wang was arrested.He also cut his head, but I’m not convinced the king, his hands holding his head, his mother called home placement, and officers and men fighting.Later, he was beheaded twice, and twice the placement until the third time, the head could not put it together, he fell down dead body.Wang Lin after a failed uprising, the court again for fear the local Dong Jia uprising, sent Zheng Zilong Wang Lin’s troops dug graves and the Dragon, now criss-cross on the back of the mother Longshan Village is the year to dig deep.Although Dragon is cut off, but farmers still have continued uprising.Sixteen years later, in Yongle eleven years, Po-dong peasants and uprising.Orthodox fourteen years, Liping, twisted bridge peasant uprising, killing Zhouguan, gathered three hundred thousand siege Tonggu Wei.Lin Wang to the benefit of everyone, people will always commemorate him.Although he was framed history books as “bandits”, but in the eyes of the Dong people, he is a hero.Chen lunar month every year every day, every mother Walled holidays.Other miscellaneous surname also holidays.On this day of the year except New Year the most solemn festival.Every day is said to Chen Village to the holiday turned out to be the mother first built the Village and Memorial Forest family ancestors.Wang Lin out later, with regard to the king of the forest-based.In order to respect the surrounding Dong Jia Walled Village mother is the mother, and all the name is Lin, Lin and Wang Walled mother is born, so the day after all the blame.The first day of the feast, Walled mother on butcher slaughtering, and everyone put the field to catch fish, tofu mill, dumpling cake, and send children to call off the adjacent stockade, busy, festive day, before meals, each first wine and meat are gracefully, dumpling cake in the ancient maple, burn incense and worship.Guests should first come into the camp under a worship ancient maple back, and some elderly people but also on the ancient maple trees stripped of bark pieces, wrapped in paper, to take home to their children, pray misfortunes.After noon after, they begin to eat.Sumptuous feast, drink and sing, bless each.After eating, the owner invited guest, the children sing “I’m king of the ancient song” In the ancient maple.Singing is completed, the old people would say I’m the king of the story to the children, all night long, very lively.htthtt / 70