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Dong apparitions

Three days of Lunar New Year in mid-February 1953, is the birthday of Dong Yong, a radius of a hundred people to follow in the historical tradition, from all sides rushed to the tomb of Dong Dong village, Dong Yongsheng participate in the General Assembly to commemorate the day, burned incense and bowed very many people.Song Hyun think it’s so extreme superstition, led the militia dispersed the crowd Dong tomb of worship, and to more than a dozen people scattered slowly shut up.His mother came took his hand and cried: “Yeah sin, sin ah, you are not afraid of retribution!”He will be a Mother thrown down to the ground, fiercely said,” I am waiting, so what are retribution directed at one person I!”1954 mid-autumn, Song Xian made strong like ox-like head of the body, suddenly got a nasty case something wrong.Initially, he became a sore throat that would be good to take some medicine.Who knows more government the more powerful, and later even went so far as to develop saliva is difficult to swallow.His mother panicked, rushed with him to the tree alone Miao Miao big Jiaozuo city hospital examination, doctors diagnosed phrenic patients (local dialect, that esophageal cancer), autumn eat do not eat wheat, leaving only a few months live the head.His mother scared slumped on the ground.Song Yin was so calm demeanor, a smile said: “The big deal is dead, when the war I had died over several times, and now living or earn miles.”Song Yin made back to the village, insisted heads held high dew appeared on the street, walk, showing demonstrators.But his mother was the village people can not stand the finger poke in the back, to make irresponsible remarks, so he and the son of one to one village at Cave Taihang Mountains village house to shelter with relatives.That relatives know what was going on, the Yin to complain that he Niangshui: “This is blasphemy Dong live retribution, Dong tomb quickly to burn incense, knock kowtow, Xu wish, redeem a sin, maybe this sick enough the.”His mother just tears, speechless.Song Yin make it stamped, grinding his teeth, he said: “What retribution?”I was sick and that are two different things, you do not need for me to worry about blind.”Before dawn, Song Xian made a note on the left, that says do not call on anyone to look for him, he would like a quiet person quiet.In this way, Song Xian made disappear.His mother cried blind eye in the house, and found him already dead of.Who would have thought a year and a half later, Song Yin so miraculously stood in front of mother.His mother hands stroked his strong body, listening to his laugh Lang’s words, almost going crazy with joy.He failed to sleep a night, Mother, repeatedly asked whether he is valid and why.He smiled and said: “I did not want to hurt his aging mother and relatives, to bet the ambition to go deep forests go commit suicide, thinking once and for all, students also strong, too strong to die, not when cowards.I’m tired of sleeping in the past over the mountains, a slept for three days and nights.In his sleep, I saw Dong.Dong stroked the shining white beard said to me, I am also a person Dong, Dong who you are, are the village folks, so what make life difficult thing.You can not even think about death, you die gossip even more people.Here the spring berries can cure diseases, you want to see ambition to survive, those who say gas gas gossip.After I woke up, try the spring Gan Lie and ate wild fruit and delicious, so he change his mind, according to Dong said, determined to live a way for everyone to take a look.In this way, I live in a cave, thirsty to drink a few mouthfuls of mountain spring water, hungry, eating a few mouthfuls of wild fruit, a relaxation of the heart, what we do not want, more and more bright eyes.Gradually, I was able to eat, breathing, hungry anxious to start the hunt, often catch a hare, pheasant open Kaihun.After a year, my body is more sturdy, and on all day, bouncing run, jump rocks mountains.Now, I do not feel sick, just get down the mountain and meet mother.”Time to the 1957 Lunar New Year in mid-February, three days, all over the country due to the release of the movie” Goddess Marriage “, in the village of Dong Dong tomb and set off a frenzy of worshiping Dong and seven fairies.This year’s General Assembly to commemorate the day Dong Yongsheng doubled lively than usual, the crowd just like the vast sea, crowded before and after, a wave after wave.Song Yin led the militia to maintain order so that, for fear of the people trampled wheat fields around.Encounter difficulty walking old man, his wife, he also smiling, on a warm help, send a ride.People are surprised to make the transition Song Yin, asked why Fun.Song Xian made a straight face, said: “Dong dream, then rescued me, help me overcome the terminally ill, Dong really apparitions.Learning Dong Yin old honor loyalty and love, Who can say right?Dong Dong is human ancestors, Dong people worship their ancestors and family history of celebrities are their own, can not be considered superstition.Said the state constitution freedom of religion, belief Dong who is also not illegal.Dong faith is a powerful spiritual force, and some elderly people for minor illnesses small disaster, Toutengnaore, ran tens of miles way, came perspire, the body is relaxed, the disease better, too, is physical exercise.Some women born point Xian Qi, depressed mood, crippling, Dong tomb to talk, sing, talk about it, untie the knots heart disease reduced, can not say no good.National policy is a good policy reason there is always the policy, which we must resolutely implement the policy.”After that fight, Dong Dong village worship the tomb of the rally have never interfered in rural cadres to go.Hyun Song met the villagers and then make, then told everyone not his original name, but called him “Dong (Wing) manifestation” of the. / 31% 38X.COM>./ 70