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Domesticated two Chinese rose

Season has been a big break, “Lvfeihongshou” picture launched.Everywhere is a strong green, in addition to several flower flower beds no longer white gardenia, flowers have nowhere to look for their presence.One day standing at the window of the office in a daze, I saw a downstairs greenery topped with two groups of pink stuff.Bit far away, it looks like plastic flowers.She smiled, remembering the last time oleander home in front of my colleagues “on” a strange red Zhu Xiang out, deceive a lot of people.So I thought that this was somebody’s masterpiece it?    Another on that fleshy thing you really fake flowers?Not artificial flowers, what would it be?    I got into high spirits, ran downstairs, into a look, is a tall rose, looks age is not small.Branches thick, strong, old, very sharp thorn great body, and some have become dark green leaves.The two groups that pink stuff hung in twig branches, high up to the sky.Rose is a masterpiece, but I did not imagine mischief.They grow very high, I can not see tiptoe, but had to put the stubborn soft branches gently pull over and enjoy them up close.    This two flowers grow on the branches of a more tender.Petals like a newborn baby’s skin color, like pink, there are a few pieces of small green triangle surrounded by barbed piece on the receptacle, the external color of the petals more deeply, then fades layers, like three-nine dyed Painting.Petals relatively thick, great texture.Because the morning under the rain, the flowers fills the water droplets in crystal clear, those who spread the drops of water on the petals, as if proud of the dancers on the stage waiting for the music sounded.Maybe they just want to give flowers playfully wash bath, but because they are eager for the United States reluctant to leave.Flowers tenderly care of them, I gingerly, for fear alerted the happy lovers.Shy reserved flowers, sentimental clear drops of water, they stand high up in the branches, mutual appreciation of their own and each other’s beauty, so I mistakenly thought it was a pair of plastic flowers.    Maybe I have rarely seen such a pink rose, rose mention, I felt kind of red is bright red, encrusted branches flowers and green leaves scene.If not into the eyes can see, I really do not know there is such a flower.”The Little Prince” in tis proud roses I always think of it as rose, I might not have seen the growth of the roses bloom is brilliant, right.Those on the street and sell a lot a lot florist, packaging is extremely beautiful roses, I think they do not take God’s lost soul of flowers, some of them just the lightest footer body, so many people but no longer flock to the beautiful branches, leaves, flowers.    Think of kindred rose every day last summer with her daughter to see it, is that building across from the home of a family hired planted in an open space.Relatively short tree leaves are green, thorn tender, the flowers are open lot, a summer come and go, there are always flowers in the open.That rich ruby red, rolled petals, Ruoyouruowu flowers, people indulge endless.When the day went downstairs for a walk, will count opened with flowers, imagine the next day to see the flower bud flowers open to what extent.One day find a few branches have been broken, the flowers are gone, spilled over the floor of the petals, whole grain rose listless.I’m sigh, looked around at who is behind the atrocities, the owner stuck his head is upstairs, you can not see the pretty flowers today, you have two little girls that building in this play one day, in such a way.Your daughter every day to see flowers, never discount does not get those two kids came back one day to spend it in such a way.He also said what I did not go in, because those two kids I know, really naughty.I felt sorry for the flowers.It tells people thorn – Please do not hurt us.However, we often ignoring these people.Later, the owner cut some branches, and got a few flowers growing on a stick propped up.I never saw the spectacular roses in full bloom this strain of the.    Thought of “The Little Prince” in the interpretation of the fox “domesticated”, maybe I tame this two pink rose and that one had let me endless sympathy flowers, then they have a friend like feelings, though they have been transferred Xie, but the depths of memory, they normally open undefeated.