By - 管理


I found it on the night market stall.The big head, a pair of small triangular ears droop in the forehead, crescent pink big nose, a pair of eyes like the iconic.At the moment, it is a stretch stubby limbs sit on the bay window.  Pig domesticated hen a yellow doll.  I looked at it, a pair of crescent curved eyes please look back, there is a crooked.    An ordinary night.Dinner is finished, alone tipsy hanging around in the street, everywhere feasting, surrounded by a crowd of strangers continuous shuttle.Alcohol and neon make this dream-like night scene.    Side of the road, lost a lot of ground mess plush dolls, colorful.  Childhood memories, find the shadow of a little doll, an adult, when I see these guys always can not help but feel furry hug, probably left over from childhood to make up for shortcomings in the mind.But inexplicably, I never thought to buy himself a.Always felt that such a doll should be a gift of love, such as parents give a child, a boy giving his beloved girl.Similarly, walked over, picked up one by one, hug, throw away, turn around, leave.Turn back, it catches my eye, I picked up, and said, I want it.    Many times in life are like this, when you turn around to go back again, or something like that person had not.To, it will have been.Perhaps, from your life so bring more convenient or color.Perhaps, useless.Gave up on it a moment to read a face to face, forever in your life, the two sides apart.The kind of unforgettable regret is useless even if a thousand times stronger than it.    At the moment, there are a sly smile with this deception color Pig doll, it will only decorate my windowsill.    Really do not know, first, why would it bring back.