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Dog’s tail grass

Sometimes ordinary things but often evoke memories of the most heart, the most common items sometimes it is the most precious presence.Mountains and rivers hometown of everything around midnight dreams of leisurely tenderness, touch dial your most sensitive nerve Flanagan, so you can not help but come home again set foot comfort the soul, the dog’s tail grass is an example.Rand stream, green mountains, bamboo farmland, full of its humble figure.Road between clusters, open all over the gully, you are the most unusual mountain but the most tenacious of life.    No one knows your history, just touch the tail like a dog, mountain people who would give you the most common name of the child.But you never unhappy, just quietly with his ability, to the mountain villagers and children in the simplest and most happy joy.There are mountain people smoke, may I would like to say, some people smoke grass shore.Four seasons of reincarnation, immortality is the only mountain in these two weeds wildflowers, ferns mosses that just fit perfectly too low, not erect spine; and that mountain Chrysanthemum was born near the yin, the avoidance of Utah less fear, more Mo on the nigh.Only when the bark came a few times, you would be surprised to find that while the rich will be greeted in smoke after the stud straw.Shan Ying bleak à clear water, lush grass tail junction sparsely.    Dog’s tail grass is not only tough, but also is caused interesting, it gave me the most simple ignorance of childhood happiness and pleasure, accompanied by childhood was full of mouth Diao dog’s tail grass, barefoot running song on the field.It gave me the original biological structure, knot grass of animals birds, we use the most simple tools depicting creatures mountain flows, with the most unrestrained imagination run weaving anxious smile.It also gave me the initial emotional memories, grass title ring, Acacia finger grip, half bear in mind, do not abandon forever.The dog’s tail grass in the years rings engraved circle around the ring in the grass, the roaring of song mountain springs, mountain into which stud swing tail grass.These have become solidified scenery dotted dog’s tail grass, behind the condensate moving Township, constitute a graphic memory of wandering journey home.And that hill and dale dog’s tail grass swaying in the wind, such as stud strings, as keys to the mountains, playing the home of the most graceful music, only a certain period in the cold months starlight night, knocking the thinking person’s heart, remind them of home did not go far.    Of a thousand miles, way back eventually.The dog’s tail grass is this going way back to the ticket, in a letter to me after years of flow laugh injury death, the book is also my homeland landscape of Thousand Splendid Suns.I think my life would be retained, I can tell it is so it will be kind of flattered Zhang, Rong Yishi might as well let it dry, scattered Fei Yang.I think this is also good, the passing of the years their parents, their heavy look back floating shadow, which sent Zhang Zheng soul, save you in the best years, it is where you are, it is my lucky.