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Liu's detention after 80 beauty: two three four degrees cash 2 billion company changed its name | Liu Xiaoqing

  [Reports] Source: Tomorrow SEEC clever play of insider trading by small things, it is best not even think。
  March 13, announcement, said the company received 12 March 2018 situation Changzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau directly under the letter of notification sent to Dalian Securities Regulatory Bureau, informed that the company's actual controller Liu group, the former chairman Liu Xiaoqing, former senior managers Lin Chunlin alleged stock market manipulation, insider trading Changzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau directly under criminal detention。   Just four days before the incident, that is, March 9, 2018, Chen Xin Technology, Inc., the former chairman Liu Xiaoqing, "resigned" to the position of chairman。
And on the day of the Board of Directors "for some reason did not attend."。   In addition, Chen Xin Technology has been due to major issues to be disclosed on March 13 from the temporary suspension, and is expected to be suspended for no more than five trading days。
  Four more years, although Chen Xin Technology is a block chain concept of Internet gaming company, is the predecessor of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2010, GEM IPO "One bridge fry", in January 2015 changed its name to "One Dalian bridge sea cucumber Co., Ltd. ", the securities referred to change to 'One bridge sea cucumber'。 October 2016, "One bridge sea cucumber" was renamed "One bridge shares"。   In other words, "Chen Xin Technology" is the fourth in the name of the company for three years。   December 2017, One Bridge shares to be changed Securities referred to as "Chen Xin smart", after the Commission presented the regulatory function, One Bridge was renamed to give up shares, known as "smart" word with the existing core business can not fully match。   February 2, 2018, the shares once again announced One bridge was renamed from "One bridge sea cucumber Dalian Co., Ltd." changed to "Dalian Chen Xin Network Technology Co., Ltd.", the securities referred to change as "Chen Xin Science and Technology"。 The company identified the development of a comprehensive strategy for transition to the mobile Internet games and big cultural industries。
  Interestingly, this morning Xin Technology such as chasing hot block chain, chain blocks to start the game。
  Replacement of assets reorganization of drama behind the name change several times, is a replacement of assets reorganization drama。   2016, One Bridge to sea cucumber billion acquisition of 45% stake in Nanchang Xin trench interconnection。
After completion of the transaction, Xin trench Internet became a wholly owned subsidiary of One Bridge shares。
  Xin trench interconnection is a game company founded in 2014, mid-2015 net loss of 5.63 million。 First four months of 2016 operating income of only 95 million, or net loss of 7.51 million。
Nanchang Beijing Xin Xin Hao held interconnected% stake, held by Nanchang Beijing Xin Feng Wenjie% stake, is the interconnection trench actual controller Xin。   This is not the end of the replacement of assets。   October 17, 2017, One Bridge shares announcement said, intends Seafood aquaculture, processing, marketing and business-related assets and some liabilities sold to the listed company's controlling shareholder, actual controller Liu group, Liu group cash as payment of the price, the transaction price one hundred million yuan。 After completion of the transaction, One Bridge Shares will be mainly engaged in mobile gaming business, no longer engaged in related businesses Seafood。   Fresh youngest female chairman Liu upbringing online。
Public information, Liu was born in 1987 and 2016 as a number of shares of listed companies in 2900 the youngest female chairman。
  In 2007, Liu One group will be held by the bridge part of its interest 5.88 million yuan, the original contribution to a natural person Liu Xiaoqing, etc. 38。 In these 38 individuals, only Liu and Liu have kinship group。
  Prospectus shows that in March 2008, 21-year-old Liu was elected a director of One bridge sea cucumber。 In addition, she was still inside the company as a sales manager position。   Because of the same name with the famous movie star Liu Xiaoqing, "Liu Xiaoqing cottage" has become a topic of discussion, the company's share price followed by dipping, within a record time of less than two months up to RMB yuan higher than the issue price rose% amazing record。
That year, the father and daughter to jointly worth billion yuan, topped the "Forbes China Rich List" on page 306。   The son of Liu Zhao Changsong group in 2007 won the Liu group transfer% stake, becoming the third largest shareholder after Liu and Liu's group。
In 2008, 23-year-old Zhao Zhangsong elected the company's vice president of production management and supervisors。
  July 2012, Liu and Zhao Zhangsong registration of marriage。 October 10, 2016, One Bridge cucumbers announcement that the group has applied for Liu resigned as chairman, his daughter Liu took over as chairman of the board duties。   Led the family two years nearly 20 billion cash holdings of concern it is that, from mid-2015 began, Liu family to take the lead in the group, opened a reduction of road。 Between 2015 and 2016 for two years, Liu groups and their daughter and son-in by cash holdings of more than 2 billion yuan, the proportion of holdings of shares of the company more than 10%。   According to incomplete statistics, in 2015, 2016, Liu group holdings in the secondary market by 8 times, a total reduction million shares, a total of one hundred million yuan cash。
Among them, only the end of August 2016 to the end of September, just one month, Liu group had five holdings, a total of one hundred million yuan cash and son Zhao Zhangsong。   In addition, in November 2016, in December, has just assumed the chairman of One bridge group shares Liu's daughter, it conducted four holdings, total holdings of 2214 shares, cash in one hundred million yuan。
Thus, the father and daughter duo totaled $ 1.7 billion cash。
Count the amount of reduction-in-law Liu billion population, the three co-cash one hundred million yuan。
  Up to now, the group holds a total of Liu Chen Xin Technology% of total share capital, which has pledged the shares as% of total share capital of the Company。   According to media reports, the replacement of assets mentioned above in consideration of the payment of funds, is from the father and daughter's cash holdings Liu group。   But after Xin trench for interconnection, the completion of this long experience more than a year of restructuring replacement, be completed in disguise backdoor。
Today, Xin trench interconnection actual controller Feng Wenjie before substitution restructuring, has been riding the throne chairman of listed companies。   On the secondary market, this year, January 5, One Bridge stock heavy volume limit, the evening news the company intends to disclose the renamed Chen Xin Technology。 Thereafter, the company stock prices rise, 6 days from January 5 to 12, the three received a daily limit, the maximum cumulative gains%。
  But now, for Liu's daughter certainly did not cash in pleasure。
For their behavior, the law will make a fair decision。