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[REVIEW] I asked Zhang, his family’s dog that seems breed?Zhang said he can not remember, but better than a sheepdog than a little Tibetan mastiff Yoji.Tibetan mastiff fierce hesitate, once for something to attack, the owner can not stop.    After the nursery was placed under the county Guozigongsi, mapping needs painting, Rush.When mapping, you need to sign neighbors.Fortunately, nursery surrounding land belong to Ma Cao Jingcun.To this end, we find the village director Zhangke Wen.Nearly Nail Zhangke Wen, about one meter six tall, thin and lean.We drink together, he talked about his family dog.The dog was ten years old, pregnant existing in the body.He said someone sent more than 4,000 dollars, he did not sell.The main reason is reluctant to sell.He raises chickens, geese, pigs, day and night, thanks to the dog.The village chickens, geese and the like, in addition to his family, none of no theft.I said, if it was determined to fight the idea of his house, will put his family dog drug death.He said his family’s dog is not eating raw meat.In addition to he and his wife, something to anyone, either you have to how intoxicating incense, he will not smell of.Will not they eat.Zhang said that if you eat it, it did not have to order the early.I joked that his family dog character, than some people, especially some officials have the right to post even better.Because some officials, Lu Feng led the country, but also greedy, should not eat too Luanchi.Zhang smiled and said, this dog is in humanity, what kind of people support what kind of dog.I smiled and said: “You mean the dog products for character, bad character people keep dogs, dog product also poor!”Zhang smiled, nodded his head and said: ‘you can say’.    Zhang said he graduated from junior high school, two-year-old began when the village cadres.Later, after the reform and opening up, he began to do business.Because busy with business, he resigned from the post of the village dry.A few years ago, Chengguan town leaders to mobilize his village to participate in the election actually dry.See someone moving around, town leaders worried that he would not be elected, should he Events.He said with how their activities, people are not foolish.Because he improperly village cadres, have posted their own money to build roads rice stick, pull water out of other public welfare.Although his horse Zhang Cao Jingcun considered the only “minority”.But his 3 brothers and eight sisters, from small to large, uttered no fights.He said his father was a state cadres, in addition to education, the key is he as a brother, brought a good start.Inside the village, care for the young character is notoriously.Plus business done early, in his lead, brothers and sisters, and everyone has their own way to get rich.Margin on the economy, we all human, all upset, benefits.And in the village, no matter what’s someone big and small hit him, he must spend money to help people run Fermi.So, when he was director of the village election, do not have activity.As long as the election, he has the confidence to be elected on.I say he is Rome was not built in a day cold.Activities fierce then who also can not be compared with him.After all, his image in the eyes of the old 100 is a long-term shaping up.By temporary small favors, is not the people of.As a result, activity was fierce but short of his dozens of people vote.And he also re-elected, and is now the second session of the.He said he chose the village director, really wanted to do more practical things for the people.Otherwise, then three hundred dollars a month, he is the village and many have posted out.Of course, his regular income, a conservative estimate, there are at least 67 million dollars a year.Otherwise, two sons to college, afford to pay for all.    Of State-Owned old Fan said, the old Zhang, outside the sterile seedlings in nurseries, green Bijie area need to send more than three million he did not sell.Old old Zhang Fan said the net assets of less than 5 million yuan also.Old Fan said that Zhang and rich, will man.Inside the village, he can stick their payments should do.So people trust him very.    Zhang said, the dog will see people doing things.Regardless of any person to his home, they do not get something, it will not biting people’s.But it is still very dead stare.People do not like to call it, is found 手脚不干净, directly pounced bite.Even if the owner greeting, it will not let go.All in all, the owner keep it, like raising a baby doll, is the greeting should listen.But to protect the owner of the property is its duty.Devotion to duty is its duty.I said, what kind of dog owner what kind of support.Some dogs are in humanity, it raised from an early age, monasteries long term, we learned a lot of good quality owner.    I asked Zhang, his family’s dog that seems breed?Zhang said he can not remember, but better than a sheepdog than a little Tibetan mastiff Yoji.Tibetan mastiff fierce hesitate, once for something to attack, the owner can not stop.His dog, is fierce fierce, but there are reasonable as fierce as fierce principled.It knows its terms of reference, involuntary biting people.Anyone who wants to play its mind, it will wind blows, you do not have to move it, move it to you.In particular, in addition to the owner, to get something to eat it in person, you even if you did not have a bad heart, it will be proof that you.Not only do not eat, you will attack.So Zhang said, the dog, even if the future is dead, he will not be stripped of its skin, eat the meat of.He put it in front of people buried.This is not only emotional problems.More importantly, this dog’s character, and some people even higher than in the minds of his position.    I say Zhang said his family’s dog, is nice not only devotion to duty, and do not you eat.However, some of our officials, some not only dedication, but also the use of authority eat.Even hell are not you eat eat eat.They dare to eat anti-poverty funds, disaster relief funds they dare to eat.Rat eating capital to the layer of skin off, they dare you eat, you say they are not even dogs do not like?After listening to Mr. Chang smiled and said I am talking about is really a bit mean.[Editor: Yi children]