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Dog lovers

Milan Kundera said: “Dogs are our link to paradise.They do not know what is evil, jealousy, resentment.In the beautiful evening, and dog sitting by the river side by side, like a return to the Garden of Eden.Even doing nothing is not bored – only peace happiness.”Really, I also belong to dog lovers.  So far, I have been domesticated Pekingese, Chihuahua, Cocker, Labrador, four kinds of dogs, these dogs for various reasons have left my home, but yellow mud, baby, babe, a lot of their names in my mind never to forget, a lot happened between us and the dog story never forget.I can Ka Beibei in the air holding it off the way to the hospital, dying before the babe has been looking at me for help with vision, eyes that I still was hard to forget.I would like to have seen it babe I was helpless and sad.  Now I do not have a dog, but also no longer intends to keep dogs.  But today, I wanted to tell the story and a lot of yellow mud.  In 1997 the daughter of primary school, the first test, took a two-percentage back.My husband and I wanted a happy daughter asked what the prize.Daughter did not want to think, say: “I want a small dog.”This is not just a toy for a dog, right, her daughter said:” I want a little dog Barbara.”Look into this, it is impossible to meet her, someone to take care of the dog family that oh.  To my astonishment the third day, Mr. given a free hand with her daughter in a wonderful reflection of a Pekingese dog market.I met, do not explain, just say: “We have no son, it is the son, and called it yellow mud bar.”Happily watching his daughter, how can I bear to sweep their interest.So yellow mud came to our house.  The first time I came into contact with the dog.  Yellow mud is very smart, very human, love clean, shit urinated every day to be outdoors, when to go, when to go home, it should have the answer.Soon, the little stuff will melt into our home, has become an indispensable.  Then there are two places can not say anything at home.First, the telephone, the second is the house.As long as the phone rang, encouraging people to this little guy more than the ringing of the phone, whether you are in the bathroom or in the kitchen, it is definitely gonna go to your child in front of barking.You pick a phone, it quietly looking up at you, as if each call has anything to do with it all the same.  Then there can not hear the knock on the door, as long as one to hear, that guy, jump on the next series, chasing its tail, loud “bark”.The door opens, a family, it is at once affectionate burst of chaos, if it is a stranger that battle, scared people retreat three feet.  Yellow mud and we live in harmony for three years.Later, because Mr. going to Beijing for a long time, I was still a newspaper, often on assignment, travel is certainly inevitable, the family is nobody it.But unfortunately we put yellow mud sent a friend.Our friend is a doctor, her husband is the police, her son in junior high school.Family especially like yellow mud.Its position in status than their home is higher in our house, my friend couple of yellow mud really fallen in love with.  A few years later, once we were family dinner, I asked yellow mud.My friend did not answer me, just got up out the door.Then she let me ask Mr. schematic.I look stunned, not knowing what was wrong.Until vegetables are on together, my friend just back seat.My little Ji Ji looked at her and found her red eyes.The moment we are silent, do not know what to say right.At this time, Mr. He spoke: “Don ah, we should put the case to the yellow mud of the pro dad real mother talk about it.”He said, ‘pro dad real mother’ means my husband and I.That being said, I thought the joke.Wanted, Mr. what he cried out, the sound muffled voice emanating from his throat, the sound has made my heart tremble.  I know that yellow mud is gone.  In the final days of yellow mud, they waited at home turns it around, the house has been placed yellow mud favorite song.When the yellow mud eyes closed the whole family in the family’s grief, yellow mud is within sight, it is fully aware of people in the world, understanding emotions.  Yellow mud lived for 14 years, regarded as longevity in the life of the dog’s.Finally their family in the mountains, chose the yellow mud under a tree buried.  Never in the yellow mud is happy.  Labrador, into my home in 2003 to do.Then there is a book called “Good-bye, can Lu – a dog’s life” is very popular and reprinted several times, became a super bestseller.Gentle, sincere Lu can become a favorite of people’s minds.Lu can that can become a guide dog Labrador.  Mr. bones like a dog, and he check online, at a price of $ 7,000 took a lot.Previously he did not discuss with me, until one weekend, he brought a lot into our home.At that time a lot of chopsticks only so long, fluffy, drowsiness Xingnong look, very adorable.I do not have any resist, very pleased to accept it.  We have a lot of repairing to a lot of belongings, from eating to live with the washing of play, including health care products, as well as standing medicines, we are ready Qi.We chose the dog food brand Kay times, it is said Kay times the dog food can improve the dog’s immune system is conducive to the healthy growth of the dog.I also checked on the net a lot of scientific knowledge of how to raise the dog.  It can be said from the material to the spiritual level, I’m ready, be sure to raise a lot of good.  This Labrador dog grow particularly fast, one day a kind, and soon a small cage to fit it, and gave it for a large cage.In fact, it is a cage like, it is generally not go.In addition I want to clean up, have to use all kinds of temptations, it finally agreed to go in to stay a while.Mr. busy with work from morning to evening, a lot of thing have become almost my own thing.The greater the faster it grows, the more I feel the pinch.  Give it a bath once a week, but added it was not happy, but I became tired bending beneath, but also with large wash hair dryer to dry the fur, the fur straightened out, it’s also clean towels, cleaning the bathroom, sterilization, etc..  Moreover, it should slip Waner holding it out for a day, one to the outside do not listen to the command, that was strenuous, you eastward, westward it, but because it pull, only follow it.Every time out, I was ready for plastic bags and newspapers, toilet paper.Because I do not know where it will shit.I remember one time, I went to the front of the hotel holding it, this guy is not gone, I saw that there is a movement.Then how do you pull all pull them.I had to make him happy before the people at the gate.When done, I cleaned immediately took out a newspaper, won the feces hand again and again to throw the trash.People are passing over his nose, looking at me with incredible vision.Every time a lot of walking around with me very obedient.Then I met veterans hotel also talk about this, he said, Well, the hotel that we would make his fortune.Ha ha.  Continue to slip, I can not not tired, is not home.Trying to get it home, it was very, very difficult, then, I feel tired, do not take it out, and walking the dog thing became Mr. mission.But he was often late to return, while travel frequently, a lot of shit urinated became a problem.No way can only be at home.So I clean up every day more arduous task of.In those years, I went to the supermarket, buy a rubber glove is ten pairs, a buy is a bundle of towels, disinfectant is also home to ten bottles of ten bottles move.  These tired and I gradually got used to, possessor of a lot, although the trouble, but it gives us pleasure is also lots to talk about.I may fear most is a business trip.I am a business trip it really nobody, friends who did not dare to take over, was not afraid of looking.I went to the 2006 Annual Party School, and later study abroad.There is no way we can be a lot of business to the dogs.Say, OK, I give one thousand yuan a month for living expenses, the result of a few months later, I came back and saw a lot of skinny.Upstairs is very difficult.This put me under very, very distressed, went to the farmers market to buy a lot of fine beef back to a lot of nutrition in.  But not long, a lot still sick, my husband and I put it to the pet hospital in Chengdu, live in the best beds.We are very anxious to see the doctor, to comfort us that you put the dog to us, you will be assured, a lot of homes have a few days, the first supplementary nutrition, and later to anti-inflammatory.Although we went home, but the heart is still a lot of body.Think of it a lot of the cold, we drove to the hospital blanket.  After a lot of discharge, we took it back to my home together.It does well behaved, the whole family are very fond of it.This line also set up a lot of power.One day, we all go out, put it on at home, the results also forget the pot boiled stuff.Later charred pot, choking smell.A lot does not feel right, kept out of the window called, louder and louder, more urgent, attracted the neighbors to see, only to find the problem, promptly notify us, in order to avoid a fire.  This is what a lot of our family became a hero, it is the reward beef.  Labrador dogs are particularly fond of this water, on the way back home, we are, to a service station to rest, next to a lake.While we do not pay attention, it is about jumping into the lake, and that more winter cold, and it is not afraid, oh joy play.The long-awaited, it’s finally willing to come ashore, I put towels ready to give it around on the car’s air conditioning was the biggest, the result of which was sick.  We took a lot of travel a lot, almost every time out, it had to come back sick time.But if you do not take it out, it seems much less fun.  Later, her daughter’s learning day by day tense, Mr. work more and more busy, I always have a length difference, really no one to take care of a lot.We ask a nurse to discuss it at home, make several, to say good, but the people at home to see a lot of dogs so much, are too scared to take over.  Then, after a period of time children, the more and more problems, there is no better solution.Finally, Mr. or determined, decided to once again decide to give up a lot of friends who lived villa.  After a lot away, I feel ashamed to see it, and has not been re-look at it.I dare not think about it melancholy eyes, can not think about it at me as if recounting roar.  Really, I think, I uncomfortable.  It should be said that a lot was my guardian angel, I have it at home alone is also never afraid.  A lot was my supervisor, not a time to get up, then it will try to make my bed early.  I was worried about a lot of those, when I go to work every day, it will stand not far away from the door, watching me, I go home, it must have been overjoyed to meet me.  I was a lot of followers, as long as I’m at home, it really picked up the pace, I turn around, I’m writing it in my feet to crawl, I cook it in the kitchen must have been standing behind me, I was in turn up at the cool hanging clothes, it also must I turn around, join in the fun.  A lot to me to be the most loyal, gave it good, it will remember it always maintains me, protect me.Anyone who wants me badly, it will be a hundred times worse Who.  Because a lot, I’m no longer a dog, I do not want to hurt themselves, but do not want to hurt the dog.Really, today, many years later, I suddenly remembered a lot, still could not stop the tears streaming down.  I would like to have a lot of yellow mud as good luck!  A lot, I’m sorry, but I love you, really.