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Dog injury

A child, I am most afraid of the animal is a dog, the kind of volume is too large gangly grass dog.Far see them, my heart would coolness rose oil, however.As for the other more frightening, such as snakes, tigers, wolves and the like, I can only see their shadow at the zoo.Those half-starved, he had already lost the wild beast, lazily lying in a cage all day inside the sun.Across so far, naturally I can not let fear.As for the fear of the dog is real.  Day of second grade, the teacher let me take home the same table.Incidentally, he hung red lanterns report card to his father.To be honest, I do not particularly like this live, thankless not say, unwelcome certain repulse unpopular, but who told me it was the squad leader, also had marched that normally mischievous, but at the moment dejected boy , halfway across the city, go to the outskirts of his home, a small cottage with a rice field.Who wants to just close our cabin, she sprang a huge body good few dogs from all directions grass, bark and shouted to us swiftly.  Then the small town where few dogs.Unlike now, the district where the lawn in the evening there is a tied bells, sprinkled with joy, bobbing along with the owner of the dog run around.At that time no washing machine no rice cookers, food and beverage industry is not as developed.People come home from work, cook and clean for the first time is busy, no time to wait on what cats and dogs.Thus, all along, I do not have any particular impression on the dog.  Now, suddenly appeared such a scene, and told me off guard soldier.Since play from the womb, I’ve never seen such a posture, turned and ran scared I was shaking.Ear dogs barking getting closer, I’m distraught, looked back and saw a large dog claws rushed to embrace, I was very frightened, instinctively kick it with their feet.The dog revealing a dense white fangs, unceremoniously into my instep severely bitten down.I Youteng fear, burst into tears.At this time, the students rushed to the father with a stick, a few sticks in the back of a dog, the dog crying with tail between his legs to escape, and fled far away crouched down, looked at me with gloomy continue vision , issued a nose full of pernicious strange hum.  Later, my mother took me to the epidemic prevention station disinfect a shot, but the wound still festering, swelling badly.Next summer, and I have been wearing my dad big pair of slippers 41 yards, stay at home and recuperate, after one of the most boring summer.Not entirely blame the dog, I could easily infect the skin itself.It is said that some of the children in rural areas to make dog bites, wiping point what herbs will get away, so I did not bother.Because of this experience, I fear for the dog went to the point to be added.  This fear continues to give birth to daughter is only slightly ease.I do not know whether the genes at play.Daughter born afraid of dogs, but also the kind of volume is too large lanky big dog grass.As long as one can see, she screamed: “There is fighting, there is fighting!”(She has read read small dog, to correct countless times, or small Doudou) Next desperately to climb on me, as if I were a tree.At that time, my own fear under control.And threw her: “Do not worry, the dog is man’s best friend, they are the most lovely!”Then straighten the waist, pretending nothing had happened slowly past the edge of the dog.In fact, my heart has always been in the drums, the pace trembling, to his daughter, I performed better than ever strong.Despite a slow pace but my mind was Keke beware.If a dog shows to chase my intentions, I will definitely picked up her daughter and ran before fleeing the.Her husband’s home in the countryside outlet, almost every family dogs, they do not understand our natural fear, but in order to accommodate our mother-daughter pair of dogs in town, and every time we go to visit relatives, they will put their own dog-friendly lock up.  In this case, the relationship between me and most iron cousin, the family has also raised a dog, which makes us the number plummeted to her house.No wonder she is also in place miles from the city, her family bought a small plot of land, built himself a small house, if there is no dog bar home-care hospital, indeed unsafe.Dog named Zai, not white coat, brownish, corpulent short limbs.I do not know what breed, anyway, I did not study on dogs, also he had never set eyes on it.Only know the dog full of gas, abnormal sounds aggressive, I just heard a car stop, it decided to put down any of what they are doing, such as drinking water and the like gnawing on a bone, fight all the way places, like arrows channeling over, lying on the iron on the door, screeching voice, revealing a canine, bark cried.Telling them side to sharpen their claws, they threatened voice, as if threatening me, Get out of here Get out of here!I quickly called in the car: “Sister, reach straight up shut up!”Factor aside personal feelings, I think Vic is still very dedicated.Dedicated, it is an authentic watchdog.But over time, I felt it annoying.Not to say that dogs do best in humanity, how come so many times, still barking.Stranger acquaintance, regardless, this is not a stupid dog is a dog and like people do, there is not IQ.Cousin said: “You do not know, do not speak dog vision just by sense of smell, as long as you give it out to smell feet, next time, to ensure that you will not barking, tail will swing at you.”Listen to this, childhood scars feet began aching, I can not let it close or distant bribery better.So we bought a lot of ham, a thrown at it through the door.It rushed to call it the flexibility to play a title, hide in the corner, and devoured them alone.We secretly proud to instigation it too easy.Positive thinking, Zai Zai finished, went rushed the fence, facing fierce barking outside we called, it seems to call louder.Oh, I did not move, we had to gingerly outside the door straight up cousin to lock up, and then dare the door.Cousin over to it for a bowl of water, trying to shift its attention.It did not want to drink the gap did not forget to look up at us barking, barking Wang enunciate, with hatred like us.Only plague dogs!I bitterly cursing it in their hearts.  Just as I was trying to lobby the cousin Zai Zai away, find another good dog, what a turning point.That evening, my cousin told me to go with her walking the dog.I have one hundred do not want to, because of the sensibilities, they had to follow.Zai Zai and I was too excited to attend rivalry, a blow-out.Along the way, it left jump right jump, the performance is very lively and also normal.Walked, suddenly, the road there was a small stature huge wild dogs, coldly watching us.I immediately tense up, kept urging cousin brisk walking.It intimidation against cousin stamped her foot, and I want to turn away.I did not expect earth-shattering sounds mad dog issue, flew over.I was scared to death, cousin also was kept.At this time, a white figure rushed past, stopped by a piece of vicious dogs, also issued a fierce and loud sounds.The dog apparently taken aback, but looking hard to see, see Zai Zai whole volume smaller than doubled it, immediately reveal contemptuous look, sound more brutal and body before squatting, pawed the ground plane, laden provocative threats of attack.Zhang Zai Zai dog hair pleases, without fear growled, brave rushed up.Suddenly two dogs biting into a ball.Small Zai Zai in the end, not a rival, not a few rounds, it was bitten linked to the color, but its tail is straight on end, high morale without flinching.Seeing poor cousin, he picked up a wooden stick on the edge, facing the ass is what wild dogs, wild dogs eat the pain, screams, turned, facing the cousin rushed up.Zai Zai took the opportunity to turn on its hind legs bite.Before and after by the enemy, the dog saw things, bitterly turned around and fled in disgrace.Zai Zai coat messy chase out all the way, facing the back of the dog barked loudly, like returning heroes.  Back home, my cousin and together give the medicine straight up, straight up unprecedented obedience.It’s rough out his tongue and licked my hands, thanked, and I was shocked by its bravery, but also lovingly stroking its back.Then, he puts out his tongue, licked my feet bitten by the same hour it was a piece of scar.I suddenly had a kind of illusion, is it licked my wounds will soon disappear, along with the piece of mind.  Sure enough, after this, I went to my cousin’s house to play, not straight up to me barking, it is rapidly channeling over, with me chasing its tail in welcome, then quietly fell on our feet, silently.