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Dog debt

Qianlong period, a man named Pham Van Dyke three skin of people, he was doing business selling leather goods, acquired from the countryside sticking, leather and animal skin, and then sent to the county sold a few years time, they made a home.That day, three skin Fan pushing a wheelbarrow, with the purchase of fur from some other place to go home, then, in the village called end to end child holding a black dog came over and said carelessly: Three leather t, you owe fifty-two money when it comes to my family what ah?Fan three skin surprised a moment, looked at a child, said: end to end, when will I owe you the money home fifty-two?End to end just ten years old this year, will not speak the truth, just say: I Dieshui, five years ago you borrowed my home fifty-two money, never returned, my father did not discuss to you.Now my family out of trouble, my father was dying, even the coffin no money, you are making fifty pieces of silver back to me!Speaking father end to end, that’s Murakami famous nice guy, he planted two acres of land, also burned a wood kiln tiles, regarded as the village wealthy people, the villagers have difficulties to borrow money from him, he will lend people, they do not even write IOU.I did not realize last month his house tiles wood kiln collapsed, also injured several people who work, end to end father spent a lot of money to those who have been injured by the treatment, returned to hit disabled people pay on a lot of money this way, end to end ruined the home.Because of this turn of events, end to end father fell ill, has come to dying.Fan three skin turning eyeball, he said: end to end, I can not remember when your father to borrow money, since your father told you that he had a promissory note it?End to end shook his head and said: My father lend money to others, never for a promissory note to the people.If you really did not borrow, how does my home with my father confronted?Fan three skin to stop the car, playing with fur car, she said angrily: You shit baby, why so do not believe your uncle?You must be dead father was sick, so he was made a stupid saying, end to end, holding the bird suddenly staring at the black bitch range of three skin barks, Fan three skin more fire, said end to end: you come to me for money to take the dog home?I really did not borrow money to your home, if I lie to you, is under the dog cubs Mother, this time you should believe it?End to end three skin See Van bet curse him, he does not want to confront his family Gendie, and then ask you to go home dad.What to know to go home to see his father has closed the gas, was wearing a shroud on a chair, waiting for the money to buy back the coffin encoffining.End to end stood crying beside the body of the father: Dad, you’re dead, three skin t rely on the bill upright and cried, FAN third break came, he saw end to end father was dead, he fell on his knees, hold end to end with the father of one leg, burst into tears: brother wow, you pass the end to end my house to discuss money, when will I borrow you 55 pieces of silver ah?I was busy during the day thing, you want to come home at night trip, with this thing you say it clear, what think you now can not speak, ah end to end winked children watched Fan three skin cry, do not understand the positive suddenly, his father’s body at HUO Di stood up.Kneeling on the ground that the bombing range three skin dead, scared the crap out quickly from the ground up, ready to flee.See Fan wanted to run end to end three skin, quickly stepped forward to clasp his foot, said: Hold on, do not borrow money you borrowed my family, with my father when faced with a qualitative!End to end father listened to the words of Van three skin, and anger alive, he angrily stood, staring at the van three skin looked for a moment, suddenly turn anger to laughter, bent down and patted the head end to end, he said: end to end, you put that down three skin uncle, he did not take our family’s money, the next thing you hear of this.End to end robust, loosen the three skin Fan.Fan three skin cold sweat dripping, got up and ran out, but accidentally stepped on the threshold of squatting black bitch side of the stomach, he stumbled to the ground, pulls the black bitch is stepped on third break Fan shouted, jump to the yard, a short while, you get out of a pup from its ass to.Fan three skin after stumble, lay flat on the door.End to end to help him up, but how does it help.Busy father rushed over to see the end to end.The villagers heard the news, all the lantern came just see dead father wearing a shroud of end to end, people are busy three skin pinch Fan in Van rescue three skin, all alarmed.The villagers are busy divvying up the van three skin carried home, put him in the bed.From that point on, Fan three skin has been dizzy and fatigued and fell asleep, the family around the bed, kept calling him, ten days have passed, and it did not help.