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Dog Asan Ji Qu

Asan Article authentic pug, large eyes, short legs, long hair, concave face collapsed bridge of the nose, mouth and nose are black, yellow and white coat, long hair on the tail particularly fluffy, Yuan Wang is a handsome dog, approached glancing more likable.Walk a look at it, the whole body shake a hair of being hobbled with a full unspeakable clever and lively, truly lovely.Asan come home, purely by chance.At that time a neighbor relocation of the demolition, Asan’s fate has become a problem, not new homes to its hiding place wow, it can be so clever, but the heartless?Neighbor to inquire whether we are willing to adopt this clever, dog butler?Family could wish for, immediately promised and promised must treat it.After the neighbor Xie, head touched Asan, Asan said with a lot of words, just reluctantly bid farewell.That day I came home from work just happy to know that the home and more new members, and I heard it just for the dogs which are in tears.really?Pug will cry?How I do not believe, then personally to verify the true and false.See, however, stay in a small house dog lying quietly in that child, a lonely and helpless look, stood next to the bones of rice motionless, call it, naturally ignore, just to look at you strange.At this point, I actually really see it in the eyes of tears Yingying.Really crying, crying puppy which?After seeing is believing, my heart was deeply shocked!This is obviously a loyalty of the dog!I thought to myself, probably because the old owner personally handed over, it did not yell at us, but Guzi tacitly sad, tears, oh, my God!In order to honor its promises to treat, the next day the father began to build tailor-Asan “new house” in the big door.House is not high, the shelter bricks, roof is inclined (to facilitate water), perched beds (shade may be), the cover glass lined steel felts, to spread the marble, marble and wood mat.Careful father kennel door also opened a small window size may protrude exactly Asan head, to facilitate Outlook.Oh, that puppy is actually very chic Mile House.Asan after “new house”, or mood disorders, eating quietly, prompting vexation we do not have the heart, so stone unturned to please it, tease it.Asan may finally feel our sincerity, slowly, its look has changed, the person of vision no longer contain vigilant hostility, but also willing to smell next meal, occasionally eat a little (reckoned it are really hungry, how can we insist on long-term hunger strike?So why not starve to death?), One day, father pleasantly surprised to find it wags its tail at him Asan.Ha, it seems, Asan finally survived the transition of role reversal.After some more time, Asan been fully able to accept it in the new environment.Ha ha.    Since then, Asan began to consciously assume the responsibilities of home-care hospital, the old master Cheng Yan said, really very dedicated.It seems to never sleep comfort of its own kennel, always like to ass inward, toward the head outside the gates of the tummy (even at midnight you so minutely it, it is also often such a position, unless rain or cold weather), slightly sign of trouble, immediately got up, play it by ear.A stranger passing by, Asan began warily audible warning of it down low.People think about it, you do not dog it is the strips, panic what ah?wrong!Asan how alert you if I approached, it sounds obviously fierce, and if you think walked into the door, well, Asan Ziyaliezui become friends, the whole body side to side yelling people who flutter, but for a chain tripped, surely it will be a bitter look.A lot of people scared, so in almost afraid to even move until we went to meet the owner.Asan it will wind blows, once we communicate with each other or see the door to greet him, it came to an end barking, shaking his tail out there watching.If we just stand outside and say a few words with others, and its voice has always kept.As if to cheer, Oh.People want the door, Asan vigilance, people want to go out, but staring at the Asan.Old master had confessed that Asan, very sensitive to other people take things out, be careful of that.Sure enough, I tried several times is true, let us laugh, but there is still desperately inwit Asan people, and still come back to take a look around us, as if to ask: “Is it really let people take things out?”Hey Asan clever, but also snobbish, really.It is the most vicious people picking up trash, dog saw people low it; most good, is a suit grace who.If it is out of the car and the owner together, Asan only symbolically Jiaoji Sheng, indicating that it knew of the arrival of a stranger; but if people are driving their own car or walking out and out, it can not work, when approaching the door, Asan will be hard to stop, roaring, especially when out.Asan short ah, but tall car windows, people sit first officer who saw it in the window next to leap out evil evil, shunned, is put on the windows rolled up, ah laugh when it stands up, but that smile is with the point of shock.”How can such a fierce pug?”A lot of people surprised, puzzled, amazed.    Asan hold a grudge, very funny.For example some people come early and stay late every day, supposedly Asan already know, but that person because I like Asan, but likes to make fun of it, such as throwing a cigarette butt to Asan, Asan deliberately go out into the side rub cycling, foot stretch Over the past tease it.Asan ever by Guo Zhedeng “courtesy”, did not fell once every punch he cried themselves hoarse, want to break free of the chains to take revenge, people early so far away, it continued its angry protests directed at the direction of others back as though by how much wronged like, people laughing.As a result, this person has become a matter of course Asan enemies, enemies meet exceptionally jealous, even the people on the toilet Asan sparing wow, it has been roar, Kazakhstan.Because the toilet door facing the door, where A three lit.Asan never barking, there must be a called “enemy”, see people, see things, hear abnormal sound, sounds different, we can easily distinguish.Once midnight bar, Asan always kept in the same direction called, long called forever, and that means it sounds undoubtedly find what bad thing, I’ll be tempted to go downstairs to see what curious, Mr. uneasily trailing, I took a flashlight, looking for Mr. stick.I go radical, Asan look I see that step direction of the platform called, I thought, there will be Shane?In front of a photo, no, ah, one foot inside the door to go, want to go inside to find (even admitted that even count on daring, indeed reckless), Mr. heard behind exclaimed, then turned around photo ,, MYGOD!Actually corner lurked a snake, being the slightest gilded Nobuko which!Can not help but creepy, I guess I have just visited the front gate when lighting, no Guzhe corner, while Mr. Yu Guangzhong just saw a piece of nasty snakes.Snake, though small, can be plainly snake!Fortunately, with the stick, stick hand from Mr. managed to snake leads off the door, I’m finally out of the woods to escape the door, then two people work together to beat this uninvited guest, until smugglers knocked flat (really, even when covered with hairs is bristling).Asan then call out the party stopped for a long time, like a spoiled issued a “whining” sound and then at the old location on Youran get on the ground.Asan clever, sooner or later, if they can pull it out for a walk, absolutely without leaving the slightest trace of excrement next to the kennel, just boil it (really odd strange, it actually can Aode Zhu?), Then impatiently waiting for us on time and pull it out, find a place to solve.How clean!It may also have the disadvantage that do not want to take a bath, make you give up a hair comb.Once, my mother and two people determined to give it a go for a health, dirty one, I deliberately used the warm water, add detergent branded shower gel (that’s to enjoy the benefits of wow), then gently massage it’s gross.I was like, this is the more comfortable Oh!Asan can not appreciate, huddled at large, do not take the time to escape, simply covered with hard flick, hey, we can imagine, they were being spattered white flowers, those present burst into laughter.Even more exasperating is that after fleeing Asan our palms, and proudly rolling on the ground, well, white wash is not enough, how this bath also washed?And also strike.So, never take a bath Asan who sometimes send out an overall smell of urine, very bad smell, it’s a pity, but that was it self-inflicted ah!Asan has committed a serious mistake, and because of his wrongdoing was severely punished.It was an afternoon nap is Asan.Asan father hastily walked around the corner from the edge (where it is the perspective of blind spots), as something to go out, much more than usual rapid footsteps.Asan corner of my eye just glance at it, he rushed to the just-up, mouth will bite.Next “poison mouth” on the occasion, Asan seems a premonition that something wrong (but too late), Xiongxiong a down, gently left a little teeth marks.This is the first time Asan bite ah, but also actually bite the owner, terrible?Father angrily, took a stout stick it down severely hit.Asan already understand this point a big mistake unforgivable, even lying there, do not hide, do not call, do not escape, either stick mercilessly about what to get angry on it (If normal, how can one dare to bully got it?It was almost bullied!), Sometimes sheepishly looked about feeling angry master, eyes full of helpless.That was a rough stick, hit him the more pain!Dogs are not saints can not over-cooked, and occasionally make mistakes, how can such a blast to play?Since it recognized the error and silently endure punishment, it wants to play a few lower.Mother and I could not bear it to the side, came forward to dissuade together and exert oneself grabbed the stick, or else, according to the father’s hot temper, really it is possible to Asan beaten half to death.I was sorry that ah, what Asan Asan, smart as you, how would commit such a low-level errors?To afford father out of work suddenly changed clothes, shoes and change into different footsteps in the past, you indiscriminate white on the next hand, you deserve to find bad beat miles.Well, you really friends, savagely beat in vain Oh (Later, I learned that the dog is the most sensitive sense of smell and hearing, but very poor eyesight, 50 meters from the resolving power may be greatly reduced.By inference, the father locker, changing his shoes is the cause mistakes Asan.Moreover, in very sensitive dog eat, sleep is disturbed).Dayton physical pain, let Asan sluggish for several days, to see my father also often shake (even carefully read, really shaking, poor!), Shaking a few days (or even to see a father approached hid it does not come out of the kennel), sin sin.Later, the father repeatedly remorse, realized that he was too heavy to start the day (when considering how much trouble injection of rabies vaccine, so the rage), but did not expect Asan actually will wallow punished, alas.Clever dog ah, but also we know Shangfafenming miles.That look back to the old masters deliberately diverted Asan.We are “on duty” Asan far to see someone approaching, the usual start underbid, and sounds gradually increase.Old master laughed and came quickly, his mouth even call “Asan, Asan,” called Asan listen, remember what it seems, bark a little hesitant, but did not stop.When the old master quickly came near Asan finally recognized it.Gosh, it’s how the excitement, flew the body to put up, front paws out, wildly tossed particular piece of fluffy, beautiful tail, the whole body threw herself who went to the old masters.Old master squat to reach out to catch Asan front paws, waving excitedly shaking, and touch it’s head, mouth talking about: “Asan, the good kind, more than three years, recognized me?There are bonds of friendship!Gain weight gain weight, and Oh, good, good!”That his hands, stroking a long time Asan, Asan it, is rolling on the ground is rushed to him, his mouth issued spoiled ‘Wu Wu’ sound, enjoy expressing its joy.In these circumstances, so that all who see whom endless emotion, meaning ah!Asan clever, cunning naturally.If you go closer, a little attention, it will be to a big hug.It paw hold your legs, around the tail and shook, trying to raise the head to look at you, look pleasing and intimacy, but also funny and cute looks.Thus, even if your pants dirty, curse it is also not willing to, uh, uh,.If you take the initiative intimacy with it, it is even more incredible, Asan no three bones will become double, as you touch it, step on it, tease it, it will never fell out, and will do our best to do a handstand turn hit and tease you Oh the joy.But sometimes if you do not pay attention in beside it put a little something, it is certainly bad, Asan after checking with the nose sniffing again, most likely, will lift the head with a hind leg urine, you are blocked too late, hey.My friend joked: “This is too cute Asan, really want to bite it a mile.”Especially when it is wide open a pair of round yo eyes will be determined by looking at you live, awesome, good KOOL!Asan clever, cute, loyalty Lei won the praise of the crowd, naturally, pampered (even to eat often enjoy special treatment), all prefer it, one has its favorite stuff such as bones, people first Treat thought is to go to Asan.People in and out the door, often heard, “Asan, Asan,” the Huansheng this, Asan very polite, always a jog tail to show a response, looks very gentleman.Oh, this twenty-four hour security (Tigers also have nap time, Asan but never on duty day and night “dereliction of duty”), we all want to curry favor with it, which it did not want to provoke.To make a dog do on this, certainly not simple, which is also a great honor!;