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Does not meet the self

No wonder always be tempted to sadness, it turned out to be not satisfied from the bottom of my heart.Does not meet the imperfect self, does not meet the days when they want it began to rain, the heat does not satisfy me when you gave me cold for you.I also want to start long-winded, so most are not satisfied at the time, nothing messy went scruples on the street, looking for some inspiration.    Hot streets of Shenzhen, at half past nine pm after midnight, is so busy.Unknown smell a fragrance, I felt hungry and went into a nearby dumpling shop.The store owner seems to me as a transparent, open and so I called twice before taking the time to be a cry, “Wait.”.I ordered the dumplings, the boss said no, celery pig meat down there.I quickly said, do not celery, pickled pork dumplings I still want it.I waited ten minutes, held the dumplings finally handed to me.Eat a good, which is too sour sauerkraut, but I do not like to eat this acid, most usually a little bit of Riga dish flavored vinegar tune is already the limit.    Eating dumplings, I go back to temporary living room, intends to continue to write I recently wrote a semi-autobiographical novel, but it obviously did not want to write today feel a kind of mood.Lying in bed, have an idea: do the best, writing fiction is also the case, I should be written with a “Journey to the West” comparable job fiction.Otherwise, put the semi-autobiographical first stop, after occasionally write about it.Some things are written their own, not necessarily beautiful writing, what profound truth is not necessarily to write, but not to pleasing.And some things, it is addressed to the whole world, the United States needs writing, it requires profound truth, but also need to let everyone loves.The former is mostly written before, but now seems to write more of the latter.(Prose network WWW.sanwen.COM) I seem to myself there are a lot of dissatisfied of the world also has a lot of discontent.So, I often feel sad, feel unhappy.See someone for money, or should I be more considerate of some of them, that they are in order to survive.They order to survive, in its place, but often do not get bit.Doctors so, an officer of the case, so the barber, traders, too, that all the world is so uneven arouses.So many times, I feel like a bystander.A few days ago, passing through a street, he saw a girl of similar age and I knelt in the street, the sky was dark, between me just accidentally saw a.I do not know why I did not go on to do something, maybe I was not much help feel powerless, maybe I was afraid it was a gimmick, maybe I’m really just a bystander, perhaps, maybe.Perhaps no mind ten million order flashed, and my feet did not stop and continued to jump as the crowd moving a step away from the screen.    Perhaps, I considered it a good man.I have done kind of thing, done many times well-meaning people.However, I met those cold, but it will collide sinking heart I want to warming.So, I was so, hovering between warm and cold.I this world, there are still many unhappy place, so sad and I could not help thinking.Hopefully, there are so one day, I will go to a paradise, the warm people I met all taken there.I live with them, so maybe I’ll get a lot of warmth.