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Doctors clever drop Merry Wife

Chen Peng, Anhua generation of doctors, once in a century doctors.He is said to be a generation of doctors, is not excessive, in Anhua over a hundred million people of this great mountain county, skilled than he really was unable to find a second.Patients who respect him the doctors, not because he had to treat patients in terms of what really trick stunt, the real Well, he has not yet obtained a license to practice medicine license issued by the department of health.Although the health sector is not recognized, but a man who is destined to be famous, but to get that door can not hold back the.Chen Peng proficient look and smell of the law, pinch a good hand veins, he so often to others brag that he is the pulse of God; his master frankly publicity to the neighbors, who, recognizing Chen Peng indeed been really Biography mantle, and probe pulse the technology is already excel rather than blue.Although we have not seen how much he had achievements in the field of life-saving, but his skill was eventually recognized by villagers.Patients come to see a doctor before he can be an endless stream of words to describe.Speaking of health care revenue, a small township hospitals really not as good as the individual health of Chen Peng.Many believe that his patients are far from admiring, and find many people who are after the big hospital for some time because of poor efficacy, and Chen Peng went to the clinic to see the doctor.His luck is indeed fine, practicing medicine more than thirty years, almost not had any problems.Most people do not understand is that he does not know what the dog is gone dick transport, there are several hospitals in the provincial capital have been sentenced to death in patients arriving here even after he mysteriously let him heal better.In his house, then the world Hua Tuo, Bian Que reborn like a lot of plaque.Even those ignorant folks worshiped him, but I was definitely not very confident of his, even a large pole not know the word of a few doctors in rural areas, if you insist he really have any real skill, I can only I suspected it was because his luck is better than the average person some of it.The doctors really famous, not because of his medicine out of the name, but also the final analysis because of his medical skills to cause.This is the thing a few decades ago, Chen Peng why we can say so famous, we owe this to his wife Wang Lei, Chen Peng chance she gave such a famous.Chen’s wife Wang Lei is she just turned nineteen years with that of Chen Peng, time is the early eighties.Wang Leisheng than Huajie Yu girlhood, Yusheng than incense, coupled with a sound like a lark Valley, mildly sweet.We have reason to believe that the pursuit of Wang Lei is certainly a lot of people.Chen Peng somehow became the lucky ones, Wang Lei Why would not hesitate to choose with the Chen Peng, folks guess, for two reasons: First, Chen father had been a secretary, married to Chen standing and respected; two , Chen Peng will medicine, Naogua Zi flexible, articulate, able to make money.Her vision is indeed very accurate, emotional return on investment is not bad, it’s not, but it was twenty years, and now the home of Chen Peng already belongings of millions of deposit, as well as villas have luxury cars, who does not envy ah.Chen Peng eighties can no advantage at all, he was just a village barefoot doctor, carrying a small box all day, followed his master to run around.At that time poor health care, the people’s communes few barefoot doctors, who are in hot demand injections will not please the East Village, West Village is invited, so ah, Chen Peng live at home almost very little time.As the saying goes, the passion of youth to old companion, young couples play together is exciting, play is gentle, play is the heart, often do not stay together stimulate stimulation, lack of emotional communication is very easy to go wrong of.Separate over time, and Wang Lei romantic nature came out on exposure.Wang Lei her family once had a good friend, do have two girls over a period of hot, not like Wang Lei is very clear-cut and decisive, decided to get married after the play Huijian cut Qingsi, a broken love this.Now the situation has changed, and her husband to make money, often vain home, lonely, she naturally to her parents ran up more.That her good friend but a very Emmanuel, saw the old Wang Lei always run to her parents, and each Chen Peng did not accompany her, and my heart is certainly the odds of two people guess that take advantage of, so he thick thick-skinned face the ganging up.Two people had had feelings this way, an empty heart, a boring person, quickly reconnect fire.See Chen Peng often not at home, sometimes even daring lover Chen to catch up.Chen Peng is also a very intelligent man, with a man unique sixth sense, he was speculation that his wife may have been derailed.As a junior middle school education only person who can fared a kind of mold, Chen Peng has his extraordinary natural strengths.His advantage is that calm and reason.He likes to play the brain, like to see “Three Kingdoms”.”Three,” the character which he is most admired Zhuge Liang; “Three Kingdoms” which for him, the deepest impression word is: the enemy without fighting the soldiers.He did not cry and shout, he thought the woman was shouting trip, ungracious more disgraceful, that’s not his style; he did not seek a military solution, he believes that violence can be Mangfu move, killing ten thousand from the loss of three thousand is not cost effective behavior, he will never do such a no-brainer.He just beat a wife beating around the bush a few.Wang Lei of it, was scared blush, quickly denied.The next morning, his wife Chen Peng said, the next village Yang asked him to see a doctor, you want to come back in the afternoon, and then hastily left her own medicine chest.Powell left her husband, Wang Lei opened the rear foot to slip.Chen Peng and did not go far, just playing a roundabout measure, secretly looking for a place to hide up to see his wife out the door, flew quietly following them, the acts of his wife and her lover had a look at the ins and outs clearly.Chen Peng no impulse, he knew bad impulse, if the spot to seize the two, calling the other party may fight to break the death; his wife out of the ugly, feel no face, will take the initiative for divorce; he was simply the idea of breaking up is not a shred, not a forward properly, all bets are off.