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[REVIEW] This cat should be mistaken as a rat bastard a bastard.Because in our place, there are one or two to feed the rabbit, not in captivity, but on the ground possessor, born bastard are playing in the underground cave, and these bastard rat bastard with nothing different.. In the countryside, feeding cats and dogs has become almost a customs.    Each to a village, is the first to greet the group of dogs, they blocked the entrance to the village, Ziya Liezui, hideous, full of hostility to the cold eyes swept over, chilling, chaotic sound of barking, as if in Cha Hukou.If there is no village to escort you are hard to walk into the village of.    The villagers mainly to feed the dog janitor.In the traditions of the past, customs honest country, many people close the doors at night.The dog crouched on the door all night, fulfill their duties, no slack, in addition to home owners can get in the door, others are disowned, as you come through King I do not buy it.Some people will get angry, said to be seen every day, in the evening not recognize people.In fact, if we will feel empathy, so we should not blame the dog is big, and it is inhuman, we seem too selfish.After all, people eat a bowl of rice, is very unlikely for you, Xunsi love, put their jobs children go knock it Hexibeifeng!    The villagers used to feed the cat to catch mice at home.Mouse everyone detestable objects, all with the mouse stick with pro-Qi are followed by bad luck, like those lifeless words “Zeimeishuyan”, “short-sighted” and is the same.    Mice not only looks dirty, disgusting sick of seeing all.While we know that “in vain” the reason children like “Notre Dame de Paris” in the bell ringer boast more than Mosey, he looks ugly, be good-natured.However, the mouse is not the case, it is strange action, bad stomach full of water, sneaky hiding in dark corners do shameful thing: hide in the closet was very good clothes to viciously bite rotten; full possession in the barn jealousy is to eat the food; the high of a dark and stormy night, with ulterior motives, rushed into the kitchen, just like the Japanese bandit, kitchen utensils and even suffer the whole thing.It is also the way the bacteria from “underground” will bring, spread around the whole house bacteria over the world, serious violations of people’s physical and mental health homeowners.I hate it more Barbara, Barbara wanted a home of the resurrection fast, “runnin across the street, people cry.”People’s true feelings.    Cats are predators of rats, a thing down, the villagers cat is to eliminate my hate, let yourself live a peaceful life.    So, the villagers fed the cat and the dog, the cat and the dog is not a pet, for your own gossip and watch entertainment.Every day they are sleeping in the heavy work apart, the best entertainment, the overdraft strength to pick up, and then put into grueling labor.The villagers pragmatic style, it is admirable.    I do not know what the underlying reason why my family never fed the dog, only fed the cat a.    This is the only male cats, fur heterogeneous, not at all handsome, not their own charms to please the master’s favor.Fortunately, different cats with human showbiz career, goes on pretty face does not have to rely on God created to eat, so they will not complain own ugly appearance, belittle.Cat in the world, based on “black black, white white, it catches mice is necessary to get” Judging by the beauty and ugliness of the standard, which is the standard of beauty and ugliness of human judgment different from us, it’s no wonder, because people and cats do not belong to the same world.    Cat day flattered, Joy, as if born optimist, perhaps in its eyes, the world itself is happy, no depression and worry, pain and sorrow, if there is, that’s purely much ado about nothing.Cat looked very sturdy mast very high-handed, is the cat world, “air force Nukiyama Come guise,” the King of Western Chu.As a man, this type of extreme bodybuilding, can crush countless awesomeness.    In general, children are fascinated by the family of small animals, especially cats, and whenever you play it together and become friends with one another, Damon and Pythias.It is said that love animals, that he has love.Same to say, I hearts, love of gold should be less of a.I like to cat can not tell, can not say disgust, a bit like a “civil use”.    I was now considered somewhat understand why people loved cats, mainly cats seem to rack their brains every day, trying to please the master’s favor, and no matter what its owner, it does not complain do not get mad, always filled with warmth and joy of the state, they believe in “sincere due to open epigraphy”.    Cat I found it neither cold nor hot, not salty is not short, it put the blame for their own mistakes, and I am determined to establish good-neighborly and friendly relations, the ideal is to become the turn of the neck cut the throat, can not think of it quite familiar Relations of.    However it wrong foot.Once, I was doing and I think as soon as the job is complete, well out to play with the junior partner, and thus will be more focused, and I want to play next to the cat as air and transparent, that is to ignore it existence, for as a person, he will definitely sad death.Cat does this, it is optimistic, cheerful yet!It may feel like the little master to take ambiguous method does not work, have to try to close contact with this approach.Then he jumped onto the table, and walked in measured steps above, strolling leisurely from the moment like a hermit, sometimes imposing majestic like a great general, the result is that it wasted a lot of expression.It is not enough to see this, simply walked up my book, painting “Plum” in my book.It looked natural painting style of painting, revealing the natural beauty in the narcissism of “Meow” to talk with.    I can not with it “minds think alike”.I saw the book was confused cat miles Come spend goo, like “flower cat” very angry, one will push the cat off the table down, in my eyes, complete with cats do not need to talk about what “human rights”.Cats not figure out is how it happened, but it has fallen on hard ground, it did not see my gloomy face, I thought it was funny play it.Its interest all of a sudden steep rise up the table immediately jump up, this time it is not painting “Plum”, and think that no new ideas, but not creative, it is to their feet to fiddle with my pen, just like they write Chinese characters.Which know it so a fiddle, put I’m writing these words makes people come like a ghost like a ghost, it has become a late-bloomer horse – a Unlikeness.I was furious, while cursing it “cat plague”, while forcefully push it down.At this time, it also saw angry I felt it, and it got the message “Meow”, as if to say: “I’m sorry, young master, I did not mean it, I affected you with your homework, I’m sorry.You have a good homework now, while I go over there to play.”And then we went to one side.    When I sit around, at first it was affectionately “Meow”, and the wind blows me, see I do not feel bad, it joyfully ran, but at heart it is not very practical, it is their own fear of the phenomenon of surface blinded, old saying: “You live and learn a lesson.”So, it carefully with a paw tentatively fiddle with my Kujiao clothing side, I did not see it get mad, just in front of me pounce leap out, happily performing acrobatics.I looked at it indifferently, does not interact with it, but I still have it lively and lovely childish goodwill.I did not see it warm, it boring.So it resorted to trick, to suddenly jump into my arms like a baby, and “meow” “meow” to talk with me, I like to ask is not what bothered annoying, say something, it is good I distraction.It much thought finally touched me, and I will play it up.    Although very docile cat in front of me, as if not a little temper, but it’s another world where it has become a cat.  I often hear the cat fight with the Wildcats child on the tile roofs in the evening.    Initially, two cats “whining” roaring, try to outdo each other on the other side momentum, forcing the other timid retreat, because “Cardiff war, courage.”The result neither a sign of weakness, now how much more afraid of the world.Then the two sides into a melee combat, I think it was the first attack of the cat.Because here it is the site and marina, saying: “strong dragon hard pressed local snakes.”” Everyone’s Wharf everyone crooked.”If you let each other know their own powerful, next to bully each other into their pointy eyebrows come up.Fierce war on the roof, tiles made by them to ring Xilihuala, blame is scary.In my imagination, they fight like our children fight, two hold together, with each other on the floor rolling.Once who can not stand or hit pain, then “wow” to cry, cry like this play is the enemy of the white flag.    Later, I was a little scared.My father said to me: “Do not worry, it was in a fight with the cat wildcat children.”I heard my father say wildcat children, they emerge out of untamed, full of wild, ferocious cat, the cat that it is the world’s robber.Help for fear of cat, the cat will be afraid of being bitten or killed.I called my father to oust the Wildcats child, my father tells me: “Do not worry, cat fight to win Wildcats children!”My father did not move still asleep.    So, I have placed single-minded on the roof, thinking, once the cat can not win, I’m going to his help.    Finally, no sound on the tile roofs, only to hear the screaming cat, may be a warning to escape defeat Wildcats children, after too long point memory, do not come here again, otherwise, see a play once, where injury responsible for their own.    After most of the moment, my cat just to return to the house, “Meow”, “Meow” so many times, like in the work table.It seems the cat is still very vain.  From that point on, I’m on my cat is impressive in the.    Cat and not because of his exploits hehe supercilious arrogance and complacency, it is still very low-key in front of the owner, very humble, and fulfill their duties.It took me home and around other people build into rat-free zone, over time, mind you there will be no sense of urgency on mice.It Doukua it is rare a good cat.At this time the cat, in front of and praised Rongrubujing, a way of fame and fortune.    I have a big sister, my uncle’s daughter, from my house twenty miles.One day she came to my house, my father (she cried youngest uncle) said that her family was more than the mice in the house ran to pull strings to sub-sub trip, met people who are not afraid.To feed her family of cats that do not work, see a mouse eye, close one eye, let it abuses.I listened to feel weird, do not have to bury the hatchet between cat and mouse in her house, or the Swords Into Plowshares.Because the human world are talking about peace, so the cat world should also speak peace, it seems it really was the cat world, the Nobel Peace Prize.    Big sister heard that my cat is very useful, this is a special trip to take the cat to her house guest in ten days, I wanted to draw on its prestige to her house to scare away mice.    Father readily agreed.After all, the family is the earth’s most precious emotions.Cat in his father’s policy of appeasement, was tied in the sling.Cat then noticed something bad, it desperately wanted to break free of the rope to see if it was really scary fierce strength.His father was afraid the cat half way to escape, and called big sister with a cloth sling hole cover tightly, even if the cat rope broke, do not run away from the sling.Cat in a sling, “Meow”, “Meow” expressed strong discontent and protest solemnly to show its loyalty.Helpless master mind to go, everything is unlikely to change the.    Big sister cat in your home as the guest of honor, it still shouting, hardened to want to go home, as the saying goes: “is gold or silver, as their kennel.”Big sister ungrateful Bushitaiju see it only in life to treat a VIP ceremony, but did not dare to give it personal freedom, put it in a cage child, with a rope tied neck, this is like buying an insurance policy.    In the big cat sister cry and shout three or four days, his voice hoarse, like Adu and Yang Kun singing voice.The fourth day morning, big sister did not hear the noise of the cat, the cat off the place to look, missing cat in sight, a length of rope lying on the ground, it seems that the cat is biting the rope after run away.Think also really stubborn cat, it reluctantly things, you really do take it Mozhe.    Big sister to find that did not find the cat, the cat ran away to know.Think so distant road, cat has been kept in the sling, certainly do not know the path, then how can it find to go home?Besides the road was met, it may also be caught, confined to the household, the same way as the detention of prisoners locked up, until it is tamed, and only then release it.If so, how to explain to the youngest uncle own it?A few days later, big sister may want to do anything, just get me home to inquire about the cat did not come back.    We listened very surprised, sad father afraid of big sister, to comfort her, she said: “This cat will run back, but to little longer.Even if not come back, it does not matter, not that a cat Well, so what’s the big deal!”Big sister left, I asked my father, the cat is not really find on back.Father says no.”How do not call it a big sister lost a cat?”My father scolded me:” You know wisdom for children doll?That is a big sister who told us what a cat what of it?”I heard they did not say a word.    People say that they would feel lost treasure of.Indeed, after the cat is lost, my mood, very lost, seems to intimate partner left me.I think the cat hides by day and Night, camped, a village a village slim looking forward to his home, it’s already hoarse voice more hoarse, perhaps already not utter out loud.Under such hardship, it is due to the physically and mentally exhausted, it will not give up?As it will become a stray cat.I was in very sad psychological domination, do not want to think down.I’m just looking forward to be back in the house cat.    After about twenty days, the cat Niniu such as the sea, no news.So, we put the cat in the memory storage up.    One day, I vaguely heard the cat that seems to be very small husky voice, I suspect that their hearing is a problem, but I prefer to believe them, its not credible.More fortunate to go to look, see the pyre in front of the house, she curled up, shivering a skinny bedraggled cat.I have a closer look, can not help but surprised almost shouted out loud, this is not my house cat it?It has to be hungry out of shape, even I almost did not recognize the.My tears flooded out, that cat too poor.I crouch down, put the cat in her arms.Cat was very tame the “Meow” cried in my arms, listen to this call, we can see that it is already dying of.    My parents saw the cat, very emotional, wiping tears clothes mother lifted.Father exclaims: “cat weighs more than the feelings of people, but also love home.It was a rare good cat!”Since then, my family is the cat as a member of the family, spoil it all, in order to repair the damage caused by our cat.    One day, someone in the small river washing clothes, found floating in the river cat’s body surface.Tell us back when we heard, do not believe that, like such a good cat cat, who got under this murderous scheme it?Unless this man inhuman.When we arrived at the river, floating in the river to see the cat really is, I cried, cursed those black-hearted people, and curse him in the future will be like the same cat Budehaosi.Our cat’s body from the river to salvage up, dug a hole in the river burial of the cat.I picked some wildflowers, woven wreath, on the mound cat to express my grief.    Later, listening to people say that is because the cat has to eat rabbit Zai Zai family house, family angrily, killed the cat.I listened very angry.This man was so selfish.He did not remember the cat for us except Rodents, let us live the good life of peace, because his cat ate a few rabbit Zai Zai, it will actually be cruel to put to death.This is really not a human doing!    In fact, this should be a cat mistook as a rat bastard a bastard.Because in our place, there are one or two to feed the rabbit, not in captivity, but on the ground possessor, born bastard are playing in the underground cave, and these bastard rat bastard with nothing different, they mistakenly cat the rat bastard a bastard as is, in its view, it is for everyone from harm, did not wanted to be lost their lives.Why might the cat’s death, have not thoroughly understand the people you love will kill it.    Aggrieved of a good cat!  Cat died, my family could not have a cat.[Editor: Yi children]