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Cat’s Take It

A cat, a willing lonely and elegant cat.She had just been walking in the rain Qin wet stone on the road, shook the body of the rain, standing tail gently stepping stone on the road, arrogant and elegant.Eyes revealing the endless disdain, the king of the Yi-hui through the black pupil, the coldness of shine resplendent, former vociferous city views, now they have to vanquish, no doubt, she is the king.    If they had tried to put down the noble covered, and whether it will be able to disappear in the eyes of lonely, a little, against the background of the crisis is over, can reveal a Sisang Hai and coursing.Float, if the dream life.If it suddenly woke up and so on, and not as good as along the east away.    Who do not know milk is important for cats, but how can resist the fatal attraction she brought the cat continued to the noble noble head raised, after licking a little milk, they will be inclined artificial eye does not rise expect.    Cats, cats and other milk encounter, noble licking, since how can the noble bow, the cat, the encounter can seize the shadows of people, and how to leave, sometimes very sad, but the expression could not move, she had to forgive easy unhappy, when the cat out of the vessel containing milk, that is why a visual empty eyes, let their effort, but do not want to lay down their modesty, dragging bowl continue to move forward, the eyes are flowing coldness, through glass color of eyes looked straight, continue to move forward.But everything, after a period away Dianpei.Cat flash, smart body, elegant.This allows dragging the bowl with more traces up, shake the East West Akira, like a ship adrift at sea sail, but unfortunately, it did not bring up blur skill.    With deft twist gorgeous body moving front foot touch the ground, the body of the cat swayed a little, even more dark green light, and some actually like a charm child fetish.    In the bowl of dragging arrival, took the bowl, pour milk this year, next year, were all in a bowl of milk, still proud masked taste alms, the rise is still in the eye licked a mouthful of milk next Gone with the Wind gorgeous action on, we meet the microphone on the eye.    Cat, dead, starved to death, after the cat licked at which time, still so arrogant, but I do not know milk under the hole down into the bowl, it will be like a gate opening release, which Dianpei in the road, cat showed great technical skill, but do not know can not bowl so noble strong, do not know when Poliaogedong, milk flowing out, the cat still raised his head, but were less strong.    Cat, after it Take It, how could wake up.It even scream all feel the loss of dignity.    Perhaps this all singing cat’s nature and how everything, even themselves do not want to wake up and disturb other people how to do?She would not have to die in front of this warrior, wearing new clothes of the king, all this due to the rolling Red Dust, is full of some feint, full of little lonely.    Cats, Take It.