By - 管理

Cat’s Eye

Every night loneliness nobody, always hear insects and birds. The so-called city of neon lights, but a cold night to smear a little paint it, the street, who knows what you are thinking?Perhaps you are thinking about what to eat for dinner today, you probably think of the jewelry store robbery Which tonight, and perhaps….. Fortunately, I did not do nothing, I think my favorite of the night, my job is to enjoy this night that there is no strong light in the human body reflecting the evil glare of light. I never go to a bar or disco, something all right to eat dinner pocketing a three eighty children to go out, and sometimes walking down the street looking at the bustling market, the smell of fragrance overflow snack bar, a good dry in the sun by the moon than to lavish consumers to enjoy much more.Honestly, the material is unable to meet my needs, just like I’m hungry, eat a big meal, eat a result, even insisted on eating, and then glance at the food, not interested, and even vomiting, then a after enjoying small pieces, I was doing nothing.The spirit is available uninterrupted meet, so in the era of rich material, I chose spiritual riches. After dinner stroll blind gradually become a habit, taking advantage of the potential of the night comes, a person walking in the street, looked around from time to time passing vehicle, like a drunk driver does not light, the speed is faster or slower, and occasionally can hear it a singing, like speeding wolf howl the howl forward to rub passed from the side.These drivers are smart, they know where drunk driving will not be under criminal detention, because the traffic police do not have a keening. Lights are dim, but what does it matter, just the night lights used to illuminate the road, it can not drive away the darkness.People always think of darkness is terrible, like to see the government that it is the same as corrupt, it is because he did not hold a dark, dark days are accounted for during the day for a long time, but why people like during the day, the American people this year than emotional discrimination black race time low.I would not care, for both, I can absorb anything and everything.Along the way, I think so. Night on the road, I was by no means a person that exact point, there is a cat followed me all the way, I am very curious, not because there is a cat with me, but I wonder why the dog did not come with. This is just a black cat, my grandfather seems to have always been very good impression on cats, dogs like my grandmother, my grandfather said, it is better to keep cats.I said he was like, this is something you have to understand, when you look at me as a person to do so after you know a little ugly Meng Chong Meng pet for the repair of our world view of how important.I do not want fatigued.Let the cat to follow it, I leaned over and asked what name it is called, it is a cry meow at me, I nodded, well, then you call it a small meow.They meow loudly, like promised, but two bright eyes staring at me, made me feel a trace of cold. My journey more than a partner, then I went into a reverie, formerly known fantasy, and now think, in fact, Xiaxiang. For only a biological soul, if I deprive your soul, but still keep your body and life, then this creature might become a zombie, like a machine, no feelings.I think cats have souls do?This little guy has been looking at me, four leg fit just right, basically to keep up my pace, think of these, I rushed it smiled, it meow a few times, like to know what I was thinking, walking next to a tree, it is a Ji Ling, from me channeling out, climbed a tree.I was taken aback, looked around, nothing wrong, the lights still dim, few pedestrians still surrounded by dead silence, unable to hear even insects. I looked at the tree black figure, he launched the stay.Its eyes still shone, staring at me. My mind paused for a fraction of a second mechanical camel, a hint of a pause can change a lot.I gave it a smile, it finally meow loudly, quickly channeling away. The silence of the road, there is no change of the night, giving the temperature has dropped a lot, pedestrian drifting thin, eleven shops closed, a living world seems to evaporate in general, only cold buildings and street lamps surrounded by quiet terrible, I actually stamped out the sound of shoes to children.If there is no soul, day and night should be followed is the same, is not it go on the road also hear what the sound of it?Except his footsteps, this rhythm, the more clearly their own.So, if. One pair of night sky bright cat’s eye, stared at me, unblinking.