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Cat’s Eye hole magic sound

Golden Cat Golden Cat west of the town there is a mountain, the mountain there is a cave called Cat’s Eye Cave.This?Cave was originally just an ordinary cave, and later because escape the fighting, a?Dutiful son carrying old mother was admitted to the hole, with the result that winter snow closing, mother and son were frozen to death in a cave.Since then, I do not know people who admire dutiful son, or other reasons, people walked through?When the cave, as much as possible to avoid the hole.A few years ago, so that the arrival of the new magistrate Wu Jun, accidentally heard about it, it took a?View runners hole, came out.Runners, said he heard the sound of musical instruments inexplicable.At that time, we thought he scare you, no seriously, who knows, that night?Runners died.This time, people are talking about the mere mention of the hole, said hole ghosts, the devil’s music can be issued.  Wu Jun let though not the letter, but he did not dare to hole up.He has sent a few runners, but a few?First entered the cave people are scared and go back, say which does have a mysterious music.There is a?Go deep into the point, when found to be bad, and quickly back out the hole fainted arrived five days after waking up.But his eyes dazed, try, not even he did not know who he is.The runners amnesia.  This time, the town pan fried, home from the hole last point have moved elsewhere, timid dare not to see that the eye?Hidden in the bushes chaos in the hole.  That day, Wu Jun sent runners to make county government the main entrance next to the court salt smuggling embargo notices, and posted a notice saying who surrender devil cat’s eye cave, one thousand two hundred silver reward.Although they fixed their eyes on the big twelve hundred, but no diamond, no one dared to embrace that porcelain live.On the side of touts shake their heads: It seems that even The Four this court, did not dare Jiebang hole ah!  Just when people talked about the magic sound hole cat’s eye, the town came a wandering Taoist priest, and said he would see the face of yin and yang house.It was just a joke, led him down the mountain, pointed?Hole Q: I want to marry a new wife after the Spring Festival, but because of poverty, no house.Master, you see, I can not put it?Repair some cave, when my new house yet?Priests chose a point to come up with a compass, taking a closer look, nodded his head and said: You’re discerning, this?Cave moderate position, as long as the hole cut a few trees, the whole?See daytime sunlight can shine.Good place.If you take when new houses here, will be able Jixinggaozhao, children and grandchildren.One?Followed watch the people listening to the words of priests, laughing.Priests asked him what laughing, the man took these stories occurred speaking again.Finally, the man said, not without irony: If you’re hungry, I’ll get you home?Wowo dish, you do not smoke in here people.Then, we all laughed.  Priests are not angry, for that?People say: you dare let me give you physiognomy it?The man said: What are afraid of?You with!Then, put a dismissive posture, arms folded watching priests.  Priests around him in a circle, staring into his eyes and said: You have four brothers, ranked third you.The man froze for a moment, then carelessly said: Forget it, my brother three people in the town know.Do not believe you ask them?Priests of-factly: Do you have a brother, born died.But you can say it’s not your brother?The man was about to retort, an old man said: Yes, ah, melon, you have?brother.The man called melon embarrassed touch back of the head, grumbling: Do not say, you really are smart smelly priests.This article comes from the elf child kiosks http: // new.060s.COM one count of priests, and everyone is scrambling to make priests for yourself.Taoist priest said he needed to see Zhaizi in order to more accurately calculate a person’s fate.Some people quickly stepped forward to grasp priest, let him go home to see.Then, everyone gathered around the priest walked to town.  Taoist physiognomy golden cat town is not too large, priests will see Yin and Yang news.Soon spread throughout the town.Some people make on the report of Wu Jun, Wu Jun priests sent someone to let go to the county government, ordered to prepare food and wine, so Taoist priest to see for yourself, there is no cement it that day.During the meeting, Wu Jun-telling priests say cat’s eye is a hole?Good place, Pie Zhaozui said: I’m afraid you are wrong this time it?Wu Jun hole cat’s eye again make strange spoke again, and finally said, for decades, been seven or eight?People do not care the hole, then inexplicably died in the hole or loss of memory.So, I posted a notice, in order to avoid unnecessary casualties, the town’s people who are not allowed to close it?Cave.If you want to have outsiders hole, the locals saw must stop.Then, let Wu Jun also come up with a draft notice to let priests watch, priests Oh a laugh: Actually, I saw immediately that the hole is not unusual, but drew attention to me, had positive words to say Anti.Now, my objective was achieved, in this light I?Physiognomy see Zhaizi on the town, you can lobbied me back to the south of the tolls.Heaven will help me too.Let Wu Jun said: fortune teller to those untouchables What is the point?So do you live in my county government in, and so to me after reading it, I’ll send someone to take you out., Do not worry, your toll classic I pack!Taoist priest shook his head and said: monks in our eyes, there is no distinction or distinction between rich and poor.Since I promised the villagers, it is necessary to fulfill his promise.Master You can rest assured, I see a few families, lobbied tolls away.Although happy to let Wu Jun, but nothing to say, had a?Jin urging people to drink.  Satiated, priests really out of the county government, to follow those people waiting to see the yin and yang of the house.He walked on, pointing to a priest?In front of weeds Zhaizi said: Zhaizi this position a good one, I do not know why actually lost to the point?  Behind the melon said this?The owner of the Mansion called Sunliang Kun, although a bit of dementia, but it is known for the violin Mingjiang.But a few years ago, he and his old mother disappeared together, never came back from.I heard that went to the south.Priests nodded, asked a number of cases Sunliang Kun, I began to see everyone physiognomy of the house.  A few days later, the priests say good-bye to the county government, Wu Jun to let him see for himself.Priests looked around runners, hesitantly.Wu Jun let a wave, runners are out, the priest then said: adults Yintang dark, for fear of catastrophe!Wu Jun let surprised, anxiously asked: I always say these days eyelids jump, I do not know the original method may have cracked?Priests say: There.But one thing needs.Wu Jun let anything hurriedly asked, priests mysteriously said: with a hundred pounds of salt, sprinkle all over your study room, you can ward off evil.  Wu Jun let frowning asked: a hundred pounds?I go neighborhood so much salt?Besides, how can this evil Escaping salt?Taoist priest said: It is widely believed that ghosts are afraid of red, in fact, they only white fear.You see my whisk are white.The white stuff, the salty because salt, more preferred is evil.Then, the priest stood up and said, I’ll give you ways to think it over, you can figure it out, I want to hit the road.Then, toss whisk hands, walk away.  Evening, Wu Jun, etc. so that everybody was asleep, put on Night clothes, quietly out of the county government, went straight to the hole cat’s eye.Came to the hole, he gently learn owl called out three times, a sideways into the hole, turn left, turn right came to an open field, the dim light, a?People are drinking alone, to see him come in, and took a?Glass, poured wine.Wu Jun let there be Xianxin drink, and that?Said the voice, opened the weeds, the two?Bag under his arm out of the hole.  The man shook his head and smile: really miser master, ship at night.  Sunliang Kun, you miser master is taking the salt it back?With the sound, the cave suddenly bright, originally lit the torch bearer of the hands.  Ghostly magic sound Sunliang Kun Shoudaliangpeng, long time to see, is the butcher come to town three Sunlao.  Butcher’s, to me out!You want to live!Sunliang Kun reached for a bizarre musical instruments, take a finger playing, then a indistinct, seems much like the music of the past linger in the cave.Sunlao first three disdain.Then to mouth fell open, fell to the ground limply.  Sunliang Kun lay down their musical instruments, mouth and swore a solemn feast toot cried foul, continue to drink.  Flotilla!At the moment the rise Sunliang Kun.Priests have been floating in the air in front of him came.  Sunliang Kun was surprised, stretched forth his hand, but also to get that piece of strange musical instruments, but the wrist was Taoist whisk swept away, did not miss the power immediately.Taoist hand to take off that piece of musical instruments, looked back to his behind, a finger on the ground Sunlao three: first he revived.See priests Sunliang Kun, a slowly removed from the rock.?Wrap, a powder will fall in my mouth Sunlao.For a moment, Sunlao with God rickety stand up, and looking at what was happening.  Priests walked over to a bunch of weeds next to hand touched, whispered but said sternly: Sunliang Kun, you Danzaibuxiao ah!How dare possession of salt!Sunliang Kun grumbling said: what is my?I have money?  Priests was going to ask, noisy outside the cave Suddenly, someone shouted: I gave surrounded, caught inside the culprits be rewarded!Priests looked up, let Wu Jun sneer came in, followed behind more than a dozen?Detective knife.  Smelly priests, there is a road you do not go to heaven, hell no one to turn partial unsolicited!Since you want to interfere, but I do not blame guns and knives without eyes!Then, make a wave Wu Jun, a few?Detective rushing brandished a knife to cut.Taoist whisk calmly dancing, a few?Detective fell to the ground clutching his eye.  who are you?Why did you do this?Wu Jun make a run into an expert to see, I know a bad deal.But he was not willing to spend the money if looking for points brothers, please open the priests laughed, reached into his arms off a gold medal, he said: This you know it?  Wu Jun of former scrape together a look, scared shocked: you are Sima goshawk?  Sima eagle is among the only emperor in front of The Four priests to the world-famous martial arts and physiognomy.  In fact, I have a few secret investigation in the town of Golden Cat?Month, clear your salt smuggling trafficking things, but found no place to hide illegal salt.Sima eagle paused, if not your trick, what a sudden, ‘ghost magic voice’, I do not think the investigation Sunliang Kun.Well, which in the end is how is it?  Wu Jun let know then can not conceal it, and to say the truth.  In fact, people began to avoid the hole, because there are a bunch of no burial of bones.And let Wu Jun in the cave in order to achieve the purpose of long-term possession of salt, buy a first runners, let him prove cavern strange music, and later murdered, creating more panic.The reason why he use Sunliang Kun, because it?Although a bit of a strange violin dementia, but very filial.Because his mother perennial insomnia, he had developed a set of the mother Enron fall asleep to music.But this approach, while effective hypnosis for insomnia, but there is a strong lethal to normal, ranging from a few days even sleep, while in amnesia.Wu Jun let the smell of rejoicing, in the middle of the night a mother and Sunliang Kun secret to his own backyard, coax or menace, he persuaded hole guarded private salt, with the proviso that, so his mother had meat to eat every day.Because Sunliang Kun dementia, since the hole really gone out and make orders according to Wu Jun, unless set to hear the sound of the owl call, otherwise, there is a movement he played the tune in the hole.This went on for a few years, Wu Jun make business bigger and bigger, the county government in all of the runners were slowly replaced by their own people, and he along with the sale of private salt.Start.It was also to denounce official, but are let down because Wu Jun RBI, near misses.Who knows, this time the emperor actually know, sent directly to the people around him down, points his Achilles heel.