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Cat Travels brother

w ^ life on the planet with a variety of animals, many animals make up a lot of the kingdom, each kingdom has its own history of development, and has its own top leadership.Due to the different political systems and cultural trends, resulting in unbalanced development of each kingdom.Some slow development, some developing fast; some have Wang Guofu, some poor kingdom.All those differences on development theory can, there is such a true, eternal law, gradually well known: the Kingdom of the more vast territory, population more numerous, more lazy citizens of this country.The reason is simple, there are a lot, with other countries to win the war broke out prospective, so that every citizen has a sense of security, which is the sense of superiority.In the case of small countries, by contrast, they are afraid of being annexed country, therefore, a sense of crisis in their lives every day, they hope to improve the country’s overall development mechanism, such as improving production techniques to fill their deficiencies.Because of this difference, in watts planet, all you see is a small country rich and powerful, you can see all the great powers are weak and the poor countries.    Although this is no longer a secret secret secret, but on the surface, each kingdom considers itself as the world’s most powerful and richest country.Because the kingdom which once blatantly admit that white identity and status in the international arena has been under the other, which would be detrimental to national dignity and national dignity.So, for the rulers, a very important political task: to take their proud culture and history to confuse people, so that every citizen in the kingdom only believe that they do not trust people.Since each dynasty of rulers such education subjects, in fact, citizens do not know in the end to die rich or weak, they only believe in yourself, believe in yourself is the world’s best like animals.At the center of the lovely w planet, we are the largest land stationed largest population of armor Kingdom.When cutting the sky like rain, the ground where there are pit as accidental, in country in a remote mountain off, the cat brother sit all day without incident on the ridge.One day suddenly made a terrible problem in my mind: our wisdom come from it?Is it as big as our brain and other kingdoms (such as o d help small countries) friend’s brain do: the problem or?With this question: Cat brother ready to travel the world.Because in his view, this is not a small problem, which is related to the future of the kingdom big problem, as to what extent, after investigation and verification required in order to answer.    ”The survey from where it began?”Cat brother asked myself, after playing at the pace of the mouse squint microphone cautioned:” Of course, had to start from the earliest history.”Brother cat happy, he said:” For!From the beginning of history to the end of history, all the way to questioning the past.”Cats brother to go to the first stop is the earliest ancient natural ‘Sovereigns and Five Emperors’ era of written.Brother caught a cat, I saw all the coasts of Nei Linhai vast, Snake battle ground, “Fire excessive inflammation and immortal, Hao Yang and endless water.”This is the beginning of the history of civilized countries, the book records everywhere.All in all, it was a most worthy descendants of pride and nostalgia of history, it is said the original pioneer ancestors is the Yellow Emperor, who is amiable king, the ritual text for the formulation of our earliest ancestors, the creation of a national.They also teach planting garment shipbuilding technology, the ancestors can live and work.Yellow Emperor also wrote medical book “Nei Jing”.Then there are the big Yusheng Xian Yao and Shun period, over a week after the chamber to the Spring and Autumn Period, there were not saints men, the era of peace and harmony, the next Yao Yin Chuan country to Shun, Dayu, descendants of Yang Chung.Zhou Yin and poor performances change the “Book of Changes”.Are, therefore, that future generations even more ancient sacred.Cat brother worried, he asked himself: Now that this history is nothing wrong, which said previous wiser.Non-worthy thick of descendants, this is really not as good as the previous posterity, Generations.No wonder people today Chazu wind intensified it.    Cat brother uncomfortable, feet Yi Deng came to the “Spring and Autumn”.His walk and along the way I saw farming men and women weave, bustling.Not far away a waterwheel lengthy rotation, added some scenery.Only one or two noblemen struggling in the cold.One day, the cat came to a brother Piedmont, I saw the face of galloping a horse-drawn carriage, followed by four or five students who look like they are dogs, rabbits, sheep and pigs.Cat brother would to understand the car to the front, Gongshen asked: “dare to ask who the owner of the car sitting?Where to go?”Curtain open car, the original car sat a tiger, he shouted:” I is Qufu Confucius, go to Lu bigger Sikou.”See the cat brother run into the right person, kneel busy:” The guilty on Yen Sheng, the so-called Mr. impartial, can not do without wisdom can be described as almost not there?Jen kind described processing almost?”Tiger hear unhappy, silent curtain middle way:” three-line, must be my enemy.”Cat brother was taken aback, and so woke up from and asked:” This wicked, why ancient monarch also worship him as a sage and teacher, but also let him immortal yet?I do not get it.”Everyone knows, is the Spring and Autumn period of competing political and cultural prosperity, the emergence of ‘Warring States’ political culture appeared on the ‘Flowers” and “Hundred Flowers’.Thinking philosophers, profound, so far handed, their work is an important cultural heritage left to future generations.    Chi noted ask, do not worry knowing the cat brother.Along the way he was eating and drinking, it seems smug.Less than a few days ran into second place looking for objects.Day afternoon, the cat brother came to a cave to shelter from the rain, in that which he found on the ground of grass nest of sleeping pig, pig owner claiming I.I saw his face, such as disabilities color, hair and B..Cat brother really glad, and asked him to Chile.Laozhu told him: inaction is the wisdom, all without dispute, no desire, no thinking, but Dazhi.I like the old Dan, nothing, is living in a cave, is to rope households to feed on wild fruits to leaves for the farmers, which is another fun thing in the world.This answer disappointed the cat brother, a poor man to dying, and said that he is the happiest man, what is it that this is not crazy?Cat brother felt such an investigation without much meaning, but it would like to stay for some time in the Spring and Autumn, I would like to ask Han Fei Mo Di and see how they say Chile.Mo is a big cock love flattery, he day earth stood on stage shouting to his fellow all love, but also love people, this is the universal love.Brother cat to catch a few days away, when to stand next to him, because Mo Di running exertion, has been unable to answer the.But the cat brother noticed the people around them, two pigeons and geese as they fought over a large eat mussels and battle it out.Cat brother thought: quarrel because of inadequate, insufficient cause contention.But then, a scholar look like old pig appeared, he advised: “You made a quit, Mo when he said, is for the non-attack Shangxian universal love, universal love those who can not fight it.”But there is no effect Laozhu of persuasion, stand still crushed.Cat brother think Mo’s wit’s end men, and if he has wisdom, I also wisdom, everyone has wisdom.    These are the elite people in the world recognized, but also so they opened savoir-faire prescriptions, simplicity of its methods, the ingredients easy to take, it is rare, it can be said there is up to ordinary people and those who.This time the visit by the cat brother, that any one enough scenery.No soul-stirring spectacle.Cat brother thought: As mortals, they are like Dong Dong Shu, Gong, Hui Shi, Zhu Xi, Lu Xiangshan, and Fang Yizhi Wang Shou-ren, etc., they say it is unwise?So have the last say social wisdom of Han Fei it, but he is a lion, his nature is to eat people, but he used the technique more open and fills by draconian laws, the people arrested, and does not condemn the severity, be put to death, in order to obtain more foodstuffs.Is this behavior what is also called wisdom?Cat brother very depressed, he wanted to leave the Spring and Autumn and immediately walked toward the border, he thought, what count several months of investigation?The most intelligent people, but also so-called, they say, do, not as a child more pleasant jingle, slogan might as civilian slave revolt more interesting it?It seems our kingdom is no wisdom.Cats terrible brother, he do now is to prove that he has the wisdom bears as Hui, cat brother would like, if people are not our kingdom of wisdom, which says that we do not mind, but our minds are still on items, but also saw some friends of mind is not small, which proves we still wise.Brother cat ready to get the physical evidence, he said, you see now flying in the sky, walking on the ground, the water upstream, there are a lot of our own production of animal.If we do not have the wisdom, the day the fly, walk on the ground, the water upstream of who is in what ways the production out of it?Cat brother was about to happy to play a dove flew from his head, he leaned on the Cat brother said: “Cats Brothers, do not be happy too early, you go about it survey.”The survey, only based on the fact that, for!Cat brother decided to make things get to the bottom, you have to investigate several natural scientists, the ancient today will do, because the level of wisdom regardless of chronological order.    The first question to ask is great scientist Zu Southern and Northern Dynasties.Because he is the world’s first accurate estimate of the number of circumference to No. 7 after the decimal point person, cat brother With admiration mood to find the ancestral Weng door, I saw his red beard hanging chest, is a very docile goats.”Zu Bai, Trinidad next visit, question the issue uncle?”The old sheep pity looked at him,” Well. “.Cat brother said: “Bai played pi and Confucius discovered the law of moderation compared to what everyone is easy to difficult?What wisdom what ignorance “Bai Yang after calculating moment, angry and said:” I do not know!You have a modern computer, pi can be projected to the infinite number of decimal places, and I can say that they do Chile?”Cat brother has not turned to God it was launched outside Bai Yang.Cat brother nothing, but he also wants to engage finished his investigation, suffer loss left little money for the journey, looking for people and fragmented way away.Finally, he decided to open a cocktail party.Issued an invitation, Zhang Heng of the Eastern Han Dynasty, Bi Sheng Song and Ming Li to attend.Cat brother thought, a man of limited intelligence, two heads are bound to increase, perhaps to ask people to go to one of their own questions by arguing able to give a satisfactory reply.    Thunder reception in a temple in the mountains, to ask the scientists to even the cat brother own a total of 4 people.They sit around the stone, Egongyan Zhang Heng, the Mindanao crown strap, Bi Sheng Zhuaer Nao lone male subject, wearing hats Cock Li.Wine over two ten days, they met earlier, Syria ancient theory today, finally comes to cat brother survey, cat brother stood up and said: you adults, today’s event, real Sanshengyouxing, I question the gentlemen a big problem; Heng the public had made seismograph, type of surgery engravings public disclosure, Li Gong, the “Compendium of Materia Medica”, the previous sages invention “moderate, inaction, Fraternity” and other principles of law, what is difficult.They put down the cups, silent, and finally invariably replied indignantly.Zhang Gong said: “I made it look as good as the modern radio-free mirror,” Pichia public said: ‘I’s not as good as modern printing laser printing’, Li Gong said: “I of the prescription as good as modern laser therapy”.After Excellencies casual, cat brother care to contemplate, but finally understand the scientists with the answer, just to maintain a State scientists have a high reputation in international and domestic cat brother decided to conservatively secret secret.    The investigation is over, because the object of the investigation is the cat brother on the country’s history, past and present are great and the most prominent figures, if they do not have the wisdom and the wisdom and mind mind who it?Kukuxiaoxiao cat brother, like a dream?Like a pinch of salt.Cat brother thought that if I believe in this section tell others, people will doubt it?will not!If you doubt this part to tell others, others will believe it?will not!Brother cat walking on the road with the family, and when compared to, both mentally and shape, like a new person, the past is so tall, it is now shrinking as if thatch; the past is so bold dare now but timid as a mouse.Cat brother would like, are those damn investigation, ghost, regardless of who made me, you look at my past life is much better.Are these surveys can change my life and make me become rich from the poor do?I can not get joy from happy?Why not put them all forget?Cat brother so I kept thinking, my heart gradually clear up, he even puts on a song.Cat brother came to a river, I saw a river stone holding innocent people up and down the ups and downs, his mouth kept shouting: “The road ahead will be long Come, I will search up and down.”Cat brother identified him crying playful cuckoo Qu Yuan.Cat brother approached and said to him: “You want downtown to downtown, anyway, the wheel of history will not be reversed.”Cat brother continued on our way to see a stick Huagou get the gun dance pavilion in the storm, he wore the gold, but the spirit wilt as the woman, his mouth read:” Three thousand miles clouds and moon, Mo lightly.”Obviously, he is the Northern Song Yue Fei.Cat brother thought, this man go across battlefields, but in Yinfengnongyue, there will be disaster.One evening, a cat brother came to a cove ground, run into a sleeping under a bamboo fence which stay, undress him, look up to Nanshan, long complacent, so brother really angry cat.He introduced himself is the Eastern Jin Dynasty poet Tao Yuanming, unwilling to return official speech.After the journey, the cat brother also met a lot of celebrity culture, they are father and son Cao, Wang Bo, Wang Wei, Li Bai, Du Fu, Bai, Lu, Li Shang-yin, Cao Xueqin, Pu pine orders, etc., some of them together to play with the cat brother some would like to invite a guest cat brother.All this does not change the heart to meet the cat brother eager to go home.On the contrary, through this investigation, cat brother in the heart of the formation of a larger plan, he was going back to its implementation.Two or three rain Piedmont, seven or weeks day and night on their way cat brother, finally returned home in the south of Spring in March.    Cats bigger brother called immediate plan is to raise money and goods, to leave the country to continue to make small d similar national survey, a survey by the next, he wanted to find out whether people’s wisdom d higher than the Arab people, the Arab people’s minds than whether Big.Cats brother thought that way, is to do so.Along the way, he shut the hill, across the river, along the way witnessed the life of workers, they go through rain and wind, persons on the ground in farming, logging in a forest.Walker the road, there are those who carry a load, but also the rider, man for Li Xinlao.Sky exceptionally bright eyes, fluffy white clouds, less than a few days, the cat brother to the border, through smuggling, cat brother embarked on a foreign land.Costa Rica is now presented in front of the cat is another scene, field no man, save only farming machines back and forth, back at the trees, flowers and lush, street people such as weaving, accumulation of goods, people luxury clothing, leisurely, some then the ball in play, some at rest.More exotic, in d country, people not only do not work, and do not walk.Vehicle airship is commonly used, there is a man sitting on the airship, there are two, three and even people sitting airship.As long as you looked to the sky, like airship that countless stars, like rain, coming and going.There flying height, flying at a low, but also to fly faster, slower fly.Cats brother, though not to a few days, by Zhefan watch, just feel relaxed like a like a new person, he do not even themselves have forgotten.After a few days to think, and now the cat brother just want to do one thing to improve their means of transport (such as bicycle, automobile and at first glance, sedans and even aircraft).He wants to placement of the bottom of the vehicle may be a vacuum container, can be done.Cat brother ecstatic, his home, a airship manufacturing company on a night where they stand.Cat brother led his staff, at full capacity, producing day and night, with business scope includes: the transformation of the old and create new airship airship.The new airship had made according to the shape of geese, dogs, pigs, cattle, horses, etc. Model.Less than a year of effort, the traffic situation in country A whole has been improved, and now as long as you look up to the sky, the sky airship is also much like stars, like rain.Since the cat brother made an outstanding contribution to the country, for which he received the government’s highest award, which is also the pride of the cat brother’s life could not finish things.    1998.8.15