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Cat things

Cats can live for several years?This refers to the cat’s normal state of life, does not include an accident injuries.My aunt asked me this question, her family is not broken cats, plus she loves cats, stray cats near her home many times to find a comfort zone, ending a vagrant life, living there have AIDS taste.    She said that if the cat live to die of old age, that is ten years, she said-year-old cat is equivalent to a person’s eight years old, I’m easy to work out if the cat is eight years to the retirement age of the person.This is her cats for many years observed the cat come to the conclusion, whether or not true, anyway, very interesting.Her cat is so because of the cat is her baby is by no means groundless.    Bungalow home past inevitably there are rats, cats are so necessary.Siemens below the house and opened a small door, in order to let the cat out of convenience.I remember aunt’s house cats were sleeping during the day and at night came the spirit of fresh, home vain all night, sometimes even several days to go back.    His cat almost no feed, they can eat very full on the outside, remember alley home meat shop, the cat had been carrying back to the aunt’s house pork, enough to have more than half a catty, when the supply of meat is the ticket , aunt of the children suggested that the cat brought back the cooked meat to satisfy their craving, my aunt thought, or did so.I remember she also worried that the cat was a butcher who fought, can free the cat has been living extremely comfortable, and finally died of old age.    Aunt cat saved a person’s life.That winter, home heating stove is no safe use of gas filled the room, it is the middle of the night people are asleep, if not a cat whine, desperately scratching the owner, is quite serious consequences.Aunt said she was tinker with the cat woke up, felt dizzy suffocation whole body limp, was gas poisoning, then tried my best to come to the window open all the doors and windows, the wind came in, the gas slowly cleared, aunt picked up the cat can not help but burst into tears, since then, the cat’s treatment in her home could not be better.    I also love cats, cats that live in the building can not get out, do not meet her nature, it is also no place to sharpen their claws, there are times when I see it sharp claws scratching my couch, I can not tolerate, pretending to frighten it can be next up is still scratching the couch, it’s behavior makes me headache, and later, or take it home to go, I heard that it grows very fast, and very powerful, that area became Elvis.