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Cat in love with butterflies

Only proud cat through the beautiful flowers, he was not in love with any of a flower, he fell in love with a purple butterfly.  Flowers are beautiful to show the cat, but the cat in front of the butterfly, said: I love you.  Purple butterfly with her smile, said: I love strong, you know the mountain forests of tiger do?  He is real strong.  Cat away, he went to the mountains, he has to prove that he is strong.Cat found a tiger, and the tiger he hesitate to fight.Tiger grasping end the fighting.Cats exhausted spare capacity in the death bite the tiger’s nose.Tigers lose, the cat is dead.  Cat saw God, God told the cat: you have nine lives, now only eight of.  Cats come back to see butterflies.  Q butterfly Cat: Do you really love me?Cats nod.  Butterfly said: I have never seen Ice Himalayas, you gave me?  Cat away, he went to the Himalayas.But his fur is too thin, has not taken to the Ice froze to death on the way.  God told the cat: you only 7 Mania.Cats know their fur is too thin to be taken to the Ice, so he asked God to help him.God said: You use a life for a Ice.  Cat readily agreed.He got the Ice, a life lost.  Cat back to the Ice, very happy butterfly.Butterfly said: I like purple coral seabed, can you give me?The cat to the sea, but he could not swim, quickly drowned.The cat saw God, he asked God to give him the purple coral.He was willing to switch to a life.He got purple coral.  Cats only four Mania.He came back with a purple coral see butterflies.Butterfly very happy, but she said: You’re a very good cat, if you can get a comet across the sky, I’ll love you!.  Cats are helpless, how he could not think of how to make a comet across the sky.Then he thought of God, but he knew that only death can see God.Then the cat did not hesitate to grab a punctured his heart.  Cat saw God, he said: Almighty God, you give me a comet it?I would like to give you my all.God said: You only three Mania, if you give me all, let me draw a comet sky.Cat said: I would like to, but I hope you will let me go back to a human.God promised.  Cat back, he took a bow to Great Plains.  At night, a bright comet appeared in the sky, very brilliant.Beautiful butterfly see the comet, she felt very great cat, she fell in love with the cat.  Cats now even one life did not, he knew his life would disappear with comet.But he loves butterflies, but butterflies love him now.The cat has lost the ability to love and a butterfly.  Cat told butterfly: Actually, I do not love you.Butterfly crying, she hates cats tease her feelings.Cat away, he did not want to take comet disappeared to get out.  Comet finally disappeared in the horizon, and the cat disappeared in the line of sight.  Cats see God, and God said: You did not have even one life, and for love, worth it?Cat hesitated for a moment.He felt even choose to do it again, he will still do so, but he was not willing, but has been powerless.  God told the cat he can go to heaven, when an angel.But the cat has chosen to go to purgatory, he said: I go to purgatory for a thousand years, do not give me a life?God said: There is no precedent, it does not work.Cats pleaded: just give me Half-Life.God promised.  Cat fight in purgatory with darkness, loneliness, fear and endless battles are like the heart of a knife stabbing the cat every day.Cats became the purgatory of Asura.Even God that cat has become a grim Ares.  A thousand years of fighting, suffering a thousand years, a thousand years of cold-blooded, a thousand years of tenderness, a thousand years of waiting, a thousand years of Cast Iron.  A thousand years, the cat out of the purgatory, Asura has become Angel.  Half-Life cat dragged back to earth.He found a butterfly, cat, said: I love you.Butterflies do not believe the cat, she hated cats.Butterfly said: Unless you die in front of me, or I will not believe it.  Cat laugh, laugh very sad.He just Half-Life.Cat took out the heart, he let the tears in his heart.  Butterfly know that cats did not lie to her.  Butterfly said: cats have nine lives, you will come back, even when you have only 8 lives, but we can make good love.  Cat said: I come back, I could not even Half-Life have lost.  Asura lost their fighting spirit, no angel arrow of love.Asura was finally engulfed by the flood Purgatory, Angel also lost in the fog.  Cats against the butterfly in heaven: God gave me nine and a half of life, but I love it takes 10 lives, I do not have another half a.If a thousand years in purgatory, give me another Half-Life, I will do Asura.  Purple butterfly flowing tears, said: While the rest of the time we love Half-Life, but it is a thousand years.  Love someone do not ask him to do too much to prove how much he loves you, because then you will gradually lose something precious, cherish your love it