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Cat house

Large trucks all the way unsteadily, slowly marching in late autumn drizzle.I dressed piece of plastic sheeting, curled up in a dark room on the steel doors and windows to take in, could not stop trembling again and again.Loading time, tired and sweaty, sweater long roll bar roll bar tuck into yellow backpack portable, the plug under the seat in the driver’s ass.Now think of taking back, afraid of breaking the throat shouting useless.Beijing car as much, before I left home in any case I can not think of.Two-way twelve lane, still full of stuffed, toot horns drowned out everything except the sound of my heartbeat.I know, at this time, any of the moves are in vain, after all, the driver is not my father and mother, he never realized that behind the carriage, the sound of the collision of my upper and lower teeth chattered.Even I realize that fear can not easily hit the brakes, and gave me a warm clothes.We have never met before, I was a newcomer to the relationship between us like a grasshopper and a worm, eight pole could not beat.I had could not wrap him up and wrapped the piece of sky-blue plastic sheeting, while cursing this damn weather, while praying to reach the destination as soon as possible.    I even feel a bit sorry.Last night, the boss for these new tasks assigned to the workers when we, shouted, “Who wants to go to Changping installed steel doors and windows?”As a result, no one say a word.Lu content with our gang for a long time in the mountains for several decades, has never been to the capital Beijing “bumpkin” who, who do not want to get off at the beginning, you can drill Tiananmen Square sacred atmosphere of a good Zhanyangzhanyang?As for Changping, before coming already heard, it was a mountain, there is no spectacle.As we Culai hill behind the village, no matter how beautiful, is also not rare.Therefore, the boss swallow the stomach shouted several times, appeared to be forced assignment, I ventured to be a cry as a result, we are now enjoying the rain Huoer work, I have to face the “Rain attack alone “or late autumn cold rain attack.Of course, I am not uncommon to do this “stands out”, I can not stand listening to all day long tied in the workshop shrill sound of the grinding wheel film.Installation at the site, at least you can escape the boss’s attention, many ears child is relatively clean.    More rain, from the cracks in the steel doors and windows to squeeze rain has become a “sieve over” from the first “tick” sound, plastic sheeting are holes everywhere, and Phi Phi does not have exactly the same possession.Between stumbled plus, vaguely feel the car left the main road, rickety roller coaster in general, cold rain unceremoniously in my plastic sheeting a lost time accident, covered my upper and lower body.Simply, I do not bother to pick up the piece again, “tasteless gesture,” the plastic sheeting, the first a low heart that love Za Za.    So I infected with the cold, the car arrived a compound of Military families Changping night.This cold ferocious, but, do not go to the.Forbearance, forbearance can not.Rule, no money.Two-day, I have to hang on the last row of the compound in a bungalow, do not eat does not move, sleepy.After a few villagers come early start did not seriously children, to appease me a few words, carrying large hammer, holding a soldering iron, cheerfully went to work.Until the third night, I suddenly vomiting, they know the bad thing.Hurriedly ran to the guard room, broke down at the soldiers on duty led to a medic the door, but also water, but also to take medicine, finally did not make this “home away from ghosts.”.    Military once again came to my room, already the third day at noon.The villagers have finished eating, with a guy even children do not know what to replace military family households steel doors and went.Before leaving, in my nightstand a few oranges, pears pile, he asked me, feel better on a bite.However, while thirsty, not at all feel about these things.Lying in bed, looking at the black ceiling, my mind only one, I want to go home.Although I had been working for five years, I’ve been a downright adult.However, going out alone, but it is the first ever was, and just go out to encounter severe cold.I think my father, I think the young girl, I would like yard-old plane tree, sycamore trees and chains pulled all day whining “old head”.But I can not go back, no money is on the one hand, to a temporary old father’s words he is standing in the way of my footsteps.He said: endured something, we go uphill in.I had to lay in bed silently cry.    ”How are you doing?”Inter cranky, I heard a gentle greeting with two small door ‘squeak’ soon, slowly floated into my ears.Micro a head tilt, I was shocked.Wearing a dark blue uniforms did not wear hats in about 50-year-old female soldier was bending over the sun looked down at me, not smiling, but it is not how the majesty.I hasten to bow hard, going to sit up and say hello.From villagers who rushes in, I already know my life is a medic saved, but how he never imagined that their mouth medic is a woman, and that is still the big noon, the open this dilapidated door, give me a caring and greetings.    ”do not move.”Medic said, to work out a thermometer to me to see if I opened a corner tucked in the armpit, then pulled out a shirt pocket stethoscope to listen to head gently resting on my chest.Five minutes later, medic looked at the thermometer, smiled, “fever, but do not rush to work, Yang Yang.”And then he took out a few packs of drugs ‘three times a day,’ Having Bajiao left, went to the door, then turned, smiled and said,” Nothing, I say you take workers.”Before I could tell the kind words, only to hear ‘squeak’ soon, and shut the door, rang the door ‘bumpy’ shoes sound, farther and farther.    Evening, eating two packets of drugs, I could come down to earth.With fellow workers to take advantage of everyone to the cafeteria Dafan, Fuer whispered to me, “Do not be afraid, I say here, you remember to recuperate still work.All right, you just put the glass we unloaded the old doors and windows, take an iron bar smashed crackling, this is your work, others, I see who would dare fart!”So, the next day, feeling slightly better, I took an iron bar to go to the garbage station.I still believe that the world’s easiest job is to Za Boli, or honest to drop, afraid of people asking for trouble.Unfortunately, they worked hard to dismantle the glass doors and windows for several days, less than half an hour, it becomes a lot of crushed powder, iron doors and windows only black tiger speaker casually piled garbage station, waiting to receive waste the door.    Smashing over, something more to say, casually strolled along the compound.I know this is a serious organization, go all out military, although not distinguish rank, grade can not see, but I already know from the villagers sporadic talk in this large residential institutions, the most times is the regimental cadre.So, go stroll stroll, but did not dare.It is said that the entrance of private but heavily armed.So, my circle of fixed limited space around my house.Ten o’clock in the morning, I wandered into the eleventh round when, suddenly was a strange sight shocked.    I know this courtyard a cat, at least, Zabo Li when he saw no less than five prowling in the garbage.But I can not imagine how this burst of children, even cropped up no fewer than 50.Big small, black flowers, droves ran a secluded residential building in front of my house away.Look at posture, there must be something special to attract their stuff in there waiting, as if the slightest hesitation, this lively scene no longer impossible to enjoy wildly.I could not help but wonder, like a cat I quickly rush to follow them.A few seconds before the project, a more strange sight attracted my attention.Hug behind overgrown, a dozen small basin them the slip, put a bowl of what I know, I know just the edge of the pot that already have a dozen different kinds of kittens in the “Meow “the fight Qiangzhuo Chi stuff.As more participants join in, you see, it was jumping up and down, squeak slapstick, lively pounded like a hornet’s nest pole.Watching the gang “Sigui reincarnation” of cats, I was overjoyed.Indeed, in the home, there will be such a scene?A one to two, who will compete for slapstick.    ”Well you?”Positively relish to watch, I heard a familiar greeting rang.I looked up and saw what a coincidence, medic was carrying a keg turn from the front of the building, smiling, look at me, I hastened to these cute little guy children add fresh, mouth gently nagging ” bulk, do not rush, some.Black Tiger, see you then eat with.”My eyes a hot, sweet mouth could not help it,” big..Auntie, you feed the?”I wanted to call sister, the Pro out, my sister asked me, hit woman called Sister.But the medic are over 50, and fortunately I did not rote.”Where ah, are the Wildcats, looking only to feed the poor.”I did not speak again, but do not blink moment staring between overgrown, who was not wearing hats female medic past men working non-stop.    Minutes later, satiate cats “burped” their departure, I really do not polite, not even a thank you, I smiled and whispered.”Hey, look at you, spit full of clothes do not know for down wash, do not wear uncomfortable?”Female medic suddenly spoke again.”No, no, I will be washed.”I incoherent answer, then turned to go.”Wait, it was to no washing powder?I took two bags go.”Female medic said, would pack up and walked to the front of the building from the pot.I’m not stupid, I can distinguish what is phony, what is genuinely.I had to wait, and pretty soon, the female medic returns, holding two bags filled with five pounds of detergent and a blue dress came, walked, said, “My son was wearing a water, I still do children, left.”Then, one into my arms, walked vigorous pace to leave.    My eyes a hot, almost not any Offer.Doukai clothes, yes, a good body suits and stiff starched.I looked at the direction of the female attentively Medical leave, long time.Babu was about reflexive, ears suddenly rang loud meow.Look closely, a yellow cat bobbing and children came from the left front.Sniffed the ground, immediately flew to bypass corridor.I surprised a moment, immediately recover the past, in front of the house female medic out, yellow cat was raised paw “flap” knock it.Almost blink of an eye, the door opened, or that female medic, two hands carrying a body double fish pieces, put the cat mouth Dunshen.Qianpu a yellow cat, I do not know where the fish dangling immediately went to enjoy.I looked at the female medic, scratched his head sheepishly.A female medic bared teeth, lifted their hands and said loudly, “Hey, Wong Ah late.”Then, they closed the door.    Cold Well then, I have to go all out, full capacity, Zamen smashing windows, drill installation, all on the right track.Probably Military unity of action, the entire installation carried out door to door, has been insisting for a month.A month later, clear weather turns cold, the original is not enough to bring clothes to resist the cold, many fellow early to take a ride on the back.As a result, I have that body suit to keep warm, although wearing a suit to work would be wasted.Secondly, the number of households running out, and I stayed with workers.Although the speed is slow, but the treatment of high.Only two of our installation team, in addition to the night, stopped eating canteen, military families often when we’re ready to work under the hot meals, small number of samples, which shows the truth.    The last one is the female medic home.Indeed, her home, clean up is not very good, mess, like how long unoccupied, like.Only the hall shelves fairly neat, others, including female medic bedrooms, each filled with a strange taste.It tastes very familiar to me, but can not tell until the evening, two cats squeeze from the window, I realized.Afford, the amiable female medic who not only take the initiative to feed wild cats, but also occasionally invite them ready to live!However, the man of the house agreed to do?Her son agreed to do?How could they not prevent?Such living environment, how they accept this?Too many questions about the heart, but when installed, in addition to cooking, female medic did not at home, but leaving for school I do not know who to go see a doctor.    The answer is revealed to our surprise.We are finally clean up her bedroom home.This job of ours has a rule, the host family’s things no matter how good, are not allowed to touch, otherwise, get out quickly!I do not say these words, our boss said.We are abide by the rules, although the families of troops who often left their home just how we do, but no one cheap hands and feet, unless this thing hamper the construction we had to.I work with at the time of dismantling the old windows and doors, turned accidentally touch the nightstand, then, splinters, including a black border frame, including many items are fine knock out.Several golden medals, several certificates, like some gross ticket.We scurried to pick up, very fortunate no broken glass photo frame.I carefully looked at the photographs is a heroic vitality of young soldiers, but it is clear that the soldier is gone.According to common sense, picture frames crape says it all.And those colorful certificate, there is a green leather occasionally opened the letter to “divorce certificate”.Suddenly, it seems that the air is calm down!    With workers look at me, look at my suit, suddenly face Bengqi said, “Brother, take off the suit, unlucky!”I lengleleng, take a look at the suit, had to pack look neat bedside table, looking at the seriousness with workers, suddenly blushed, then shouted,” Put your mother’s fart, I do not take off, very lucky very lucky!”And the tears gratuitous take out.Misty eyes, several more gently cat cry again in the ears, “Meow – Meow -” I see, behind the glass, two kittens green eyes, very clear, very clear..