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Cat food in the transmission of the disease

Friends of the research in the hospital ward Nei Momo cry.Her left cheek meat, is his pet cat bite off a chunk of it, and even gum also has revealed.She always wanted to do not understand their own children and treat them like a pet cat care Yeah, why the sudden attack yourself.Mia normally very docile, her life together for three years, never done any offensive move.However, since she was traveling back from South Korea, Mia will become very strange.She felt it had a lot of doubts, so she put the matter came to visit and told her psychologist seniors Creek hope, hope someone can unlock the mysteries of the mind for her last night, I do first after the plane thing, not to call her boyfriend Zhensheng, but call girlfriends Xiuzhen, asked about Mia’s.I am the eldest, is it now?Later I have to do work at night, you do not let me sleep a little longer?After a pass Xiuzhen complained impatiently, told me Mia all well and told me not to worry, tomorrow followed it home it does not matter.Despite a nearly four-hour airplane ride, I feel tired, but in order to Mia hug into his arms as soon as possible, I was immediately hit the go Xiuzhen home.The tour to South Korea, this is my dream long romantic getaway.But managed to apply to holidays, Zhensheng but suddenly received a very important project, can not fulfill his promise to travel with me.To this end, I have one week did not sell it to him.Although he played all day long distance calls to apologize to me, but I still feel puzzled air, going to give him a little punishment: at least 999 to send me roses, and then made herself a sumptuous French meal for me, of course, there is a Year good bottle of Bordeaux red wine.The love-hate relationship Zhensheng only fleeting, the next moment my mind is crowded, full of care for Mia.So, I kept urging taxi drivers, even though the other party has stepped on the accelerator to do.After knocking on the door like as debt collection, I immediately rushed into the house, lying in the basket to sleep in my arms Mia, a harsh Qinliaoyikou.It was probably startled me, break off from my arms, panic to hide behind Xiuzhen.Then I noticed was crowded out of Xiuzhen, she grumbles said: You are too much of it, the door just after your mia, did not even acknowledge me with a totally think of me as backdrops.I realized that gaffe, and quickly lost her smile, and ran to the door open the trunk, remove the set from South Korea bought clay dolls, respectfully handed her: Do not be angry with me, which I dedicated to you selection of gifts.My sister, I just want to Mia it too, you have a lot of adults, please do not tell me care about?Xiuzhen took the dolls, carefully glances, seems to be very fond of.Joyfully said: kidding with you, how I would be angry with How about you?Xiuzhen immediately to the hospital to go to work, so I will not bother her, ready to leave with Mia.When I went to the door to say goodbye to her back, a glimpse of the coffee table, there are cigarette butts ashtray.She did not have the habit of smoking, but also frequently sweep over the top, certainly not her cigarette smoke, so I laughed and asked her if she SGX a boyfriend.She hit me a little light, Xiao Ma said: where’s my boyfriend, it is cigarette butts left behind by the Zhensheng look mia, he asked me how do you coax back!I was not so easy to forgive him!After her slapstick about it, I would go home with Mia.After returning home, I think Xiuzhen just been sleeping, you should not feed Mia for dinner, so they give it a ready cat food, then take a bath.Because I felt very tired, so I deliberately ran a hot bath.After grooming clean, I found Mia ate even a little cat food.It usually likes to eat this cat food, every ten minutes and you do not need to eat clean, I spent at least half an hour to take a bath, it actually did not have a.I picked it Qinliaoyikou, ask it is not already eaten?While it will not answer me, but at me fondly called out, it is a mouth, and I smelled a very unpleasant odor.In fact, just Xiuzhen home, and I smell it who have an odor, but not so obvious now.I think that it would not be bad to eat some things right!I hurried to call Xiuzhen, she said that these days are for Mia to eat cat food, did not give it something else to eat.And this time around to work at night because she’s sake, go to work to feed it every night before dinner, and now it should be hungry fishes.We did not think, where is the problem, but Xiuzhen in the hospital, he said, help me to ask the doctor on duty.After a child, she call me back to say, she may be eating cat food to Mia improper its stomach and told me to give it feed some rice water, said to be able to clean up the stomach.I gave Mia after been fed rice water, it just so no foul mouth, but still refuses to eat cat food.I give a call Xiuzhen, she snappily said: I am the eldest, I can not abuse your baby ah!Look into what you are tense, not to mention mia, even if Zhensheng see you like this, and certainly could not eat.How can I refused to admit tense although the mouth, but after her say this, I think she might be too tight.Perhaps, but Mia is a bad one o’clock appetite, or when I just hold it, it scared.The plane did not you just do not Guannameduo, take a break, sleep.Maybe tomorrow morning, Mia will take you all eat cat food at home.She is right also, I really need a break, but I always thought my heart mia, how sleep got it?For me this question, she provides a very professional advice: serving four diazepam, ensure that you can sleep through the night.She bought some medication to help me before when finishing kits, among them a vial of diazepam.I said that according to her weight, eating four settled in bed for a while after sleep.When I sleep drowsily, as if he saw a man in traditional Korean clothing, stature mast man, carrying a machete went to the bed, and with him his thick fingers into my body by.He rises by from my stomach, about what to until you press a halt to the neck.I was scared and would like screaming for help, but the sound was unable to pay.My body is completely unable to move, could only watch as he brought the machete, to cut down my cheeks.I felt cheek came a sharp pain, but the body still can not move.With more and more severe pain, I finally could not stand, cried aloud Friends of the Korean Institute said the man did not exist, she saw the terrible scene, but is a nightmare, but the face of the pain is real.However, given her injury was not the dream of a machete, but Mia sharp teeth.She was attacked in his sleep Mia, left cheek bitten off a chunk, forming a terrible wound, even teeth exposed out, such a large area of facial trauma, even world-class plastic surgery division also whom would frown.According to the doctor’s diagnosis, she needs to move multiple surgeries, can barely stitched the wound on the cheek.If you want to restore the old beauty, I am afraid only to God for help.Disfigurement is the fact that can not be changed, but at the same time bear the brunt of the Friends of research hope I can get into that, why has always been tame Mia will suddenly attack their own.Hope Creek was described after listening to her, she could not help but ask a question cry again: you do your boyfriend to visit?Come over, but just one look and left.Friends of language research, choking, long time and then added, saying he did not even tell me you feel betrayed?Hope Creek gently held her succeed, she had to comfort sadness.I do not blame Zhensheng.Friends of research wiped his eyes with tears, forced a strong road, I ended up like this now, even if he does not mind, their families would not accept me.That was not what I meant.Wang Xi some consolation after her, tell her about the matter of five points: First, Xiuzhen is a nurse and a recent night shift; Second, Xiuzhen home butts; Third, Mia does not eat cat food and mouth with a stench; IV. rice water; five sleeping pills.The five main points you can figure out the ins and outs of the whole thing right?Friends Creek look to research to cast a look of encouragement, hope someone can own reasoning out the truth, they would not need to tell her the brutal truth.Unfortunately, Friends of the research thought for a long time, still can not be linked to the above five points, just shook his head, puzzled.Let me tell you the truth it!Hope Creek helpless sigh, then tells his reasoning on the matter Xiuzhen home of cigarette butts, in addition to proof Zhensheng had been there, but also to prove that he had just left, as a nurse Xiuzhen great emphasis on clean, clean up after the guests leave will ashtray.This is not to clean up, because of too late, Zhensheng might just leave, it may even be hiding in that room in the house.Zhensheng prefer to Xiuzhen home, not to the airport to pick you, that he was having an affair with Xiuzhen.The reason why he does not go to South Korea travel with you, not because of work, but in order to rendezvous with Xiuzhen.Xiuzhen will use the night shift, every night Mia to the hospital morgue, to induce it to eat will be sent to the body cremated, but also teach it to eat meat is tender and flexible cheek.Mia mouth odor, is due to be derived from eating carrion.Rice water can effectively remove the corpses, so to Mia rice water after feeding, mouth odor significantly reduced.Xiuzhen you sort out the medicine cabinet was premeditated, she suggested components you take sleeping pills, the maximum amount is within the normal range.Long-term use of sleeping pills is not a habit, as long as taking the twelve will be able to sleep through the night settled, taking too much can sleep deeply, reduce responsiveness to external stimuli.Mia tasted delicious after the bodies of the cheek, of course, are not interested in the general cat food, and therefore refused to eat cat food.When it is most hungry, due to the action of sleeping pills while you are sleeping, it is no different in the eyes just like a morgue corpse.In other words, it takes you as food.So, as in the past Xiuzhen teach it every night as it climbed to you, close to your cheeks, choose the most tender meat, most flexible position, viciously biting.And you because of the influence of sleeping pills, although the body is hurt, but still can not wake up immediately.Wait until you woke up too late.After all this within Xiuzhen calculation, the purpose is to force Zhensheng leave you listening to such a terrible reasoning, the Friends of the Institute trembled in horror.Hope Creek wanted her to be alone for a while in order to clear your mind, then out of the room, and when the police make a call to a friend.