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Cat eyes murder

Northern November, the cold was too much for words.I curled up in front of the unit floor shivering, dark corridor always make me shudder.Three days ago, in this very building 602 units murder took place, allegedly deceased died a sad death, was reinforced Chuojin right eye, brain injuries death.I called Cheng Tao, he said softly over the phone: Do not be afraid, I’ll wait for you at home.I gritted his teeth and went.I say fear is a lie, but I fear more than other tenants it.Because I live on the sixth floor.  When we are poor, with a dream to work hard in this strange city, I plan to post a reporter in television programs department, and Cheng Tao is an on-site supervision of the construction site, the construction of this building is.Later, completion of the building, and he proposed to me, after we got married, bought a house in this building, as our nest.Cheng Tao, two days ago in an on-site supervision of accidentally broke his leg, mobility recuperating at home, I had a man upstairs.Fortunately, in the corridor met 601 of Mr. Xu, two people together are better than one.  Small Ran, you sir how not to pick How about you?Mr. Xu may feel cold atmosphere to find a topic to talk.  Oh, Cheng Tao, two days before his leg injury, is not convenient.I smiled at him.  Note that it is the point, after all, you are a woman or a point more carefully such a thing happened.Mr. Xu Shihai not forget to open the door asked me two.  Labor troubling you, I will pay attention to my speaks, Mr. Xu was interrupted scream, I ran over to see 601’s door, Mrs. Xu lying on the front porch, a look of horror, her right eye He stuck a blood-stained steel.  The police sealed off the scene, and now we have the whole sixth floor only one of the two homicides occurred in succession, the sixth floor is considered unlucky natural floor.Police said listen, Mrs. Xu family had no signs of fighting, proved to be an acquaintance of crime, the murder weapon is reinforced, it is likely to be the same person to do, and now they are being investigated for steel.  Since Li said let me take the case of follow-up reports, colleagues are secretly say I do not know the sort of touch mold head, murder doorstep but also to investigate, is it not court death it.These words reached my ears, I do not want to explain, this is the last time I work, I can complete it as a producer, director assistant, not so hard to run an interview.  The dead are women, are the first site in front of the house, the door was not prized, as are a steel rod inserted in the right eye, brain death has been hit hard.Like to die, indicating that the same modus operandi, is likely to be the same person committing the crime.Cat’s eye on the door was broken two of the dead, and now the only clue is the murder weapon, I had to wait for the findings of the police came out to continue my interview.  Got home, Cheng Tao has already done the dinner, a look of gentle waiting for me to go home for dinner.Looked at the front of the shoes, I asked him: Are you went to the site?  Oh, I just go and see, for a person I do not trust.He is also a look of smile.  Not telling you recuperate when you do activities?How so disobedient?I blame him.  OK, OK, I know, appease His wife, I will not hurt no longer go to the site, okay?Cheng Tao look Duixiao to coax me.  Now hurt not good, do not worry about these things, eat fast, while cold, after eating breakfast child to rest.  Recent house this happened, you have to be careful.Cheng Tao had a smile on the face of a little uneasy at the moment.  OK, send me two days Li front door, do not worry.Eat fast, wait a little longer to cool it.  Li and Cheng Tao is small to large friend, elementary school classmate same school.Later on in college Li learned of the news, while Cheng Tao is a student of engineering.Although not always together, but the two people in private friendship is still very, very good.Cheng Tao to the site after graduation to start his on-site supervision, while Li gradually gain a firm foothold in television, and become a moderator.I was a reporter asked Li in position to get the help of television.After two days of murder, Cheng Tao with a broken leg inconvenient to pick me up, take me home are Li.Cheng Tao also feel at ease.  The next day, the department director called me to let me go first-hand information on the Public Security Bureau.I wanted to hang up his phone directly turned down, but for my future and Li’s face, I decided to forbearance and tolerance.  The two murder weapon used are the same size, we investigated all of the city’s construction sites, but they always say that recent site missing reinforced.Police in charge of receiving an expression of impatience.  That said, it still can not determine the origin of the steel it?The face of his disgust, I continue to ask to go.  That’s what I mean.Reporter adults, you have any questions?There are soon to ask, I also busy.This is clearly off the premises.  My thinking is disrupted mystery, the only clues broken, steel antecedents there is no clear clues.And as I reported in this case, my identity has been completely exposed.Now in the Dominican murderer in the dark, I will not move tantamount to a target, waiting for a dead life murderer.  This is very strange murderer.Why did he have to choose reinforced murder weapon?Why use a particular specification?Although now off the trail, but a murderer can not be a person so incautious.But this also shows that the perpetrators have a full grasp.He has sufficient evidence to prove his innocence.However, the deceased is the same unit, with a floor, also a female, the goal is clear, the next one is me.I can not die, and not let me die that way, find the clues and then find him and put him in prison, and even sent him to die cat’s eye, steel, the deceased was injured in the right eye fatal.This is the murderer’s modus operandi, but on the whole city site are lost reinforced, so many people are likely to be the murderer, and probably just picked up the murderer of.Or that he antecedents in order to conceal the weapon, deliberately we have lost so much steel on site?  The next day I went to the Public Security Bureau to ask about the new progress, the police are still responsible for the reception or the sentence: no breakthrough.  Ran, how you?What are you thinking?Li saw me sitting in his car co-pilot in a daze, I asked.  Oh, nothing.You changed ornaments?I pointed to the unique string of three ornaments that monkey on the rearview mirror and asked him.  Speaking of this it is very interesting, Li said with a smile, you guess what they mean?  Monkey these three vertically one string together, but blindfolded first, second only to cover the ears and the third only in his mouth.  Oh, my hollow laugh or two, I how smart you really do not see what they mean.  The third just ‘not to say do not say,’ second just ‘should not listen do not listen, but did not wait for him to finish first, I stared, the first only mean not supposed to see without looking!Not supposed to see do not look at the dead cat’s eye right eye was seriously injured and died reinforced it all in my head roar, and finally arranged a name: Li.  Trembling, I came home, reduction in the quilt, Cheng Tao, asked me how I did not say.Li turned out to be his mistress under pain killers kill 601 and 602, just to make me out to see what I have to say it out?  In fact, Li do not rely on their ability to gain a firm foothold in the television.I did not enter the television, and once I made chicken soup nourishing Cheng Tao, Cheng Tao said let me leave some to get past Li, I went to Li’s house when the door was unlocked, I symbolically knocked knock on the door, inside has not crashed.So I went into the house, he heard the sound of breathing Li’s bedroom came intentionally depressed.I put the chicken on the coffee table, looked curiously in the past, Li saw a woman and do not know when naked in bed together, I entangled scared fled, accidentally knocked over on the coffee table chicken soup, Li be alert, and I’ve ran out the door, he did not catch it, but I heard his voice on the phone: after Oh, Cheng Tao, ah, small ran sent chicken soup fled home, I I did not see things and Cheng Tao said, it has also become a secret of my heart.  Now, Li to get promoted, he did not allow ourselves to have any handle in the hands of others, so he was ready to shut my mouth it?Shut up and let a person the best way is to let him into the dead.  I stay at home afraid to go out several times in the interview task makes me sick to the ground to push, and even go to the hospital Cheng Tao leg I let him go.Cheng Tao came back told me that his leg will be OK, let me rest assured.So I just invited a week off.  One day, I was at home when the progress of the case of Internet search, the phone rang, Cheng Tao contact.  Hey, here it is the home of Xu Ran.I was her husband.what happened?Has the task ah, I told her, impatient?what?Snapped, the handset out of the ground, I ran to see, Cheng Tao, pale said to me made me a very happy ── oh no, very kind thing to say is frightening news.  Li died, die and the dead, like the previous two, reinforced through the right eye, the brain was seriously injured and died.  Li died, so this pervert like serial killer, actually own suicide last time in the first two dead and made the same site.But the thrust of my nightmare is over, I do not have all day on tenterhooks for when his life is in danger and neurasthenia.I could go on when my reporters, after promotion, to be promoted, to be reused, everything can get rid of the Li. He died, my secret in this life, no one found.Program Director of the pious finally helped me to stage a long said good things, I tune into the production department when the Assistant Director.Coworkers were congratulating me, this time I reported a minor celebrity, and even production director also told me with admiration.  But I’m not happy, they do not know how much to pay for this position.To this a little assistant, I put his body to the program director, the middle-aged man.He was in my house affectionate arm around me, and in exchange for this opportunity condition is to accompany Li to bed.Of course, these things do not know Cheng Tao.I love Cheng Tao, but I am too happy, I want fame, I’m restless to do a little reporter, I want to succeed, so I do not care about those so-called hidden rules.We grabbed each other’s handle and hold, who can not do nothing.  Home, while I open the door while preparing to organize language Cheng Tao told the news, only to find the house broken cat’s eye, I know what it means.My trembling hand twist the key, open the door, I saw the most do not want to see the sights ── Cheng Tao died, and three individuals of the same die.  The police inspected the scene, and Mrs. Xu is not that different from the scene, steel, cat’s eye, eye injuries, and the cause of death is not the same, Cheng Tao, died of excessive blood loss.The police suspect that is what I do, but when I’m dead Cheng Tao television to pack my stuff.What’s more, I’m so in love with him, how would kill him, kill a has given me so many warm people?Then only one possible, the murderer is still alive.  Cheng Tao is dead, the serial killings have stopped, as suddenly disappear, like the murderer.Sometimes I still wonder why they killed the murderer Cheng Tao?Why did he kill my favorite people and not kill me?I always wanted to climb, now I did it, and got rid of Li, let my secret forever gathering dust.But why I will be sad?Why am I sad?Why do I see when Cheng Tao nice facial features in a dream to me, smiled softly, wake and face tears?  Three months later, reinforced serial killings have been forgotten, I steal food QQ farm at the time, Inbox prompted, opened it, Cheng Tao mail appears to be sent by regular.  Ran: When you see this message when I succeeded to prove.This two-day things that make you nervous, I’m sorry, but that is what I left you last gift.I know that the killer is still alive in your opinion, and has been lurking in your side, but now do not worry, because he was dead, and that the murderer is me.Maybe people will think I’m a killer, is a pervert.But all I’m doing it for you.  I remember the day I broke my leg it?You came back late, you said to me overtime, but I know you have been at the door, I saw the cat’s eyes, and you see a man and necking, but I choose to remain silent, you want me there is no way for you.So I can not stop you from pursuing.I love you, so I chose to let go, but I can not watch you destroy in the hands of others.  Day to see it more than me, as well as 601 and 602 of the hostess in the cat’s eye, I heard a lot of gossip about you, I can not let them destroy you, so I killed them.Intelligent girl like you must know how I killed them.Yes, I put the glass on the cat’s eye unloaded, let reinforced aligned cat’s eye, knocked on the door, the hostess Coushang eyes to see, I use a hammer to hit hard, they died.  They saw should not see, so I killed them, and Li, he threatened me with this thing, as long as I give him the money he would not publish this thing out.I know he is a bottomless pit, so I killed him, that day happened to be the day I went to the hospital a leg injury, in fact, I have long legs good, that I forged medical records.  After I killed Li, thinking that no one knows everything.But there is a person to see, that is me, I love you, so I can not look at you betray me, I can not ruin your future, ruin your happiness, so I used the same technique to spot a good layout, after that, the steel own hands inserted into the eye.I killed the last people to see not supposed to see, but also kill the person who loves you I cried this piercing pain people feel really good, I fainted in the last minute of the last time like back in the day, the cat’s eyes on the door, I could see Cheng Tao eyes looking at me through there, silent tears shed.