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Cat Comedy

Guanfu museum courtyard there are four vats, although not as big Tong Gang Forbidden City, but also a kind of mold, raising summer water hyacinth, opened flowers full House warmth; winter fish, the insulation around the pad, the above plus cover a large glass, the fish can be over a leisurely winter swimming viewers can see the north when the cold wind to the redfish.Ma winter roads willing to stroll the yard, tired, choose a comfortable place to lie for a while, watching people coming and going the way of things in the world.This place is covered in glass vats, there are fish under glass, there is warmth, there is imagination, hemp roads very comfortable lying on top.Who would have thought to spring a big glass of staff was received, I forgot to say hello roads and hemp, hemp roads in a warm spring morning, leaping high from the ground one meter, with the star as diving, heavy fell into the water, like a drowned rat was rescued, this is something.Ever since the beginning of magpie nest in a tree museum, complex concept cat privately opened the meeting, issues about magpies Sidaluanjian, non-regulation can not.Cats every day under a tree on duty then, big fat wily, gun gun ease, all roads go hand in hand, everyone unanimously, put the past aside.Cats are not all cervical disease, from morning to night, looking at the stars down to earth camel, salute.I first did not care, that this scene can be considered harmonious, flying in the sky and the ground running, mind your business, who knows when the magpie nest is nearing completion, when the full tree-lined, the magpie gone, stunned by civilization enforcement cats Hongzou.I sigh across the glass, well aware of the difficult social management.Cat comedy happen every day, but cats do not know that he is the main character, on stage every day, without exercise.In fact, self-righteous people in life are mostly sad greater than joy, but also despise everything.Then the man himself silly, see other things too stupid than myself, and I suddenly thought, is not it sad that we humans are not the eyes of a cat in the corner, but a happy corner?Shade just more lovely.