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Cat bridge

Hangzhou, formerly pipa street corner where a bridge bridge there lived an old cobbler.Old cobbler was a solitary old man, possessor of a cat at home.The cat is not a few hair Tongshen bare, ugly death, it will not mouse, not happy too lazy to even call to call, day to night Menshengbuxiang to V dozing in the old cobbler feet.Neighbors looked dislike, tried to persuade the old cobbler: “as early as possible lose it now, keep it only niacin cat dim field!”But after listening to the old cobbler, always he shook his head:” My family deserted, a cat for company Hao miles.”One day, a treasure taken off through here, as it happens after a boot eye gone, they turn into the old cobbler shoe repair shop, told him repaired.Mining valuable guest waiting in the east look west to see an old cobbler saw the son of niacin cat feet.He stared at the cat looked a long time, the old cobbler asked: “old man, the cat is that you keep it?”The old cobbler nodded..Mining valuable guest asked: “give you 320 silver, sell it to me.!”When he was old cobbler only make fun of, said:” You buy such a cat to do what?”Picking valuable guest said:” buy what you do not control, as long as I promised to give it first-hand in one hand and a pickup Bank.”After listening to the old cobbler he shook his head:” did not say there are 320 silver buy cats!I do not sell, I do not sell!”Next to watch the people tried to persuade the old cobbler, he said:” The old cobbler Yeah, you worked so hard to live a lifetime, even thirty-two money did not accumulate too, with 320 silver under it, the next day on the poor he is driving this cat niacin vain to sell him.”The old cobbler was not tempted, he said slowly:” I have a lifetime over the poor, as long as the bitter bitter earned done on a date, to have a bowl of rice to eat like never expect kitten windfall!”People laughed at the old cobbler was a fool.    You made, I have a phrase, we are talking about have, just sheep Batou vices Pa Lali A five head through here.A five head Lali heard of such a thing cheaper, rushed into the crowd, to hand over arch mining valuable guest, said: “The invited guests!You have to skin this cat scabies is not difficult, as long as the cat’s handy to speak out about it five, wrapped in my body!”People came to see Lali A five head, you have to avoid the.Mining valuable guest to see this man in place there is a potential side, expect to have him play, not afraid of the cat can not buy hand, he said: “Wu Ye, you look at the cat, although only a few yellow hair, but shining in the sun, this is a golden cat it!Wu Ye do not know, Liuhe Pagoda Qiantang River next to the top, there are twelve jade mice, midnight will come out to play on the top of the tower.That mouse but priceless jade, gold cat can catch it only to get it.”Lali head A five itching to hear, belly had hit another abacus, on the mouth but said:” Yes, okay!”Picking valuable guest touched him, so happened with the money is not enough, then he heads to Lali A five said:” Wu Ye, and you whiz, I’ll take the money to go fast night side again hold the cat.”Then, just put on a good nail boots, she hurried away.    A five head Lali see mining valuable guest walked away, back to the old cobbler said: “the old man, the cat lend five, with a use, such as jade rat caught you yet again.”The old cobbler hurriedly cover your cat, replied:” at the beginning I could not bear cat, bear down now that twelve jade mice.Baby is everyone’s, should be allowed to stay on top of the tower, how can you take it caught and!”Lali head A fifty-one crooked mouth, the sleeves of a stroke, three boxing feet the old cobbler knocked to the ground.He picked up the cat from the old cobbler around, yell, walk away.    After it grew dark, Lali head A five drunk, only individuals holding a cat, a swaying walk to the Qiantang River.He climbed up the hill and came to the foot of Liuhe Pagoda, wait until late at night when the moon in the sky, looked up and saw Kazakhstan!Sure enough, there are twelve crystal bright jade Rat, around the top of the tower, jumping to play it.A five Lali head hastily released from the arms of a cat.It’s really strange to say, the cat usually only narrowed his eyes to doze off, but then suddenly full of energy: Angtou erect ears, bend cocky, Dengqi eyes, Hushanhushan, it looks like a only just left the tiger hill.It is towards the top of the tower, “Mi Wu, Mi Wu” called twice, on a jump jump on top of the tower to go.    Jade Mouse saw gold cat, a only are scared to fall from the top, falling smash smash.A five Lali head rush past, gone jade rat, thought to escape, sprang to a stride out.Because he was drunk, do not mind clear spirit, coupled with a large force, my foot slipped, “Goo Goo busy busy” rolling down the hill, “thump” a sound, fell into the Qiantang gone.    Besides, mining valuable guest to take home the money, first hooked Shangwang bought a large network and a large bundle of silk, to the old shoe cobbler shop where to hold the cat.Look, old cobbler collapsed on the floor, early bird cat was gone gold.His heart a fathom: No, it must be Lali A five head first down the hand!Hurried to catch up with the Qiantang River.Originally, picking off five treasure before Lali head A sold a related child: talk about a golden cat in handy, but do not teach methods to catch mice Jade.Jade catch mice when first opened big net under the tower, covered with a thick layer of silk floss before releasing the cat.In this way, jade mouse will not escape, nor broke.    When mining the valuable guest arrived near Liuhe Pagoda, Jade mice have been broken to pieces, Lali head A five died in the river.He saw this situation, but also Dunjiao, but also a sigh; but the thing is irretrievably lost, had to consider themselves unlucky, and take up a large Abashiri.    Since then, no matter which twelve jade rat on Liuhe Pagoda.    Old cobbler shoe repair shop next to the bridge, because this thing out over the year, it became called “cat Bridge”.