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Share all technical!How Zuckerberg is to rule the world by revenue sharing?

  In Mark Zuckerberg kid toddler that day, his parents in a fine old baby in a diary record of that day's date。
A few years later, when a cousin Zuckerberg first learned to walk, his parents took a picture with the camera recording the moment。 Not long ago, when Zuckerberg's niece toddler, his sister took a video recording down。
  Today, Zuckerberg with his daughter – the largest, as the founder and CEO Facebook, Zuckerberg hopes to use a more advanced way to instantly own daughter has just learned to walk record。 He hopes to shoot his daughter 360 a toddler when using the lens has 17 stereoscopic 3D camera。 When the maximum beginning learn to walk first step, then we will be able to take panoramic video recorded but no longer the only record the maximum toddlers date or take pictures or a short video 2D。
Zuckerberg says。
  Yesterday, the annual F8 developer conference in San Francisco on Facebook on Zuckerberg and his company show the company spent nearly a year developed a 360-degree panoramic camera: FacebookSurround360。 Because of the large four-month maximum would soon learn to walk, Zuckerberg plans to install in your own home is also a FacebookSurround360 to capture panoramic daughter growing up。 However, he does not want to own all of this equipment is only。
Facebook plans to Surround360 all design freely shared to the world, which includes not only its hardware circuit, also includes images into a full 360-degree panoramic video required complex software。
  The current Facebook has designed and developed out of this 360-degree panoramic camera, it will share its design open source。
All along, Zuckerberg are trying to create a way to new modes of communication beyond words, pictures and video, and 360 panoramic camera is part of his plan to do all of these efforts。 Zuckerberg hopes to extend this device to a virtual reality company Oculus equipment company。 Over time, people and communication tools for self-expression will be more abundant。 What will it be next tool?Future, you will be able to experience a panoramic effect from the 360-degree panoramic cameras, or panoramic computer-generated, like games like。 Zuckerberg says。   Other companies have similar visions。
Nokia and virtual reality technology companies have been short-haul developed its own 360-degree panoramic camera。 Facebook and the like, in order to pass his huge online services to accelerate the use of stereoscopic video and VR, Google also developed its own equipment in this area。
But the difference is that Facebook will be the first time his 360-degree panoramic photography and design all the revenue sharing。
Facebook's said it would publish on its open-source technical documentation on the open source community this summer Github。
This has also allowed some push Facebook's 360-degree panoramic video and virtual reality technology the difference between technology companies including Microsoft and Apple, including open。 Open 360 degree panoramic camera for real terms appears to be a strange move, because, after all, is a real social networking giant, rather than hidden hardware manufacturer。
But Zuckerberg will be seen as another example of a complete open source Surround360 Facebook's core mission, Facebook's mission is to connect the world (connecttheworld)。   Zuckerberg said that most companies to locate on their own in a craft skill, for example, to make the best animated film, the finest product design or overcome the most difficult engineering problems around the world。
However, in his view, there is another way to build the company, that is around a goal to build a company。