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Castle Park, that touch memories

As a child, I was Castle Park in a big basket, she carries the most spectacular beautiful dream.    I was introverted and stiff, life in addition to go along with teachers and parents, is doing nothing, sitting in a corner in a daze.What am I thinking?Are some nonsensical things, such as ants happy, grass being stepped back to hurt you?Occasionally uncle would take me an hour’s ride to the Castle Park to play, I would have turned into another man at that time, he served his inner soul to break all kinds of invisible bond, unreservedly release in beautiful pristine paradise in.    Many trees here, visitors will be done, particularly good mood, watching other people happy, smiling face, your mood will get better somehow.Pavilions, bridges are a pleasure to watch every scene .And I was most fascinated or children’s playground.    Trojan will rotate quietly introduced my dreams, all the unpleasant accompanied by soothing music vanished, happy like a flower blooming in my face; eerie ghost hole timid often make me forget deterred, but each time because encourage uncle, I stubbornly went over; crazy pirate ship really make you crazy one, fluctuated in a scream in pleasure people can always see them go kind of nice the cute little old grandson into her arms, with a wrinkled hand gently stroking the child’s head; always see a sweet couple embracing, looking at the large stone bench under a tree, deep friendship they will make everything all external abandoned; always see the childlike innocence of children, to get them started in the sand painting, it seems to dream of a better pour all on these colorful sand is a huge time filters, taking into account the feelings go, leaving memories, these picturesque views are gradually away from me and replaced as heavy as a mountain of studies, my body how thin can afford?Every time, I think of Castle Park.Ever since, she has become a shrine wash my soul.    Once the Trojan has quietly away, when look at it, the wind floated lightly, lingering in my nose, it was stocks faint fragrance, it turned my heart here Attractions.Like the lush woods here, towering trees embraced the blue sky, the cool sprinkling the earth, sprinkling the minds of people.In which people, only to hear the sweet birds, his head and look to the sky, only to see the sun into a lot of little dots, divergent rays forward four weeks, filled in around quickly surrounded you happiness.Here, I will abandon all the troubles, yes, I hate that kind of invisible pressure, it is like a yoke, put my hand firmly handcuffed, this is the place quick release me, I just thought that fast land have deep respect for her to make a piece of my heart serenity of the holy land.”To be on the gallery,” which cited several times poetic name I fall asleep, how can we forget that there are moon night, I can talk in this scene with friends from afar, the moon is so bright, speckled Yingying brilliance, have so not seen in years, and we had a joke misunderstanding, struggle with life, speech is a faint memory of the original, has changed, including here, only the moon remains the same, quietly listening to us conversation.The gentle wind gently blowing over the lake, a sparkling water, the water was ruffled moon, has returned, so again, just as is a never Changbu Wan song, she has resounded through countless nights in the future she will continue, and we get together, but also a long parting, do not know when to reunited.    Today the Castle Park is a new transformation, every evening, here is crowded, like dancing aunt never tired of elves, stroll older people enjoying the unique laid-back here.Everything is so beautiful.Trees faithfully record the age of the park, the moat of water flow predicament.Occasionally, I still come back, after all, there are too many on my memories, how to let go of these random?She will be with me, be my safe haven