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Castle faint water span, Chain Bridge River situation did not wither

[Editor’s note] Castle faint water span, Chain Bridge River situation did not wither.This bridge is not only communication with the other side of the shore, the author gives a special meaning bridge, the bridge with the ordinary situation, Tim King, the simple people crossing the broad road to happiness and heaven.    After years of wandering, I had it tough number, the number of road traveled, have seen a number of bridge.Iron, cement block, built of stone, wood take, modern, ancient, city, country.Really endless.Even if these bridges again Majestic, imposing, lovely people, however, can be carved forever imprinted in my mind of the bridge, or the home of the tall chain bridge.    Chinese New Year back home, the tall chain bridge and I brought back many happy memories.    In my memory, the home of the tall chain bridge was built in the fall of 2088, when I had just graduated from junior high school.That summer, a rare flood destroyed the only ancient stone bridge villagers to the outside world, it will have a whim to try to built the chain bridge.Under villagers continued efforts and hard work, do not arrest a grid of a chain bridge suspended high on the cliffs of a few dozen meters, quietly across the river on that without the fame.Looking ahead, 10 trees thick huge iron rope, respectively bite the two mountains on both sides of the river, put people on both sides of tightly linked together, also closed this small village with the outside world are linked together.    Chain bridge structure is relatively simple, Aoyama Cliff on both sides of the river, are eight cutting large holes in some bar billet heavy reinforced concrete, the eight huge cable buried therein to be fixed in such a distance, and then wire the more solid wood neatly wrapped around the cable, to complete the construction of the bridge.Then, both sides of the deck and, according to the width of the bridge, according to a certain proportion and height, respectively, four shelves little bit thin cable, between each two cable wire and then intertwined to form a solid wire mesh guardrail cable bridge is formed.In this way, one leading to the distance and bearing the number of the desired chain bridge, then in a very short space of time the passage was completed.    Although the bridge is simple, but practical.Ties in general, the outside world and villages link up.    In my memory, this hometown chain bridge, has always maintained a constant used to the style and mood, and lying in a bleak village farm houses embraced each other, constitute an indivisible whole, it looks like a wonderful incomparable Dan.    In passing, the most intense and full of fun than cross the bridge.    As long as one foot set foot on the passenger deck, would certainly let you in an instant taut nerves, suddenly highly concentrated energy.With walking forward, the whole body will shake with cable arc, gently rocking.Suddenly, like a singer struck a silent sounds of nature among the strings, trembling, itching.Although we can not buzzing, nine never loop, but it can make people cross the bridge very comfortable, feel a whole body and mind, the troubles of life, the heart of unhappiness will disappear in an instant, people get carried away.Should stop the body, standing on the bridge, hand railings, lean on a railing overlooking the exotic scenery and down the river Qian Yumi, will panoramic view.Ears, at the foot of the water gurgling, rolling waves, whirlpool prostrate, though not rushing waves, but it appeals to the imagination.Look around, climb from the road between the mountains over the bursts sent warm your heart, tell you to dizzying.Bow meditation, the bridge seems to be burdened with hope in your heart, it quietly recline, the other side of the green aroma, a special form of cross complex, placed in your mind, people can not be calm.Looked up, he will be able to see the road that extends into the distance and all the hope that they overflowing vitality, through time and space, but also toward the far ends of the earth.In these circumstances, although we can not say people feel good, but at least be called a peace of mind.    If the time to midsummer, from afar, floating green willow, grass and groaning, flowing green.Whenever the sun sets, twilight go away when the crows, along the hills of varying height, would certainly see people in twos and threes village, located in dark green col.Yishanbangshui built houses, smoke rising wind mallard mallard.Not only will people from the association “take Ju Dong, leisurely to see the mountain” in seclusion.Perhaps, Which will really have a cottage in the recluse expert, he was busy plowing beans, leisure better educated, tuck Zhang Yin in the wild, only to be “the cottage of the three consultants,” the big glorious future, people also Quchi!Those flickering country road, winding spiral, indiscriminate cross seemingly capillaries, quietly and the dispersed door chain bridge attached to a farm premises.If the busy season, the villagers would certainly have kept shuttling between the trail and the chain bridge.They carried the plow dressed in Mino, yelling, swine and sheep cattle, driving poultry Dove, singing folk songs Smart, in the confusion of smoke was happy to walk for life.In these circumstances, though not bustling arouses, not glamorous, but dynamic, just like a quaint comfortable ink landscape.    Should you pay attention to the foot of the bridge, day by day those burdened with the task of wood, as if suddenly in friction sound and honest soles of the increasingly bright, bring unlimited reverie, people seem to be able to hear that original footsteps from the other side.Hazy poetic, elegant image, like “Liang Yin Father” in the “donkey over the bridge, only sigh plum thin” the beautiful mood.    For simplicity of the villagers, the definition of chain bridge is pure bridge, designed to let people access.In their view, both from a landscape point of view of art from the ingredients, or from the focus on a practical level, the chain bridge no meaning beyond the bridge.In their hearts, there is water there is a bridge, it is only right and proper existence, change is never true.    Endless road, roadside water and no end, with the exception of water and then a long bridge and then a big can make people poorer its end.    ”I would rather bully bullying mountain water”, which is the mountain wall ancient ancestors of the teachings, no matter how high the mountain can be conquered, the water is at a loss can not be bullied.Water is the source of life, it can be washed human soul, it was inviolable.Water only bridge.Therefore, the bridge, was given a special meaning.Bridge, not only can survive poverty, rest of their lives and overcome the disaster, but also to spend the war, crossed doom, crossing to the other side.Therefore, rather plant flowers and do not sting, do not destroy rather bypass road, the villagers became quaint good life creed.As a result, the river can not Chaiqiao.When we successfully reach the other side of the bridge safely through life, the bridge has been beyond the scope of their meaning.Only Chen Ziliang of “sunset on the river bridge, Swagger Xi Hui late,” Liu Yuxi “east west willow is good, people come to sing the line” real and exist, we seem to be able to get a touch.As Lu Zhaolin “a road to Xianqiao, but also look Jincheng remote”, “Hongqiao watershed state, mirror stone Ling cited the light” of reverie Li Baiyao, the bridge will stay with you to try to figure it slowly!Of course, it is impossible to think of simple villagers and experience to these.    Now, with the gradual implementation of the “three rural” policy, the growing rural economy to take off, more than a dozen full of modern, safe and convenient cement bridge over the river already stand tall in the home, the chain bridge completely become history furnishings and imprint.Between Even so, still tall chain bridge suspended between two mountains, still extraordinary grace, just slightly haggard, desolate and dilapidated.Rusty iron chain, deck planks occasionally fall off, very few people have gone through from above.But no matter how the vicissitudes of years, how the times leap, its majesty is still there, on the memory of it is still there.Tall chain bridge, and vice versa became a history of witness.    In fact, those of us who cross the bridge, the never realized: those of bridge-building, why should their life and spirit, soul and flesh as piers, always, always immersed in the rushing water.Perhaps only they can understand: Let silently past younger pedestrians, enjoying the pleasure of his legs across the river, is their eternal pursuit of faith.    Castle faint water span, Chain Bridge River situation did not wither.    Chain bridge, is a forward who desire incarnation, is a symbol of a better life, it carries the entire village great dream.    Chain Bridge, on behalf of the change, symbolizing the leap, meaning across!It is a whole village to happiness and heaven broad road.    In accordance Hill.Still water.Bridge still.Baker Boys!    2011,02,22 in Liupanshui [Editor: Butterflies]