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Casting police loyal soul and promote the harmonious development – remember Gaizhou, Liaoning Province, Jiuzhaigou town police station, Ho Man

Casting police loyal soul, and promote the harmonious development.He led the others, but also affect others.He say in everything, but everything pro line.He, as director, to assume a more sacred duty police, the masses to act as their relatives and friends treat, no matter what time to be fair to just thinking about wearing these clothes, colleagues respect him, he loved the people!He is the “big brother” unit of police officers, it is the jurisdiction of the masses “close friends”.    He called Ho SMG, the people call him “Old Ho”.”Old Ho”, 40 years old, Communist Party members, university culture, three police inspector, in October 2010 Jiuzhaigou any police station.He won the third class twice, five times as excellent police, three times named the outstanding member of.Although he did was “little things”, but it is a clear conscience, under his leadership, Jiuzhaigou police station area Deadline for Homicide, injury, trouble is now the case now broken all cases, all types of cases dropped significantly.    - Inscription lifted the sword to punish evil and fearless gallop battlefield comrade Wen Ho Kwong since mid-December 1992 to participate in public security work, always in the first line police station, police have rich experience in grass-roots organization and strong leadership skills.He Important Thought of “Three Represents” as guidance to the party’s principles, policies and laws as the basis for work, able to “serve the people wholeheartedly” for the purpose, really fulfill police duties.Determined to work in accordance with the requirements of the Party, the people’s police standard strict demands on themselves, conscious and consistent attitude of the CPC Central Committee in political thought, resolutely carry out all actions obey orders, curried.    Jiuzhaigou is a town with a population of up to 4.3 million people, a large area of the town of 126 square kilometers, there are 2 greenhouses to grow crops.More than 30,000, while only 6 Jiuzhaigou police station police, security task is very heavy, the face of these circumstances, He Suozhang not discouraged, he led the police positive visits to the masses, enterprises, from difficult cases, petition cases to work, he Suozhang took office two years, he led all the police officers made great achievements, detention 29 people, police detained 57 people, destroyed three dens of prostitution, gambling deal with the case 2, the crackdown black bars a total of 80 penalties for law and order More than people, fugitives arrested six people over the years, at the junction of provincial petition cases 2 cases, 1 from the municipal visit, visit the town of more than 100 cases, a great deterrent to illegal criminals, law and order in the town of Jiuzhaigou get a greater difference.    ”Casting police loyal soul, and promote the harmonious development.”He always strict in self-observation, always conscious pursuit, every self-discipline, to ensure the purity of the team thought of the people’s police, teams of purity, the purity of style, and unswervingly do legal and builders of the socialist cause of security and stability Defenders!    Correctional sinister holding a sword, fearless pride drive Haze.    He Suozhang Jiuzhaigou to the police station the day after taking office, led the police arrested on June 1, 2010 in the town of Jiuzhaigou Tuncun will turn off a beaten one wounded, escaped with minor injuries after two Wu.In the Bureau of departments to cooperate, Wu explained what had happened and compensation for medical expenses Guan Heng-wei 100,000 yuan whole, thus solve the long-petition cases together.He Suozhang arrived in Jiuzhaigou town received a petition cases up to 5 years together, a suspect in August 2006 on suspicion of intentional assault after escape high PUC is listed as fugitives online.He Suochang-depth study of the case, repeatedly visited, do ideological work of a high fugitives families, and to help solve some of the parents of a high fugitives practical difficulties, He Suozhang sincerity touched families, and finally fled five years of the high of a fugitive hiding in Zibo City, Shandong Province, told He Suochang and are willing to surrender himself to police Hesuo Chang and Shandong will be a fugitive with a high back Gaizhou, fugitive families of the police station Jiuzhai deeply humane attitude thank.    March 4, 2011, Jiuzhai Town Kawamura took place three robbery with murder, He Suozhang report immediately to the leadership bureau, the Bureau and Interpol brigade and police station as quickly arrived at the scene, the victim is a 80-year-old man, was suffocated with a blanket of cover, the police have visited the victims neighbors, to get a major clue, the same village Liu major crime suspects, after a police investigation in Jiuzhaigou, and other places Xiongyue tracking, arrived in Dalian Wafangdian Xutun Zhen Dong Ma Tuncun at 11 am, the suspect Liu captured just inside the.Liu robbery murder confessed to the crime on the victim’s home to potential.    ”Qing network” Min, highlighting the firm and resolute calm since May 26, China’s public security organs to carry out online pursuit of special inspectors “clear network operations” He Suozhang attaches great importance to this work, he led the police to seriously sort Jiuzhaigou area online fugitives For details, fled and set up a special team arrested person to the fugitives at home to do ideological work of the staff at large families, family members even if fugitives do not understand, do not match, He Suozhang still firmly believe that with sincerity can influence them, through the efforts finally bear fruit since May 26 “clear network operations” to start within this month June 26, under the leadership of the police station Jiuzhai He Suochang successfully persuaded to return, and arrested three fugitives, the Council completed the task layout However, police did not meet the status quo, with a sister unit has arrested a fugitive online, received the leadership at home.    In the “play four black four pests” special action began in September 2011 in order to maximize He Suozhang hit “Four black” crimes.Maximize the elimination of the “four evils” social impact, to create safe, healthy and harmonious social environment for the mission objectives, personally led the whole police officers, grassroots, repeated street, villages and households, visited the area of investigation markets, shops.Thorough investigation to obtain clues, set up a special group to work.Hanging banners and mobilize the masses to report and expose involved in “four black four pests” of clues to crimes in the area.Through the tireless efforts of the police to obtain criminal cases cracked three cases, criminal suspects and arrested three people, one person indicted, bail 2 results.    In the fight against “Robbery and Theft” special action, the director of SMG He personally organize all the members of the comprehensive analysis of the law and order situation in the area, carefully study the criminal law, the development of effective preventive measures, the special operations receive better results.One is to increase patrols.To reduce the number of crimes within the jurisdiction, fire greenhouses and fruit trees, vines phenomenon cut a significant reduction in the incidence easy to increase patrols of the area lots, frequent cases of the region, so that criminals no exploits.October 18 that the police Mawen Tang, Sun Xiang is connected to the patrol reports from the public, Jiuzhaigou town Luotuo Ling village households were stolen, the police rushed to the scene, on the spot and arrested the suspect Wang, the suspect Wang is due recidivist, refused to cooperate with public security organs, He Suozhang publicize their patience legal policy, the benefits speak frank, we moved the suspect, confessed the crime of theft in three of the town of Jiuzhaigou.The second is to intensify the crackdown, effectively weakening momentum criminal activities.In order to deter criminals, according to the Institute attack the backlog, now broken case, catch fugitives ideas, to intensify the crackdown on crimes, the criminals run away, which cracked the “Robbery and Theft” case 1 since, criminal detention 1 person.    Keep in mind the mission he often regrets the courage to act to keep the political qualities of the people’s police loyal to practice the core values.    2011 “8.9 ‘Typhoon’ plum ‘period, which the police is based on the town government arrangements, the main river in the town, the rain patrols to ensure security and stability of the town of Jiuzhaigou.    2012 August 3 Jiuzhai town hit by torrential rain, the village of waterways, farmland water within a maximum depth of about 100 mm, multiple bridge collapse occurred, immediately after hearing the news that the storm unfold for risk rescue work, all arrangements can be used within the under police to rescue people trapped in various communities.He Wenguang, director of the police station personally led the police to the worst-hit town of Jiuzhaigou new village stockade formation of an interim group with Jiuzhaigou flood the town of rescue staff.    Around 3 11 evening, under the leadership of director Ho SMG and Jiuzhaigou town government flood control group, co-organizers of the town of Jiuzhaigou comprehensive Petrol.    Patrol to about 2:04 am, Jiuzhai Town stockade Village housing body that the fire, director of the Ho SMG led the police Wang Hao Lin, Auxiliary Qu Wen Cheng, Zhang Keqiang, Wang Qinghua, Gao Qing Wen, who immediately rushed to the Jiuzhaigou Town stockade East Room body reservoir, the reservoir water level has been found to diffuse through the cordon, at any time are likely to burst their banks, cooperative immediate command of the town party scene, with the town government workers going door to door to evacuate more than 500 households, more than 1600 people make sure that they never miss a person, the residents evacuated downstream of the reservoir, and the evacuation of the village proper placement in settlements.    Around 3:04 am, two Kawamura Jiuzhai Town, the main county road bridge collapse occurred, immediately organized the staff and the town government staff rushed to Jiuzhaigou town two Kawamura dangerous place, implementation of vigilance, to prohibit any motor vehicle, pedestrian access, evacuated the surrounding masses, the people around the investigation of damage, no casualties.    People’s Police for the people.Take up the arduous and glorious people’s police, special and important historical mission, to create a harmonious Jiuzhaigou peace for the people’s well-being, to make efforts to forge an organization at ease, making the people happy, very loyal people police.    Warm and loving feelings of grief poured Rouchang “trickling blood with the people, the slightest tenderness warm people.”From outward appearances, He Wenguang witty, sometimes even informal words laugh, may contact him but found he was a careful and enthusiastic person.He does bold and courageous, upright, feeling like brothers and comrades, the masses owning family.He made a resounding “the people first”, “to visit a lesson,” the liberating idea, people-oriented police education, liberating sincere, cordial visit of.    In this life, big, small contact with a lot of things, never seen such a caring police; officials, and seen a lot of small government officer, never seen such a simple director.Carry out a comprehensive “service economy, visits to enterprises” loving practice, and create a new situation of harmonious police.By fire safety inspections, community police work into the community, as well as “service economy, visits to companies” to carry out other activities, which are conducted several times a proactive legal campaign, more than 2,000 copies to distribute promotional materials, covering security precautions, traffic safety awareness and fire prevention work in rural areas, etc., so that the “service” to win the event to welcome the masses, to lay a solid foundation for the further promotion of police and harmony, to create a good environment for law enforcement.    The Institute actively with a variety of large-scale events, and the town government held national engineering, law and order to ensure the stability of the town of Jiuzhaigou.The town government held in Jiuzhaigou school sports, which the police immediately organized, full participation to defend the natural gas pipeline project that the police day and night and on holidays, the guardian of the pipeline construction site, to ensure the smooth flow of pipeline laying project, orderly.    He Suozhang to Jiuzhaigou police station since he took office, long-term lead by example “5 + 2”, “white + black” stick in the workplace, social commitment instant the police, the timely processing of cases.Since the public security organs of information technology, information technology as He Suochang the long-term focus, personally teaches the application of information technology skills of police.In life He Suozhang genuine concern for every police physical, mental health, police visited the families understand the living conditions of the police, the police helped the difficulties of solving the difficulties of life.In order to improve the overall combat effectiveness of the police station, police enhancing professional identity.He Suozhang police regularly organize seminars to help the police establish a correct concept of purpose, power, and the law enforcement concept and philosophy, the whole of the police with full mental state, into the daily work among.    Vigorously carry out fire safety education, to maintain social stability, the successful completion of major festivals and national security work, “two sessions” security work.During the event, Jiuzhaigou police station all the police in strict accordance with the unified deployment, obey orders and commands, always neat police, civil duty, but also take advantage of the activities an opportunity to grant security to live people, fire prevention materials, not only demonstrated the spirit of public security organs fulfill their duties , but also reflects the populist style of police officers serving the public.    2012 Up to now, Jiuzhaigou police station Kyoritsu criminal case six cases, handling public security cases 51 cases, gone through security cases 18 cases, mediation of disputes 14 cases, law and order punishment 4 people, including police detained 10 people, Detention 4 people and arrested a fugitive online 2 name, a powerful blow to the illegal and criminal activities in the area, and promote the improvement of the security situation in the area, escort pave the way for economic development in the town of Jiuzhaigou.    ”The courage to leap, fearless.” ‘Loyalty, people, fair, honest’, he epitomizes the value judgments and values of the people’s police!Jiuzhaigou police station under the leadership of Ho Man Kwong, director of good governance, safety, security and stability, protect people’s livelihood, with the heart of loving service to the people, Dian by the legal sword to punish evil and promote good, for the realization of social order Jiuzhaigou small towns more stability, economic development, people’s living a happier, healthier overall social harmony, to continue doing more extraordinary effort.Their dedication and hard work, to defend Min, to keep the peace, to protect one of development, to promote party harmony, serve the people with pure feelings, with iron discipline escort for the harmonious development, to build a beautiful ecological, harmonious and happy new Jiuzhai make new greater contribution.    China PR Newswire special correspondent (Xue-Zhong Yu) reported