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Castiglione save ink Xiang Fei

This year, the Qianlong soldiers put down a tribal rebellion Huijiang, army triumphant return, back to the tribal chief’s daughter Nina Moso.Qianlong reflected in its beautiful, she will receive a temple, called Xiang Fei.Qianlong fell in love with the woman rather die than surrender, but Xiang Fei of Qianlong always ignore, still within the clothes knives, ready to die and Qianlong.  Xiang Fei Qianlong order to make him obey, specially craftsmen built a palace there are Islamic-style palace, for Xiang Fei living, given names square appearance, and let the artist Giuseppe Castiglione in the square dedicated to the appearance Xiang Fei painting, but it requires special Qianlong grant that job.  The imperial palace but mysterious figure painter, he was originally an Italian missionary, Kangxi Dynasty came to China, with its painting skills working in the palace, as the Official Titles artist, but Kangxi instructed not allowed to draw men, women are also not allowed to draw let him take the students in the secret special drawing nude eunuchs.After the Qianlong reign, Castiglione quite popular with Western techniques for painting, allow to enter the temple Castiglione, for his portrait Aifei one one, and gave the senior officials Mishina Castiglione.  In this case the same as strangers far from home Castiglione fully aware of Xiang Fei mood, he painted a landscape plan and a Huijiang of Xiang Fei.Xiang Fei live appearance in the square, admiring the scenery Huijiang, like the same with his former life, the mood suddenly become brightened, is also a really touched by the Qianlong, decisively lost the knife she used for self-defense.A few days gone, Xiang Fei Qianlong see completely different person with the beginning of the palace when the heart is joy, be happy every day over, while the Xiang Fei drinking poetry, while enjoying the painting Castiglione.  However, the palace courtyard has always been a dangerous place, this temple is more extraordinary.Xiang Fei increasingly see the Queen died, he went to the chest Biede mind that gas is very uncomfortable, wondering how to set Xiang Fei to death, to relieve my heart of hate her.  That day, Castiglione are parties to the appearance of the garden Xiang Fei painting, that one only being surrounded by colorful butterflies Xiang Fei.Suddenly, there eunuch cry from the outside pass: drive to the Queen Goddess!I saw the Queen with a personal maid, Mammy and a bunch of eunuchs entered the party aggressive appearance, went straight to the bedroom Xiang Fei, Xiang Fei and Castiglione did not know what had happened, had followed.Into the bedroom after an elderly Queen Mother out around a painting to the queen: Queen Goddess, this picture is found out from the bedroom of Xiang Fei!Queen’s in your hand, glared Xiang Fei: Well!Xiang Fei, hello great courage, dare possession of the throne diagram, when Empress Wu Zetian want to learn, ambition is not small ah!Castiglione, this painting you dare draw!Castiglione do not know how it happened, was about to argue, the Queen has with his entourage sped away, Castiglione and my heart was shocked, and feel in trouble.  Half an hour later, a small eunuch Qianlong around Hastening said: Xiang Fei Goddess, Lang adults, the emperor, empress pass two speed to go dry Ning Gong!Xiang Fei empress do not know how it was, I do not know what to do, my heart anxious fire burning, only Castiglione aware of this to slash, but there are many guards guarding the palace compound, and at that point insert it is also difficult winged fly out of the Forbidden City, you can only play it by ear.  Xiang Fei and Castiglione both went Qianning Palace, the emperor saw the minister, the Queen Mother, the Queen and the public are present.Castiglione wondering, I thought this must be the queen had planned, the photograph found out from the bedroom Xiang Fei painting certainly a fraud, and now she wants to face this as far in front of the ministers to kill him and Xiang Fei, this woman is really too vicious!  Qianlong frowning, Shengruhongzhong asked: Xiang Fei, Castiglione, you want to conspiring to rebel, How dare ah!Xiang Fei hear the words of the emperor was very puzzled, surprised and said: emperor, Chenqie do not understand, why say such a thing to the emperor!Qianlong did not tolerate the opening, standing on the side of the Queen sternly towards Xiang Fei: You fool, now evidence, you put on robes of this picture really amazing, really imposing ah!At this time, the Queen Mother also plug up: the emperor ah, had I heard of it, how can people with Huijiang to the palace, who was also not a hidden knife it?You see, now sinister side finally exposed, right!Now, how do you say?  Castiglione know harem complex struggle, not you die that I live, he would have seen through the Queen Mother, Queen sinister ugly face, this time they are given to Xiang Fei’s fate.To innocence Xiang Fei, Castiglione immediately knelt down and argue and said: emperor, this picture is definitely not the Xiang Fei bedroom, Wei Chen is not made, but for other reasons!  Queen’s Road yelled: two barbarians, want to deny the imminent death, the emperor you usually can spoil They used to be but now They misled his majesty rebellion, should be put to death ah!  emperor!Xiang Fei defended her Castiglione vow to strive forward to Xiang Fei.