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Cast the beauty of life

REVIEW lily flower looked pretty threatening, weeds and bees and butterflies no longer afraid to laugh at it.Lily a flower in full bloom, every day, the flowers have crystal drops.    Makeup law is “natural is beautiful.You dress up the time it takes to modify how much you need to cover up the shortcomings of how much it.”In fact, the only virtue is the world’s only flowers never fade.Indeed, in this world, everything, should maintain their own character, because character is the most vital color, in particular, loses character loses characteristics ,, lose the meaning of existence, it will not cover up any hypocrisy long.In fact, if a person natural beauty, almost no color, will be a pleasure to watch; but if a person grows day cross-eyed, collapsed bridge of the nose, big ears, no matter what disguise he still people will be able to see out his true colors.    It can be found in the United States where it?To this we propose good at discovering the beauty of the problem, also related to the details of the matter.People often say that “the devil is in the details”, and in fact, people like to wholeheartedly with the “devil” live together, often between the gestures, exudes rich seductive charm and elegance holy glory, like that one select the snow to decorate their own elegant beautiful quiet blue lotus.So the detail is a creation, is an accomplishment, is an art, but also a manifestation of strength and leadership.Such as Dead Poets Society softly, a little bit of love, with great accuracy services, will cast the beauty of the details, reflects her endless charm.The ancients had admired the splendor of rivers and mountains of the motherland, to the natural beauty of painting, poetry constitute the realm of artistic beauty.Today, people are in a new aesthetic perspective bird’s eye view of natural society, appreciation of the arts, look at life.In the United States people to live a natural life journey comfortable, free and easy to live optimism.Beauty is fascinating.    Improve and sublimation when you fly with imagination life, the pursuit of beauty, do not forget to identify the goal at any time, do not ignore the aesthetic sensibilities of.There is a story; on a cliff thousands of feet up, grow a small lily.Sayuri just born, grow and weeds exactly the same, but it knew that he was not a weed.In its heart of hearts, there have been a pure idea, “I am a lily, not a weed, I want to open a beautiful flower prove that I am a true lily.”So, Lily efforts to absorb moisture and sunlight, deeply rooted chest straight.At a spring morning, Lily appears at the top of the first bud.Nearby weeds are surprised, they laughed at Lily “This guy obviously is a grass, has chosen to say he is a flower.I think it’s not a top knot bud, but a tumor in his head.”” You do not dream, even if you really spend the president, in this wilderness; your worth is not like us.”” In this edge of the cliff, even out of the most beautiful flowers in the world, no one would appreciate!”Lily said,” I want to bloom, because I know they are beautiful flowers.Whether or not people appreciate, no matter how you look at me like, I have to blossom!”Lily efforts to release the energy of their inner.Finally one day, he blossomed, it was with spirituality, white and Xiuting grace, become the most beautiful scenery cliff.Looking at the beautiful lily flower pressing, weeds and bees and butterflies no longer afraid to laugh at it.Lily a flower in full bloom, every day, the flowers have crystal drops.I thought it was weeds last night dew, only the lily know, it is the deep joy of the teardrop form.Mid-spring, flowering lily are hard, knot.Its seeds in the wind and landed valleys, grassland and cliff, slowly, everywhere full of holy lily.A few years later, people are attracted to, whether from urban or rural, have come all the way to enjoy the spectacular lily.Many children knelt down and smell the fragrance of lilies; many couples hugging each other, promised a “Rise and good” oath.Many people see the beauty of it never seen before, I moved to shed tears, touched the heart the pure tenderness of the iceberg.Since then, there known as the “Lily Valley”.    All in all, its dress looks better to expand the soul.The appearance of the United States is important, but pay attention to enrich the mind.US appearance is only temporary, and fulfilling it can affect your heart for a lifetime.The only path to the pursuit of beauty of life as their mission in life, was in distress, indifference and ridicule did not forget to stick to their mind, this really is reaching the extreme beauty of life.[Editor: easy to get along]