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Amidst the dream, Jason Jiang

Amidst the Rain, shuttle boat gently on Bijiang, crisp Stir rubbing run the hair, the far shore of the river Fallen flowers dancing in the piece, this year I walk alone in the southern town!  Perhaps the person’s life has a lot of frustration, there are many easy, this war was born in troubled times, my fate ultimately no match for the relentless baptism.    This dream is sad way.Hibiscus tears, cherry language.Full curtain Motif, people are subject to error.Mo wind and rain cover tonight, then, to him, come what.Arrange something infinite ecstasy.Calender red pad, blue damask is.No account of his stay, he will immediately go to.There are a lot of calculation time, people nearly as well, worry at the back.  - Jiang Chengzi.Yi dream vagrant life so I have a sentimental character, the face of difficulties, I never choose to give up, I chose a poetic life to taste the meaning of life.I have the same plum blossoms, orchid I have the same elegant, have the same delightful lotus, bring me too much dirt can be secular, that is the case, I’m still looking for the meaning of life strong.Perhaps my self-pity, but the pursuit of poetry and painting still my mood!  There despair cold, merciless glow, it is the rustling Nampo.More blows, Gu Ying cream bars, remember, the old Fei Xu.Condition late, smoke billow setting sun, see Strider, specially thin waist, such as dance.The total one kind of sad, very emaciated, Shangyou Yan Taiwan Quotes.Spring rain led to autumn.Merry read in former times, internal injury as promised.Vertical Raoyou, Ge embankment around the painting, neglected to do, it is still Shuiyun.Recalling the past, is the east, separated by a few heavy curtain, eyebrows sorrow.May be about a soul, pale twilight months, with deep pity whisper Iraq.  - Jinming Chi.Liu Yong Han maybe thousands of times past life I look back, I won this life you once hurried encounter, which is clearly at fault, but still attracted to you and I met, sympathetic.Red hurry, flash in the pan, a flower opening defeat, no second times the charm, you and I are in a hurry the night-blooming cereus.  Jiangnan misty rain, always so ruthless, I poetic life, full of frustration eventually.Fun dust in troubled times, I wandering all the way, no one can understand the depths of my heart share of melancholy!  Meng Jiangnan.One pregnant people who go in, people go Fengcheng West.The rain wet red armbands Italy, a new low and deep Wu Chui Mei, most blurred butterfly.  Its two and go, people to Heron Island Ci.Handan became emerald hate, Stir fly Tian Zheng worry.Romley surprise early autumn.  Its three and go, people to paint the floor.Not the end of saliva undisciplined people, why Pink exquisite jade.There end the night comes the wind.    Although there is no man Slim eight feet, but I also poetry and painting, military strategy, perhaps God gave me roots look, gave me a hero character, for the world, I was a lot of frustration!  How many times, maybe I hit Liu’s destined to drift, it takes a talented belly, but there is no way to face the secular.  Many a time, I was eager to have a home, not the flames of war, did not smoke, and a Sheng Shixiang!  A bloom again, I eventually returned to their own corner in.  This went Lau Fa as a dream, smoke month is always unhappy end.Originally, I come naked, just to wipe the six contaminated by dust, just as no Guaai return to peaceful.