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Amidst the crape myrtle

Friends, if you are interested, may wish to find “Kip” is the word.Note there is only one explanation, “Kip Stone ‘names.This is my city.Kip Stone, also known Xiashan, Canyon.    According to “draft Haining state records” record: “Xiashan Originally known canyon, mountain early things are connected, Qin Shi Huang East tour through this, watch his king mountain air, made prisoner one hundred thousand chisel, then split into two, one said, Dongshan, one said under the sun, this city large Hongqiao River, the two sides still exposed roots, according to legend Qin Shi Huang also chisel “Dongshan mountain, also known as trial or Shenshan.Xishan Mountain, also known as crape myrtle.”Clip a water” is the basic pattern of the city.A city river through the city, the paper focuses on Myrtle Hill to talk about it.    Speaking of crape myrtle hill, also dates back to the Tang Dynasty.While at Hangzhou Po Chu, he came to Haining, the audience with his mentor Gu.He was in the play, saw the mountains there are blooming crape myrtle flowers, very much, his name is called Lagerstroemia rounding.He returned to the capital after writing a poem.”On your articles static wire, the bell tower engraved leak long, who is sitting in the evening accompanied, crape myrtle flowers of Lagerstroemia Lang”.Posterity to commemorate the poet ordered Nishiyama called crape myrtle hill, top of the hill and built in Myrtle Court.    Myrtle Court do not know how many years of experience, to the late Qing Dynasty disrepair due to neglect.1956 Annual crape myrtle pavilion built on a hilltop, this year the city will be changed Pavilion Court, imitation Ming and Qing style, dark three-storied building, standing on a hilltop.    Since the reconstruction of the Myrtle Court on top of the hill, I have not been there, suddenly a little interest these days, want to see the majesty of Myrtle Court, for the time being counted it once Chenlian!    Early in the morning, I got up early.Under a light rain outside, getting a little wet on the road.I rode a bike broken bike, leisurely shuttle in the morning breeze.Earth sleeping all night, woke up as if a girl, breath, such as blue.Lan gas in the air, move one deeply extraordinarily fresh.The streets sparse.Several Baojie Gong, sweeping the pavement.Eye-catching coat, you can see clearly far.Roadside snack bar, began a busy day.The smoking stove, the whole street soot in smoke shrouded.Without fresh air just now, people hold your breath, as if through smoke billowing battlefield.    Dim lights, still sleeping, standing in the rain and fog flicker focus.Several members of the public as early as refining, towards the mountain jogging.Sometimes tossed arm, sometimes to the walk-off.Store along the street, it looks deserted, shut the gate, and looks a bustling city does not seem so disproportionate.    Mountain or mountain, water, or as water, just constantly change the name in the history of.For Myrtle Hill seems to be a strange name, people have long been used to call the sun, even the name of the park is also known as the Western Hills Park.Hill is not less than 50 meters high above sea level.But in the plains, so there are several mountains of embellishment, add a lot of color to the city.    There are three alternative road up the mountain, it is available on a trail from the mountains to the south east of Huili Temple.Two from the main entrance into the north of the Western Hills Park.Three from the west up Baishuiquan.The three mountain road, their ancestors had built the stairs, you can climb stairs.    That day, I’m from the south of the Hill up.By section into the stepped Shilei.More than 100 cm long, 20 cm wide.Two people can rendezvous.Trees on both sides of masking, revealing only a few sparse lighting.Rain drip down the leaves on the stone steps, leaving coins like water shadow.Wei Leng wind swaying branches, rub out “imperfections” sound, I really feel exceptionally cold weather.    I went up the stairs, breathing the fresh air of nature.Mountain filled with light green, pale green.Nakhon hazy rain and fog, dispersed throughout the forest.Winds on the stone steps, twists and turns.Hillside octagonal in shade trees, cornices bucket angle, a gray corrugated flashing schungite.    Chenlian of the mountain people, the leisurely workout.It comes with the portable tape recorder, playing lively music.That freedom of movement, such as the line goes like water.Taiji soft thereto should.Shiny sword with the wind, chop, cut, puncture, block skilled movements, upside-down.Over there a group of Granny old man, also wriggling, doing own actions.And here is a group of middle-aged women slightly lighter, started dancing in the folding fan, it is no less with the music, dancing and a young girl compared to.    Away from the hillside to the west, it is righteous Pavilion.Is said to remember the martyrs of the war by the legislature, under the righteous pavilion is a romantic poet Xu Zhimo’s grave.Monument engraved with vigorous poetry book, “Farewell to Cambridge”.”I walked softly, as I gently, I gently waved goodbye western sky,” confirmed his short life.Around the graves of pine green, lush forests, to bring quiet and solemn burial.    Through the twists and turns of the corridor, to the Peak.Towering crape myrtle Court indeed male big, really “on Onodera Koho, pavilions towering Cuiwei” No wonder the poet weeks enforcement Sen After exploring the Myrtle Court, under the title of “the Wu show Pingchou a large Bartholomew, Fine misty cave rock quiet, crape myrtle Court rapture far, beautiful scenery looking eyes closed.”Quatrains.Three-tier pavilion, red walls and green tiles, unique, imposing male big, vigorous couplets plaque engraved on it.    If the night, in the light irradiation exceptionally brilliant.Unfortunately, that day is not open, lost the opportunity to Gordon House.As early as the mountains there is no crape myrtle flowers, as if the Japanese cherry blossoms.Super mountain plum so proud, I do not know how many will attract tourists to Haining tourism.Luckily for the mountains of magnolia flowers are in full bloom, the air Qin Xiang Xin, exhilarating.Standing on top of the mountain, the whole city, and on Dongshan new intellectual standard across the distant tower.As the two major urban Haining beautiful buildings, like twin sisters, Henin-Hardenne added to cultural heritage.    ”The mountains are not high, but the immortal name, water does not have to be deep.”The ‘Sin’ to rely on the people to build the whole, this ‘dragon’ is our spiritual tide Township.Looking back Haining changes, two mountains is the best witness.Gradually the rain stopped, the sky brightened up, it seems to have a glow, revealing the dawn from the east.A new vitality, a return to nature.I seem to see a vibrant new Haining, rising from the horizon, take off in the East.