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Amidst the broken branches Qingming April day Liu Yi new comrades

Amidst the broken branches Qingming April day Liu Yi new comrades – In Commemoration of the memory of the new spring rains accompanied by Liu Wang Lujun and my comrades Tulv, and if about and to the Tomb.Blink of an eye you have been gone seven months, and I would like to get rid of the pain and suffering at this time, you must no longer be subjected to surgical instruments relaxing those ravaged daunting comfortable.Looking at the blue sky, I always stubbornly believe that heaven in deep layers of clouds, but our mortal eyes can not see, I also believe that although they can not see each other, but in heaven in another world careful careful you are, that unavoidably always used a consideration for others you must also quietly concerned about care for his elderly parents, whom his wife, his son has just entered the community around them and fought alongside his comrades, right?  Still remember the first time I saw your scene, you figure that was 26 years ago, as a police school freshman, I reported at the 10th anniversary celebration of live performances to see you and your little partner “Ling Jie” – that only daunting for everyone to do great police dog tracking performance arrest fugitives, it was the first time up close to see the real show dogs, dogs smell when you see your tracks from the bunker, and as a “fugitive “desperately fleeing chasing you threw the whole process of biting, although with a brace to see the dogs will still make the sleeves torn scene music.brothers those of us entering the police academy was shocked and excited.It was learned later that the show dog training guy named Lu Lu, from when a new source Halabula farm, heart as much a sense of excitement and pride, but also because the future of my farm people ah.  I never thought that actually came to the farm and you do colleagues, then discipline chief Goofy led the “Whampoa students” Zhang Min, spit Hudson River, as well as prison you Oda composed of all-NPA “Crime Story “I join your team was so happy.In the following days, I followed you out of the scene, for interrogation transcripts, hair Xiechatongbao, writing final report.Cagney and Lacey out of school in the small of your guide thrive.  Those regulatory security-technology and anti-matter is relatively backward era, when criminals escape prison and in the cases have occurred, the police at any time, ready for duty is the normal work of our police department.Remember that year hunt for the fugitives fled into the mountains, as you hunt team leader and team members who rely on only a few Nang, Mohe in continuous search of the mountains to hunt down the mountain for three days, hungry, eating dry mouth Nang thirsty and drink cold streams, and finally successfully captured criminals.In my mind freeze will never forget is covered with mud, unkempt when you appear in front of everyone proud of you after that exhaustion slightly shy and hard to hide the embarrassment of victory in battle and excited expression.  Remember that winter in reed lake criminals escape it?Great reed endless vast lake, the snow has been coming, and you’ve been to search the depths of Lake reed advance, can not remember how many times fell into Bingku, again and again pulled the shoe from ice water, pour water, shoes on their feet move on.Finally escape the criminals caught in the dense thicket of reeds a.After nearly frozen criminals escorted back to a pedestrian, hurried home, changed clothes and shoes you immediately come back to participate in the trial.When we summarized the relevant materials submitted to the higher authorities to end the fighting out of the office, it is 2:00.Looking at the sky of stars, you grow in one breath: “I’m a little tired now imperative to hurry home a hot foot.”Soon, too soon with all this as if it were yesterday.  You work and male police departments are at the frontline of the prison case for trial investigation, to escape arrest criminal organization, as I am responsible for the back office contact information, payment Xiechatongbao, access files, collect written materials do logistics.After the case broke, we together make final report, submitted to summarize material.Hanlaishuwang more than ten years, it has become inherent in our work mode.During the years of fighting side by side, our relationship has long been limited to informal leaders and soldiers so simple, in my mind, you are concerned with helping my brothers, my progress is to guide the master, it is the heart have a tacit understanding partner and ally.From dog handlers, corrections officers, investigators investigation into the prison chief, Yu Zhengke chief, director of the command center, I saw bits and pieces of your work and witness of.Excellent investigators, advanced workers, outstanding civil servants, outstanding party members, advanced Party branch secretary, personal three..Numerous honors prison of your work recognition and praise, has always been my goal and motivation to learn the direction of their advance.In the beginning of the inexperienced have met a bunch of like-minded colleagues, their growth process every three years to have a similar guide to accompany you, good fortune and luck that not everyone has the.Please forgive me introverted character and clumsy expression of articulate, but along the way I believe my gratitude you know.  Relentless disease come without the coming of sound, how do not believe the afternoon organizational learning department meeting you, the next day traveled to Urumqi, he embarked on the road of struggle with the disease.I see you have is two months later, I can not believe do not want to believe that just two months, the disease will this terrible evil people tortured to such a situation, at this time you are the bones of thin wood and sentenced as before If two people.I turned round to fight back tears, I unintelligible.You’d smile to comfort us, he said: “Nothing, much better now, do not be sad.”I dreaded unpromising stay can affect your mood, hurried goodbye to you and sister-in-law, out of the hospital door.  With the end of chemotherapy, when the condition is relatively stable, you go back to jail, though still thin, but a good mental state, the vegetable garden apartment downstairs, you sometimes and that we Chou Chou plot vibrant green leek together , to the row of green onion loose soil, picking tomatoes or cucumbers to share, then I would be naive to think even years of quiet good, comfortable to live in peace and enjoy this very comfortable ah.Facts have proved that my idea is naive, and soon you re-enter the hospital.August 26, 2016, With infinite love of the work and life, deep love of their loved ones, only the 52-year-old you away from us.I do not know almost dying in a coma you are denying me out?I perceived my presence?But I have always believed that God is somewhere arrangement, let me give you a ride last, our fate I, draw a full stop.  When stimulated Qingming year, and a misty rain days in April, recalling past legend on the heart, “Yuji color letterhead and foot elements, where the mountains and the water wide know?”Only new willow broken branches show their grief, his brother would like you all is well in paradise.