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Amidst the beautiful mountains, only willing drunk in the beauty

Take the bus all the way from Xi’an’s attracted to Yuntaishan.Standing in the doorway of Yuntaishan, overlooking the beautiful scenery of rolling hills, from the heart, fell in love with the elegant and graceful here, fresh and charming.  Access to the attractions, there is a special trip to the sequential order of tour buses shuttle tourists.Our first stop is set sights show, humor, male, insurance in one of Hong Danxia.When we mountain with water shuttle between the trees show stone mountains, into a gorge in the Shanlin Jian, it was unique attracted numerous stacked Redstone.Way line, water Xiushan Jun, layers of red rock, looked up, craggy rocks, waterfall pouring down, so that exposure to this mountain Cijing children who are drunk in between beautiful, could not resist mountain spirit, the water show, in possession Zhang photo, freeze into a permanent enchanting beauty.Water, light and agile and moving, like the Jade Pool Wonderland move into the world, but also as exquisitely carved jasper, hidden in the mountains embrace.  Enter Hong Danxia, in the show, humor, male, dangerous feelings, drunk on the beauty of the United States draw.Mountains handsome, stone color Hongyan, juicy waterfall Rao, amidst beautiful mountains in the real, willing body in the beauty.”What year ghost ax layer cliffs, birds Yifei to open the line.In the mountains sun go meaning lazy, heavy painful wandering.”A Ming Dynasty poet Xu Chen Huai – prefect of the poem, written in the Hong Danxia handsome head.So scenery of mountains and rivers, come into my eyes, between the unique Redstone moist, rendering a captivating Smart graceful atmosphere.  Waterfall visible from the valley such as some steady, running between the red Qiao Shi, allowing visitors to access the cup, drink entrance, the unique feeling of sweet spring and windy.Some of the waterfall pouring down, become Shenshui ink volume between the mountains are like the strings of fairy shower curtain raised, reflected in the azure sea of clouds between.Let the children have seen people just like flying in Wonderland, forget your worries in the beautiful scenery in.  2nd morning, we set out at five thirty in the morning is not clear in the morning, we set foot on the road sleepy go Zhuyufeng of.Into the area, the bus tour will be special attractions we upload, coming all the way, in the twists and turns of Rugged Mountain Path, the shuttle through layers of rolling hills, connected in end to end, a chain of music Diecai hole walk through hole , all the way along and climb on, let us taste the exotic Yuntaishan attractive, intriguing unique taste.  Under the sightseeing car, we stand at the foot of the mountain Zhuyufeng, looking at rolling hills, strong soul cloud moving scenery peak Chung.Wang Wei’s poetry will come to mind: “alone in a foreign land as a stranger, every festival pro.Afar brothers climb the mountain, wear cornel but one person.”Maybe, I grew up familiar with the first verse, it is quite a good impression on this mountain feelings.I had heard that you want to embark on one thousand steps, but we can stop the desire to climb the summit.  Standing in front of the head dogwood peak, beautiful mountains, numerous Jun stone, mountain, scene, it is a fascinating attraction.I am so willing to put into the embrace of this beautiful and enchanting!Willing to draw the graceful beauty of color!  And among the thousands of bands in hard rock climbing, step by step diversion, strength in consumption between drip.The tired but willing to suffer.Up the hill to go to the mountains to retreat to his feet, enjoy the feeling that overlooks the mountains, really is a feeling proudly.Inspired by Melaleuca ladder plank, up the stairs, in the natural oxygen bar, the name of the Millennium yew tree, Acer mono trees, flowers to Taihang field joy encounter.Looking towering old trees, dense tree forest, at the foot of the mountains open to spread, there will be some “would be extremely Ling, list of small mountains.”Proud and grace.  While on the climb along one thousand steps, winding, secluded clearing in between quiet scenery, meandering, mountain climbing on the big bang, when thousands of bands hidden under my feet, in front of all my efforts I have a significance.At the peak, at the mist-shrouded wonderland, lies a Hall Road, red brick and green tiles, fly over the walls, just like being in the reality outside, over the azure cloud, outer space came to fairyland, the monk Dwelling treasure devout prayers Come.  In the mountains lingering feelings of the essence of Taoism.Bells filled, living at the foot of the mountains, surging feelings of pride come for the family put up a red card to pray, hope his family safe and healthy.happiness!  Peak Road Museum to see those cards blessing, bright red soaked red Hongyu Liang Fei.Xinshou open view, every sign, have written good wishes.Those who wish to see, actually is so simple, so simple that just want to have a simple peace and happiness.Perhaps, really, it is that such a simple wish, is not hard in pursuit of a dream.  Mo farewell dogwood peak, between the wooden ladder twists and turns down the moment the foot has started to play up unsteadily, down the mountain feeling it is to find any.One level down the road, we entered the earth from the clouds.Another person is still a tourist attraction car – Quan Pu Gap.  Tam Quan Bao Gorge, also known as the old ditch, through the mountains, all the way to the sound of water gurgling, secluded deep in the winding Department, saw the sky color, jasper Qiong Yao, a large number of fish joyous play, it is with sexual freedom, no bound.  The color of the mountains is crisp raw greens, like flowing down from the mountain streams, gently shallow, looking ahead, shallow faint, but also how people can not see through it.Mountain vegetation has a strong vitality, started to shop, draw the graceful feminine attitude.Walking in the mountains, branches and trees outgrew, or bone fairy wind Road, or as green bamboo-like Painting girl.Jade-like bright soothing song and laughter all the way from the spring, jasper water swim with the sexual freedom of the little fish, clusters, or loose or polyethylene, become spirit between landscape, absorbing the atmosphere of the mountain Shueisiou, so they saw children who have lofty ethereal soul together.Hope can be integrated with the nature of this free and easy in, forget worries that day accumulated.  In the landscape shuttle, but because of the drought and so many streams become dry.He failed to see the spectacular waterfall from the top smooth Italian casual pouring down.Unfortunately, feelings filled my heart all.But when passing secluded lake, or by its scenery and atmosphere to attract.Among the quiet mountains, the Valley cicadas echoed in the open.A body of water such as Lake jasper-like fairy treasures left behind accidentally lost in the world.Empty mountains, trees, reflected in the Bitan, between the floating wind, waves into a hazy mood.In the spring longevity, such as the exquisitely carved jade spring water pouring down, ding-dong sound image a beautiful song rippling in the hills Silk.Holding a sweet and windy spring, spring gentle slide into the stomach, so I have personally experienced the magic mountains fountain of youth.I could not help but carry a cup full of picked up a large glass of spring water collection in their side, want so witty fairy meaning to take home, so that their families also share figure who trained Taoist mountain air Smart and world gathered breath.  Waterfalls Gap is also known as small Dazhaigou, walking in here, you can feel the pleasant scenery of the valley, like Jiangnan.Let us feel the “three-chuen, Buyi King, Ten Steps to a pool of” the beautiful scenery, reveling in Erbinsimo, lover whispering waterfall, linger in the four long stream, curtain hanging shuiliandong, leaving their footprints in the shadow of stone like a butterfly fairy.The Fountain of Youth is actually set in the Taihang Mountains in Summer winter snows here, perennial buzz flowing, with their rich variety of high quality mineral content is clear, sweet children who visit sent a fresh, so not all of the old legends implanted heart.  We turned to kill monkeys Valley, between the yard, monkeys uninhibited swing posture Young between trees Xiumu.More daring monkeys, a family and I close the visitors, let me see such a lovely scene: monkey hanging in front of females, timid secretly looked at other people, while females was handed the hands beg for visitors the feeding, and monkey relish tastes.So there is a trouble males, quickly came running, his long hair claws, a food won, quickly into the mouth.These lovely appearance, has long been off the camera inside their own income, fixed for the fantastic beautiful memories.  In between mountain breeze, the sun gradually faded summer heat.Our return journey also come.Leave attractions, some of us get enough of wandering in the local supermarket, surprised to find a lot of well-known local specialties, Chinese yam cake, cake dogwood, Chrysanthemum cake, pecan cake Huai yellow cake, do have a donkey and yams into the sauce, duck eggs produced by local ducks eat algae grew up there banging wooden hammer made of yam cakes.The most prominent characteristic eating there Henan noodle, local bright red, soft and sweet of pear.After looking very hook appetite.  The time has come to leave Yuntaishan, already hazy sky darkened, we still linger, kept in mind also drunk empty mountains, between Shueisiou Yun Shu.So beautiful, how can people bear to forget?How can you not want to hug the mountains again?How not intended to smooth aftertaste between the spring with the appearance of the fish free.But when it Ningmei afar, but found that long-distance bus carrying us towards a long way home!Goodbye, beautiful mountains!Goodbye, Bitan quiet!Perhaps between one sweet dreams, so once again embrace the charm of fairy taste mountains, clear water, drunk in the mood Dwelling Road in the bone again.