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Amidst the Baiyun Mountain

[Lead]: In a legendary story in every warm moved between each of the mountain monuments intoxicated with nostalgia.Gushan millennium towering stands, without a word, the valley in the forest dense with misty rain, bell Drum temple, incense is still shrouded filled the air, this time tour spot, my heart is intoxicated hearty there in the Southwest Forest City Dongyao town a mountain range, usually because of swirling clouds, so it is called Baiyun mountain.Baiyun Mountain has the typical style of the north, the mountain forceful heavy, steep mountains towering.Mountainous peaks everywhere, continuous winding echoed.Mountain tree jungle Mao, Wang grass everywhere, keeping intact the natural vegetation native trend, dotted mountains unlimited fun.Qi River at the foot of the mountain, Xi River two rivers winding belts, endless day and night rushes.Ancient mountains thousands of years, long river, along with the interpretation of ancient long natural style.For thousands of years, many celebrities leave traces here, in this building cottage or seclusion, or visit secluded spot, or tragic fighting.Here left many legends and stories sung in the world, the rich cultural heritage of Baiyun Mountain.Charming and diverse natural scenery and condensate storage Yun cultural landscape intersection shine, dress together Baiyun Mountain of thousands of weather.  At the foot of Baiyun Mountain home, every home a short stay to visit relatives, will overlooking Baiyun Mountain, undulating mountains, and sketched out a graceful curve, silhouetted against the distant horizon, can beheld the temple mountain, sooner or later also listen to bell Drum, field terraced rice paddies village in the mountains, quaint distant ethereal music waves.Hometown people harbor devotion to the gods if Baiyun show.Often go to the mountain temple incense and pray, seek Renshounianfeng the family safe.I have repeatedly visited the mountain, or by car or on foot, the same temple, the same scenery, every visit will be a product of increasingly rich flavor, deepen love for her.A few days ago, the city had the pleasure of Writers of you teacher with the tour Baiyun Mountain, this taste of Baiyunshan charm.    A, rain swaying mountain walking drive spring rains, the roadside neatly arranged tall poplar.Distant villages serene shrouded in misty rain, a small farm house no sound, farming people called, perhaps immersed in every winter rains of Koki.Vast fertile fields, terraced shore head ravines, lush wheat like expanse of green carpet, blanket over the fields, dotted with spring infinite vitality.He came to the foot of Baiyun Mountain, circuitous curved mountain road winding think as nine ileum, a walk to the top of the channel.,, Rain still falling gently pounding the windows, sounds like Pei-ling ding dong rang, people’s mood chords.The misty mountains, hazy line of sight, but the hazy mountain ravine.In the overwhelming number of mountains bathed in rain and fog, and some mountains stand like Yuzhu as pointing the sky, towering stand.Some of the mountain as a rock lying to heal the landscape, thick and vaguely see the outline of the towering peaks, looming when floating Shen lovely, and increase the beauty of a dynamic.Clouds hide his face like a veil, wrapped in full charm of the mountains, only occasionally pouring out of a landscape, vivid attractive mood, wonderful retained in more obscure, the visitors caused endless fascination with.This semi-holds partly concealed gesture, Unspoken is the most wonderful.On the hillside Baishu Cheng Lin, upright branches, natural shapes made of stretch Specification.Boye thick green Zeze thin broken pieces of the growth.Rows of cypress trees like the round after round of green barrier, in the lonely mountains perseverance stand.How many days of sunrise and moonset, rooted in the wilderness, trying to stretch toward the sky, branches, soak up the sun and rain, rain erosion suffered invasion, recording time change, witness vicissitudes, each generation rings, are all inscribed with the passage of time traces.In the hillside gap grows prickly ash tree, people planted crops.In a time of hard labor, the farmers realized to the mountains with green makeup Pathetic, is to create a shade for themselves, not only beautify the environment, there is an income gain.Fluffy prickly ash tree branches stretch to four, a touch of spring in the new green float gently over the eyes of a leisurely life of love and affection.Long grass is prosperous, spread over the slope, never ignore any opportunity to grow, in a tenacious vitality, wilderness dotted space.Between rock and soil from the bottom to the rolling mountains, showing verdant greenery.How many wildflowers are warm open, the flower in full bloom, filled with a kind of wild beauty.Between the petals condensation of little raindrops, sparkling like drops of tears.Magenta, pink, yellow, to reconcile the various layers of tone colors, dress charming mountain.Cangyan quiet street from time to time exposed stone, Dai blue dignified.This towering bluestone, generating hundreds of millions of years ago at the time of reclamation of marshes, occupies the wild mountains and even a rural, sit on the sidelines happen here slash and burn, generational change, flourishing decadent, tragic pride.Then the wind is up, wrapped in rain slapping things, roadside trees swaying in the ups and downs of the wind whistling.Down the stairs toward the mountains of white clouds temple, marching moss to look for clouded, rushed met a devout heart and the Millennium Temple.    Second, amidst dense with monasteries walked along the undulating hilly up, moss covered stone road, a road stairs toward the depths of the mountains, lost in the clouds at the rich.All the way to the line umbrella, rain hit the umbrella like a burst of rhythm rung.Mountain rain blowing head wrapped in a cold chill through the body Audition.In the deep forests, accompanied by clouds and rain curtain tackling the beautiful Temple Temple, is hearts do some fun.You can see that the Millennium temple stands in profile to show hints of fog cloud, temple roof beams, gable roof, walls clouded, permeated with the quaint charm after years of vicissitudes.Temple built on the highest point of the mountain, east and south is the temple of the cliff, it stands firmly on the side of the temple.Little knowledge of the cliff, the cliff top monasteries, even more unexpected steep terrain.This cliff temple has a thousand years of silence, I witnessed how much wind and rain twilight sunrise and moonset, wrapped in snow shower invasion in the rain.Accompanied by long years, incense rise and fall several times, did not change his mind, persistent waiting laity earthly pilgrims come to worship.I Cheng pulls and there must be some kind of agreement, ancestors and resting the foot of Baiyun Mountain, the tribe thrived here for generations, so the White Cloud Mountain is a soft spot.Today’s visit is the misty rain, thousands of thoughts more like spring rain Cecil strands, imagination, sigh Repetitive.Down the stone steps to the temple, to see a stone arch at the entrance, towering towering volley.Couplets: “Tsui door hanging scroll Peaks abutments clear to the waterfall to a hospital.”.Cross-linking the “Diaolong cirrus”.Then the Japanese frantically Peak, the mountain full of other buildings were destroyed, perhaps the grace of God, this alone arch lucky escape unharmed, fortunately preserved.Thin appreciate the craftsmanship of St. Paul, you can deduce what the original pavilions towering, imagine incense filled the once flourishing scene.It was only the debris rubble as a reminder, in between barren mountain wilderness, as if accusing the criminal acts of the Japanese invasion of China, serene tell Cast Away sadness.Now reinforced arch has been modified, re stood for.St. Paul can still discern the appearance of the year, penetrating stone, still elegant charm fonts.Just a stone arch body has been washed out, this is the eclipse traces of rain turbulent past.Pillars and beams have been breaks in, it is a historical witness experience of war.It is because of this through the millennia weathered arch monuments exist, only worthwhile Exploring Cuba trip, I heard that in ancient times the mountains there are 12 heavy yard, eaves gallery bar loop phase coincides courtyard, planted flowers, trees shade the courtyard day.Temple incense, chimes drums linger constantly, charm wrapped around the world.It was only in old things change in a bit, but mainly Japanese aircraft bombing, it has become a bustling heyday completely ruins.Now the monastery was later built man, believers fund-raising fund-raising, self-organization of human and material resources, in accordance with the original building regulations, the temple gradually rebuild the temple room.The heart of White Cloud Mountain nostalgia, contribute to a seat of the gods palace.Sheng Shihao do not have a large original, but restored around 3 heavy yard.The main hall are homes for the “White Cloud Temple”, the original stone walls stone tile building, rebuilt in recent years when modern style red brick wall.Under the main hall is a party to two meters above the ground on the platform, surrounded by all the puzzle pieces of stone, carved stone pieces after leaving the sloping diagonal lines in ax off.Thick solid red brick wall, brickwork pointing with lime.Pretrial vermilion pillars supporting the cornice, the front wall is all windows and doors wooden structure, ancient window is latticed windows, two wooden doorway was open, it was out of the shuttle pilgrims.Painted with flowers pattern under the window, beautiful color and distinct life.A sense of looking at the roof, are all glazed tile paved, bright colors and magnificent, eaves and cornices of the top features a variety of shapes beast, beast both cases looking up in the corner line of God, adding to the simple and quiet of the monastery.The whole structure temple elegant, painted Diaolianghuadong aroma, cornices into the clouds towering spectacular.  He entered the hall, harbor devout paid homage Xiangu.Three Xiangu are all affluent shoulders sagging clothing double collar, knot Jia fell to the waist rosette.Serene look of awe.Kindly face particularly cordial.Xiangu his kindness and boundless magic, protecting the foot of Baiyun Mountain of thousands of common people of Lebanon.To Rebellion bumper grain harvest, a flourishing population to family tradition, men and women marry for love marriage, worship together people from generation to generation, creating a Baiyunshan famous through the ages.Pilgrims constantly, fireworks filled, Zhong Le contend.Hall four weeks painting a legendary figure, just look at some pictures attached is a complete story, mainly to promote loyalty Rensiao, exhort people to refuse the evil and promote good.  Down the stairs down, came to the West Park, West Park is the seat courtyard off.Due to the different temples throughout the construction period, showing a different construction styles.East House is wheat grandmother Temple, the legend is bless good weather bumper harvest.The temple building some time long ago, all for the stone structure, stone walls and assembled to ensure smooth, often gravel bedding, stone paved to do on the house roof.Deep dimly lit house, trance can be seen painted statue.The whole building rough rustic, more of a sense of the vicissitudes of history.Westinghouse for the Lao temple, blue and gray brick walls, pillars red color has faded, Laojun like figure who trained very calm and relaxed, dressed in robes down, the hands of a Buddha dust.Insight into the Red Dust troubles complicated, measuring the earth’s Wu World opportunity phase.North Hall is brick red tile building, dedicated to Mi Le Fozu.Normally open mouth smile, make people laugh all ridiculous, belly capacity to make the world hardly contain the matter.The pleasant smile respectable, candidly reveal the mind of generosity, barefoot Woyu dinner, dressed in a robe stand on another ramp.Casual attire natural, serene calm look, no mortal world of custodial Pan, less red tape earth a generous demeanor enduring, even more otherworldly fairy elegant style.  Construction of small temples hospital, was listed in different periods in different styles.Often Chouqi a sum of money in order to build a temple, so there are a temple of stone and assembled, and brick and assembled temples, blending different styles coexist scene of a hospital.At a hospital while browsing the best years of change in the building traces left, trace the origin of the ancient stone temples Xungu Probing, see the imprint left by the vicissitudes of history.Stained structure enjoy an elegant brick temple in between, look gorgeous in the interpretation of the heyday of Buddhism.In the misty rain in March, do not have a tour of Baiyun Mountain and fun atmosphere.  Eastern Hospital is also a courtyard off, some areas have to be more open.North House dedicated to the Buddha Temple, Wenchang Pavilion, Confucius Temple, East House for the Dragon King Temple, South Temple House is Avalokitesvara.A coexistence of many gods, incense-filled share, Zhong drum ensemble, together with the wider world governance blues.Different cultures entwined here, but in harmony recount.Frank harbor, visiting deities, painstaking reading various legends allusions, cultivate increasingly numb temperament, quiet soul of dust.Different doctrine, interpretation of the same gist: Goodness Preaching Jie Wu, good deeds.Only Huaikang Santa Claus, holy love, in order to identify what the Red mundane affairs without custodial Ban to a pure land hearts forever, away from the misery and strife.Third, the Temple banks of beautiful flowers woven into the sky breeze slanting rain rain curtain, the rhythm of smoke like gauze-thin.Thick evening mist, filled in over the mountain temple, the hazy seen the King, more of a serene and ethereal.Hold an umbrella walking in the gravel paved road, the ground has water, rain thrown up one blister.Grass is already fill the corners, covered with rain drops on grass petals, sparkling crystal cool light.Indus has just sprouted new leaves, go afar clusters of new green Indus Full of flowers already open, a tree purple color, elegant air with bursts of fragrance.Gently pacing the corridors, the foot has some old brick paved.Browse the ancient building, draw a pattern on the color beams and painted rafters, already dark in color, left behind in the former’s visit to find antique.Tread strip paved stone steps, stone steps have been wet with rain a.Long with a peach in the next step, state tree snakes, green leaves covered with green shoots, against the background of fresh eyeful.That scene flowering is over, wilted flower, spring breeze still windy, but not the charming Moment of truth, but the cold wind chill rain from falling petals little bit, thinking back to the time of gorgeous flowers.In the courtyard, veranda before planting the rose, upright branches blooming with life, newborn lobes shimmering, not yet fully open flower buds, pouring a little bit of crimson pink flower, reserved and shy flower in this state under the background of mountain temple, added some beautiful colors.Here the monument erected everywhere, there are surviving ancient times, there are now just stand up.The neat stone regulation, knife cutting ax engraved inscriptions of all kinds, all kinds of deeds recorded the year occurred on inscriptions.Font of various types, the word whole quite satisfactory straight regular script, running script to fill the gap elegant free and easy.Stone is the oldest established during the Tang Dynasty, weathered stone body whitening illegible, near meso need to identify.Ming Jiajing stone at most, this absurd emperor, deserted the affairs of state, but civil engineering overhaul, creating a prosperous Buddhist art.The inscription between the Qing Emperor Kangxi also a large number, which is to sing the praises of peace and prosperity and build.Body bluestone stone inscription now faint, the ink still fresh.In between Beilin tour, visited the ancient authentic charm, recalling the years flies in the Homecoming there are a few significant monument damaged at several pot-sized, clearly not natural erosion of rain invasion, but outside violent due to the impact.Between thin broken pieces of stone texture, a dusty hidden song How rude of sad memories.    Fourth, the bloody mountaintop and moving stories This is a tragic, historic patriotism, how many live life with passion and loyalty, create a home for some epic Battle.Now the smoke had dispersed, but the dust settles today, many still dig shells and artillery pieces from the earth, then imagine the horrors of the battle scenes and the vehement.1943 stationed in East Yao is “Li Tie Head” (Li Zhengqing) of the KMT 40th Army 106 division, this forces patriotism, discipline, and strong combat effectiveness.In April of that year to attack the Japanese army, “Li Tie head” trial world of potential, viewing the terrain and found Baiyun Mountain high mountains and steep terrain, has easily defensible features.So do not send people day and night to repair fortifications decorated oath to do with the Japanese desperate struggle.22, the Japanese face Broken Bow Ridge two routes to Baiyun Mountain Jiguanshan punch from the northeast and southeast of.”Li Tie head” of the troops remained calm and so close to the resort to the Japanese, the Japanese did not encounter blocking on the hillside, they like locusts toward the top of the hill.When the Japanese came before the summit, when entering the range, “Li Tie head” under the order, Qi guns to the Japanese launch.Temple on top of the trenches 106 division soldiers in the bunkers everywhere brave, machine guns, rifles intensive flames, with hatred toward the Japanese national.Grenades like rain fly to the camp, the body of the Japanese criminal fried pieces.The Japanese are dead in front of the Flesh, behind enemy Baotoushucuan.It was so brave of 106 teachers repeatedly opened fire with the enemy in a day, four times repulsed the Japanese attack, kills many, the anti-Japanese rally the morale of soldiers and civilians.After a stalemate in six days and nights, angry frenzied Japanese army, in the case of desperation, sent four aircraft from Anyang, Yao bombing in the east and sets Baiyun Mountain.All the village houses were destroyed, fire smoke filled overflowing, Baiyun Mountain in addition to stone arch survived, the pavilion completely destroyed temples, monuments Millennium was catastrophe, defenders have to sacrifice more than half, but still preserved in the cave coupons dozens of armed.Then people see, “Li Tie head” shirtless, standing height watching the sky plane, contemptuous say “black crows, can defecate on his head a few,” It is this spirit of courage, the more the more stations Yong war fought determination and spirit, so people praised as “Li Tie head”.Under the cover of Japanese planes from the East and West sides scored temple, rushed out with coupons to defenders inside the cave, its might in the smoke filled in the fire, the bayonet on the gun, start melee combat with the Japanese with flesh and blood, one’s strength to compete position.At this time, the division has 106 soldiers blood boiling, in a spirit of dauntless heroism, full of daring, with Qiangdao lives to defend every inch of the land of the motherland, and write the tragic history of war.That deafening cry, loud sorrowful Qianshanwanhe, kills many.106 division also suffered heavy casualties, the Baiyun Mountain was about to fall.129 Eighth Route Army division was hearing the news (division headquarters in the mountains in Litang County Nan Wei springs), the Japanese are gathering large numbers of troops in an attempt to destroy the package, “Li Tie head” of the troops, the situation is very dangerous.In order to unite the anti-Japanese friendly, saving anti-Japanese forces, Liu commander sent Lin Li Runtang North Stars and hardships independent battalion commander sent a personal letter, informed in order to allow him to evacuate as soon as possible.Tie head annihilated in the face of difficulties after receiving the letter, the rapid troop build-up, to break loose from the East Yao Jidong Machi slope south, moved to Tangyin Niulanshan area, to continue the war.  Today, accompanied by the slightest rain curtain, the ancient battlefield in the old Shihaigouchen, looking at the mountains residual cannon marks imagine circumstances vehement year on the battlefield, filled with great emotion.Countless martyrs with their blood and lives to defend our territory, for national interests, to the last drop of blood.The manner in which I can use to express their memory of their achievements will shine through the ages Bandai.  Baiyun Mountain has a long history, according to records on the oldest monument in the Tang Dynasty, Tang before Baiyunshan temple has existed, the times are too long, been unable to research.There are so many legends and stories circulating in the world, adding to the mysterious atmosphere of Baiyun Mountain, enriched the culture at the end storage.According to legend, the Zhou Dynasty, after staging a late-bloomer Gods, Gongming Marshal’s three sisters, sky, Joan Xiao, Bi Xiao came to Linzhou, Linzhou visited the mountains of Sichuan, choose places to live in peace, and finally were fancy white clouds mountains, clouds Hill, Park Eagle’s Nest.Fog-shrouded mountaintop clouds clouds rosy long, look around, there are Jiguanshan sing the Divine left and right old Hutoushan deter peaks, surrounded by seven hills guard, as long gathered 7.There are bars chilly mountain spring flowing ups in the valley between the mountains, big sky fairy decided to live here settled.Since then Baiyunshan known far and wide, becoming the hearts of the people of the Holy Land pilgrimage.  Sovereigns and Five Emperors legend of Emperor Yao, for the government during Qingming, often to folk inspecting hunting.According to the existing Ming Dynasty stele “Emperor Yao Shi Chuan this past summer recreation Tour”, later built a summer palace in his honor.Sub-lines, mostly descendants of suspicion, figure out the authenticity of the moment, in recent years, the East Village area when Yao irrigation, found a large number of pottery, herringbone pattern, the, have textured, pottery range stretching two or three miles.According to research, pottery Longshan culture period of Emperor Yao, indicating that human beings have been living here at that time, Emperor Yao to this parade is possible.  Wuhu Jin dynasty emperor, Yao Qiang Chang, had long in this event, and in the establishment of summer palace.Yao Yao Chang Dong name names in the “Yao” on the take of the “Yao”, which is the initial reason Dongyao names.  Thousand years long, vicissitudes of life changes.Baiyun forested mountains Castle monastery temple, how wonderful spread of myths and legends, the number of martyrs buried loyal soul, for many years, attracting people to this tour worship.At this time, the signs of rain is still under a vast transitory man, there is no corpuscles, which some tour, my heart is experiencing an experience through the years.In each story a legend warm moved between each of the mountain monuments intoxicated with nostalgia.Millennium ancient mountain towering stands in silence, in the valley of the mountains dense with misty rain, the temple bell Drum, incense-filled still filled the air, this time tour spot, my heart is intoxicated hearty.(Editor: gardenia open)