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Amidst the Baiyun Lake

– beautiful line in China, Zhangqiu Baiyun into the heat of summer, I braved the early light, cool rain, in the twilight of shade, dim the lights in light and shadow, and participants come together writers, poets and friends together, into the misty rain in Zhangqiu Baiyun Lake.    Baiyun Lake, has always enjoyed “clouds late Zhao” spectacular reputation, is one of the eight famous ancient Zhangqiu.She is located in downtown Jinan, 35 kilometers east, the lake area in 17.About 4 square kilometers.    There was a poem: “tall Sanweishan Holy Well Cheng, embroidered Jiang spring up the sound of water.Lotus Cold Spring pearl roll, hon City Hall Night Snow Powder.Jinchuan Amidst always run, Cave uptrend clear day.Baiyun Sao strike returned late, lying to see Dongling Akira Akatsuki.”Poem ‘strike Sao clouds return late’ sentence is described through the ages, dynasties expert hermits boat oar punting on Baiyun Lake, or even drinking poetry scene in Baiyun.They “talk Zuiwo clouds country that swing them open lake romantic”, leaving many Famous Quotes, beautiful article.For example Yuan Zhang Yang Hao of “lake felt”; Kangdi Ji Ming “You Baiyun Lake”; Li Kaixian of “Baiyun Night Pan” and other poems singing Baiyun Lake, especially in the early Qing Dynasty cow day sink “Baiyun Lake “:” blue waves of the ancient city west, sunset sails limp walk together.Lang Ming Fisherman clouds ferry, carrying pen drunk poet in question.Lotus distal surface wind, smoke tree color lake with fan.Looking back isolated countryside unlimited thinking, too little return crow before the river, “the most popular, is widely sung.    Early in the morning, I braved the misty rain walk over Lake Dam, between pine, then endless days of lotus Bi see the beauty of the grand, but I saw the duck drama birds, Wei Po Dicui, lotus Tuyan, pleasant cool heart school of meteorology.Thus, we can easily imagine it, every spring sun gradually warm season, thin ice here melted, Wei Pu Mengsheng, newly sprung willow, blue sky, white clouds leisurely on straight is a good piece of Yingge Swallows , the vitality of the bright lake water color painting.    To the autumn time, this is the season of harvest Baiyun Lake.By that time, the vast cage aloe clouds, rice flower fragrance lengthy, romp warehouse full of fish.That white lotus yo straight reveals a fragrant soak into the depths of my heart.Boat flies, such as weaving, such as Tao laughter as waves, and a busy look of joy on people’s eye brow Chan, cover also not cover, block also fail to do so apart from rippling in people’s face full of happiness.    We arrived in winter, the vast deserted Baiyun Lake, has become an entirely different story.After Wei Po people to be harvested, the vision will become more open and light and spacious, the people at that time, may wish to drive a small boat on the waves of boundless expanse of blue Baiyun Lake, blend together like ice and snow on the shore, it turned into snow and ice spirit, let Baiyun dynamic up, people can intuitively feel her vital signs.    Suddenly, a boat ride from the green charge from shaking out of the boat people on a long pole in hand, wearing hats, wearing rain clothes, swing open in front of a hazy lake misty rain, go straight to the depths of Baiyun shake.There are local literary friends told me that he was going to pick it dewy lotus leaf and lotus to wine.People on Baiyun, Baiyun to have a special feeling, especially fond of emerald lake full of lotus and lotus.They brewed alcohol flavored with lotus leaf picking cotton Sweet “Lotus wine”, with fresh lotus secret “HL liqueur” to entertain guests and friends who are far away.Welcome banquet on the last night, we drink wine and not that Lotus HL liqueur it?    Wine wine incense, Wife Everlasting.Lake mighty wind, white clouds.I do not know when, from a distance came the sounds of the ear singing “Yuemanxilou” tearful.By this time, I suddenly remembered this Baiyun ah, she was a home pronouns Anju Shi Yi’s hometown, no wonder she’s masterpiece, “Yi Jianmei · Red lotus incense jade bamboo mat residual autumn” is written is so tactfully, lingering.She gives the clouds, Lanzhou, emerald Netherlands, lotus lake with alternative life connotation.She will be the word “language is intended to do endless, endless love and intended to do,” the graceful style of development to a peak that won the graceful Poets “sovereign” status, the achievements of her first talented woman in the world through the ages.    After the morning’s agenda, I want to continue to embark on the trip went to Chifeng.Watching the misty rain Baiyun Lake, recalling scenes Yinhe pen at the meeting, I thought our hometown of Poyang Lake and Poyang Lake literature, as well as Lake side that a group of like-minded friends, could not help but have mixed feelings, feeling good many.    District 17.4 square kilometers of Baiyun, I wonder if she is one of our many points of Poyang Lake.Why thousands of years, she has been sung and enduring, one of the reasons these are not worthy of our contemporary people to ponder it?    Amidst the clouds intercede War, Italy lost Cuigai Dutch Lake.Groaning from the clear blue water, earnest bonuses reflect sunlight.Goodbye, Baiyun Lake!I only left Acacia a lake, to lose over this next journey.