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Depth analysis of the relationship between the new energy and Timeshare Rentals

Traditional car rental business we are already very familiar with, new energy car rental business appeared, why gave a proper noun called "Timeshare Rentals" mean?Energy is not new car rental business is only a model that is "time-lease", other billing models are not suitable for new energy car rental?First, the traditional car rental business segment 1) is not a car rental car rental。 Or go out to play in the furniture store to buy a sofa to be shipped home, in the street called a rental truck, the car rental business called Business。
The car lease is within the agreed time, the rental car rental operators (including trucks and passenger cars) delivers to the lessee to use, does not provide services to drive mode of operation。
2) car rental According to different classification criteria, there are different classifications。
Common are divided according to the length of the lease period and divided according to types of business purpose。 Car Rental has a short term lease, rental convenience, provided by the lessor to rent after maintenance, and other characteristics of services, mainly divided into two kinds of long-term leases and short-term lease。 In actual practice, the 15 days or less for short-term rental, 15?90 days for the mid-term leasing, long-term lease for more than 90 days。
Short-term lease, leasing refers to leasing companies signed a contract according to user requirements, to provide users with short-term (generally in hours, days, months) of car services, short-term rental fees charged to address user requirements during the service of lease form。 Second, Timeshare Rentals owned by the short-term car rental service class division is divided by time, lease time is not more than a day, hourly fee; if day-by-day count exceeds the cost。 And so on down, took part in daily lease, monthly lease。
Third, new energy and traditional car rental car rental What is the difference?Speaking from the car rental billing models, new energy vehicles with traditional rental car rental no different。 Dedicated to new energy car rental add "time" word, pause and ponder seriously, there is no special meaning。 I stop and analyze, what is the difference of the two?Or lease of new energy vehicles What are the characteristics?If you want to explain "time" What is the meaning of the word, I understand, "time" is the smallest unit of the car rental charge that is "one hour" as the unit only。 Fourth, the new energy automotive why "lease" are more interested in?Currently the cost price of new energy vehicles, pure electric buses, for example, than the usual fuel buses, the actual price to be higher than 2-3 times, state and local subsidies are part of a one-time purchase subsidies, national and even deducted local subsidies, the price should be higher than conventional cars, because the country is not in place Zhunxin fill, to fill in place is confusing。
New energy vehicles sold directly to end-users, even more difficult。
So new energy vehicles, "rental" business was born。
Fifth, new energy vehicles, "lease" Features 1) pure electric vehicles have no exhaust emissions, low noise, ease of handling, maintenance and operating cost advantages, easier to lease。 2) whole self, simple and convenient。 By an application you can reserve an electric car, and then went straight to the parking lot pick up the car, ie, self-help travel more convenient。
3) to ease traffic congestion in large cities, Yao Hao difficulties and other problems, but also can improve the problem of environmental pollution。
4) The most effective way to promote the city bus electric bus。 At present the Government is facing energy and environmental pressure, pure electric bus has unparalleled advantages in environmental protection and energy conservation, new energy vehicles have a "lease" to ease the financial pressure on the bus company。