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Amidst such as crossing a city I love

A river, a song, a burst of misty rain, a touch of style, a beautiful encounter . It’s all in the mind calling you lonely for a long time, do you let yourself go?Amidst such as a city, stroll in the ancient city of Phoenix morning dream, crossing I love, fascination in houses on stilts on both sides of the Tuo River side, which is highly Shen style of writing from the Western town – the ancient city of Phoenix.    —- Inscription (a), the border town of Xiangxi feelings go a lot of places in Hunan, Chu Xiang felt the scenery beauty and outstanding people of the earth, each came from Hunan or after, there is a strange affair, full of romance and mysterious Western style, has been dreaming in my mind, one of the landscape, a small town, as well as writer Shen from Western feelings in writing, they are pulling me, that’s my heart Jingmu long Western Romance town – phoenix.    Fenghuang is located in Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture, southwest of the mountain there are exactly like the artful Phoenix named, however, really made him famous the world over, or because the famous writer Shen from his homeland in his writings, because this mountain, a water, one caused by people traveled, came looking for.    A river through the city, a boat upstream, the river leaning houses on stilts built Tujia, Miao style of thousands of girls, as well as Phoenix lights blurred night ? Some people say that life needs to go once said, go travel, although everyone has a dream, but were still able to complete very little, in fact, do a spiritual journey is not difficult, not hinder our own time, not money, not the ups and downs of the journey, we often excuse heart.    From Changsha to the ancient city of Phoenix, there are many routes, bus station tourist bus, train to Jishou transfer is also very convenient, and I decided to choose bus travel agency, not only because of cheap, at least travel company car to travel and guidebooks, at least a lot easier, and later confirmed by the journey, my choice is correct.    Bus to Phoenix for eight hours, currently has direct access to high-speed Fenghuang County, more than the original savings of more than two hours, the car 13:00, it is estimated to more than 6 points, while in the evening you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the ancient city of Phoenix – Phoenix Nights.Western located in the mountains, high speed goes through the tunnel from both sides of the highway landscapes, but also scenic, mountains and plains of wild flowers, and blooming azaleas, canola flower, the hibiscus plus side of the mountain several other people of Xiangxi, a beautiful picture comes into view, not to Xiangxi, on the early taste of Western-style town landscape.    While traveling without a partner lonely and beautiful, but those with a stroke, there will be many unexpected convenience, such as carpooling, fight meal, take pictures with each other, look after each other, away visitors to the ancient city of Phoenix, but mostly young people mainly self-help it seems the high side of some female friends, and maybe that is because there are four Chinese city of Phoenix Aventure capital of the world the reasons for it.    It is said that a good tour guide, is a landscape, because they make you not yet reached the destination, you know a lot of customs, humorous tour guide, but also to more of a pleasure trip, the saying goes, there are three Phoenix more “sell silver more, do more duck, pimp more” heard homonym, a lot of people started to laugh, in fact, that the Hmong people have the habit of wearing a silver belt silver, so full of shops selling Miao silver the second is that the Hmong people’s blood cake duck, delicious, so everywhere is selling blood cake duck, and the third is that the ancient city of Phoenix as a tourist town, people rely on tourism for a living, a visitor to the city, everywhere accommodation, photography, dining and other soliciting employees.Tour guide also describes the ancient city of Phoenix meals, lodging, tourism and customs, and soon, the car to our destination – Rainbow Bridge border town inn.    (B), Phoenix Nights style of thousands of people to travel, have an open mind, there is a broad mind, this is true, very quickly, lay down their luggage, simply settled, we have formed a temporary alliance, Yueyang one pair of young lovers, Jiangxi, a sister, a girl Changsha, there is a Shandong guy, plus I have a total of 6 people, not to mention, the first thing is to eat, and inquire about the hotel’s owner, the owner introduced next door Miao nice hotel, delicious food, affordable, through our deliberations, first meal is Western cuisines blood cake duck, duck blood glutinous rice, plus fresh duck, accompanied by several additional seasonal dishes, 6 people per people 20 yuan, eat the first meal of the very rich.    Some say the US city of Phoenix lies the ancient city of night, yes, when we first stood in the ancient city of Phoenix rainbow bridge, overlooking the entire city, or a kind of deep shock, Tuo River through the city, along the river on both sides Tujia built on stilts, built along both sides of the river, on a different bridge across the Tuo River in the cross-strait light against the background, beautiful, river flows, gurgling flowing, shore bars of music, floating in the Tuo River above, combined with the modern style of an ancient, small town city let you in here, and gradually open the heart, and you can sit along the bar, a cup of tea meditation end, holding a glass of wine you can guzzle, and bars of people with drunk, you can see your favorite hotties approached here, no one will blame you, reject you, because, Aventure reputation is that people have been imprisoned long been the heart has finally been released, and all this absolutely nothing to do with pornography, the town of inclusive, open, romance and warmth of the people here travel a spiritual interpretation, put aside his own, relax, let yourself melt into the landscape in this.    Tuo River bridge watching the scenery on both sides, down the Rainbow Bridge, upstream along the bridge of a small stone water, across the Tuo River, there is a small waterfall, and men in the river, at the foot of the water, the landscape room with multicolored lights reflection each other, melt away in the river, this time, you do not want to walk, just sitting on the riverside stone bench, facing this night reverie, so many people want to go to the ancient city of stay, is probably the case a feeling it.    Both sides of the bar culture, culture is an integral part of the ancient city of Phoenix, when you are honest from the ancient world and Miao style houses on stilts, to bar street, you will suddenly find that young people here is really the world, look at those full the temptation to text and bar name it, “eloped it, happiness, Yimiyangguang it, meet by chance it ” humorous look at those romantic text bar in front of it, “so that they are drunk, to others the opportunity, “Aventure Raiders ‘finding the target – approached – drinking – chase – drunk – attempted – go back to sleep’, many bars, unique, and some crazy loud rock catharsis, some soothing music, while the surging river, while is a wonderful tone, you do not drink, I will be drunk in this romantic Western night.    People often expect that they have a beautiful encounter, a memorable affair, in fact, and Aventure encounter in life, travel is often encountered in the eyes of men of letters, not Aventure is full of lust and pornography, it should is a pure romantic encounter with a romantic-like, perhaps, just a look, a word, some subtle travel companion, however, is not about tomorrow’s result, the result does not need to encounter the beautiful, long enough to have read the memories and phase like a combination of our team, three-day trip, playing together, understanding together, eat together, laugh together, no one considered gender-specific, all together, happy happy every day and night to enjoy the ancient city, so Immerse yourself in the fascinating and charming Western town, for each of us, this is a beautiful encounter, because he left us with a deep emotion, there has been floating over the Tuo River laughter.    When we get enough to linger in the lanes of the old city, it was already late at night, the world’s best music faded, tired of young men and women, nestled in the dead of night, the river lingering, the ancient city of people only hear the flowing river and we also ended the night such a fantastic trip back to the hotel, something about photographs, calm mood, preparing for tomorrow’s trip until one o’clock, to get off the ancient city.     (Three), Xiangxi Miao style dream no hustle and bustle of busy, there is no rush from the crowd, I woke up early in the ancient city of hazy morning, the day a little before dawn, the door opened on the 6th floor, standing on the balcony overlooking the river, early morning panoramic views of the ancient city, the mountains, such as Dai, reflected in the Tuo River water, fog surrounded by hills Phoenix, houses on stilts along the river on both sides, some people get up early and enjoy the beauty of this morning, 9:00 starting Miao Village, more than enough time, we certainly can not miss the early morning view of the ancient city of Phoenix, and then, along the river, people get up early boating children, have begun to busy, on board, all dressed Miao girl melodious sounds of folk songs, facing rafting down the visitors, singing Miao folk songs, landscape reflection, pure singing, boating on the river, waves Green, singing and laughter of visitors, like the morning mist in the mountains, misty blurred, bursts echoed on both sides of the Tuo River, shore visitors, can not help but stop and listen to the tone between the landscape, seems intoxicated a night of passion catharsis of people, most of them still at the moment Drunk none to open the door in dreamland, bars along the river, the occasional music sounded, combined with the rhythmic sound of drums, tambourine that is selling the girls, beat out with the music accompaniment, walking on the smooth stone, through a one the stone bridge and houses on stilts, breathing the fresh air, pleasant stroll in the river early in the morning so the ancient city of Phoenix, 9:00 unforgettable moments, Miao Village and Grand Canyon car pulled us , moving to the depths of the mountains of western Hunan, before long, it is said to belong to the boundary of the Miao Village, tour guide taught us the door of folk songs, and how to say hello and hotties of Hmong, Miao to prevent a fool, first through a there Hmong checks Zhaimen, then guests must be drumming and praying, in order to move forward, get on the raft Miao, one will come to the Grand Canyon Miao in front of the entire canyon cliffs, steep climb can not, it is said, this is the year of the cave bandits,<乌龙山剿匪记>Say is here’s the story, from climbing on the cliffs, and then through a cave, it is a market Miao, it seems usually go to the fair, there should be a lot of people, all kinds of snacks Miao Miao nationality Some specialty here have sales.    Enter the real Miao, but also do a boat, the boat is quite distinctive, and is two boats together, called foot in both camps, travel for a while, the ship went to the front Miao Village, along the hillside and, the Miao in front of the door, the door Fortunately, we learned Miao songs, sing songs, drinking wine Miao, to enter the real Miao, Miao are all built on mountains, no neat planning, across households, the gap is very small house, in addition to staying in the village for the elderly, is a left-behind children, young people work outside the home, Kaoshanchishan really difficult for the Miao people live a prosperous life, their homes and helpless, lunch in the stockade village home to eat, farmhouse, very affordable, 40 yuan a person, just to eat, rice duck, bacon, liver and other bandits Miao dish, on eating, Miao rice wine is also a quick drink, warm and honest Miao people, but also constantly came over and asked, do you want food to eat, enough to pay it?Its good faith let those of us who follow out all day tour of the slain, deeply moved.    The village behind the house is the village primary school, more than 40 children, two classrooms, a few square yard is a children’s playground, most of these children left behind his family was poor, we see new tables and chairs and books neatly behind it We know that there are a lot of caring people often come to donate some school supplies, hope to use what little action to change the fate of the Miao children, look after, also have touched my heart, want to come in the future, or should go to help those in poverty children, do their modest means, helping the poor is what I have been advocating the virtues of man, even though their own business and have done some, but far enough back to society, I know I have to refuel, I hope my wish, so that more children can have one of their own in the spring.    After visiting Miao, I do not have a sightseeing tour of interest, on the contrary, was a little heavy, in looking at those poor kids, as well as the twilight of the elderly left behind, life is so hard, so hard environment, my heart uneasy, national minority regions have invested a great year, but the real money is used Miao people who, in the end how much, only this desolate and barren land to be known, good honest Miao people, you are the hardest working people, for thousands of years, never surrender bow to fate, I believe that, through your hard work, we must live a happy life for you to send my good wishes to live!    (D), a city of misty rain, I love “and Amidst a city, crossing, I love,” the writer’s pen and Rain Phoenix is a unique landscape, from the mountains of Miao back, tired to sleep, it seems to be in order City sent a misty rain, midnight to thunder and lightning, the night of the ancient city of Phoenix, a city bathed in the misty rain, the early morning wake up, rain becomes smaller, the rhythm, as if to let me do this tour again last Xiangxi the most beautiful scenery, light rain, we along the river, feel the beauty Amidst the border town of.    Because of night rain, the mountains rise like yarn like mist from the river to the mountains, from the river early in the morning to take a walk on stilts visitors who this misty rain, seems Miao girls rain and bad, like a hundred years Phoenix town of endless mind, once history, once romantic, that mountain, that person, that there is water where the passage of years and met all the beautiful small town of Phoenix, in this hazy morning, recalling the past can become and history, and today, I hurried this figure, will become history border town, but I never forget, will not forget, these brief acquaintance, and we spent a happy time together.    Eat lunch, I’m going to return alone, and several other smaller partners, still reluctantly, decided to continue to afford to live, then became a farewell luncheon at noon for lunch, we chose an environment more elegant riverside restaurant, to those who have not eaten Western food point off a table, we ate photo, aftertaste together we met together, travel together happy hour.    Just before I get on the train, the two girls came to the front of the car but also specifically to see me off, heart is very touched by strangers is short, the encounter is a beautiful, unforgettable memory, emotion is pure ? · goodbye, beautiful ancient city of Phoenix, goodbye, a city amidst the Western town, a short journey of life, I meet with the town, I will take you, remain in the memory, until one day, I met with you again, Amidst the city that let you, I, I love crossing.    QQ: 506192938