By - 管理

Amidst River, nostalgia for no reason

Yan clear river, delayed giving rain, smoke ink Xin Ran, bell Fine silence.  World like bow, rain fell string, empty pier, playing a curtain Toru Youmeng.  // Dance Cloud sleeves, a river chaos, microwave huanxi yarn, Ryoka Magenta waves.  Several times emerald eye, a glimpse, rain Ying into insanity, a dimple brow fall.  // Mae span of water, weeping willows, the burning of the best West Wing Resentment, thousands of heart.  Gean Guyan limp walk, stroke Zhu Ying, Wu Ti interference mountain, drunk Fallen flowers springs.  // draw a leaf Lanzhou, a wandering Wang, Tao pulp line and broken, and gather the scattered, go wet Tears, Acacia spread, point a heart candle, Cape Qiannian.  // a smoke Xinyu, thin dry Love, deposited in the memory city, one sad and.  Mad word outline of broken dreams, resettlement River, bumpy road dust, smoke and dust into the carrier disputes.  // Fragment yellowing, a night strings broke, remember that Suzhou outside the city, wandering bear wandering the pack.  A local chamber attachment, wake soul, who contracted the endless solitude?  // only want to greet the rain sorrows, yet worry Tim.  Frustration, nostalgia how distraction, any accumulation of clouds, Utah sigh to Heaven, Soul hometown, owned by people who hope revolve wrinkle Yan?  // journey Fan Wu, shock torrent, passing weaving dreams by night, sailed into harbor.  Conceal his feelings fragile, crushed text, consolation verse rhyme flow, relying on the Red heating.