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Amidst Linghe crossing

Long time no such let yourself soak in the autumn pure, no trace of any natural raindrops kiss my cheek.Only at the moment, I feel time like a cup of pure water, like a hazy wisp of smoke coming from a distant dream, but to dream of distant.I support a paper umbrella, walking on the North off the flood wall, overlooking shrouded in misty rain in Daling Ferries ruins hand was torn apart by years of mottled walls, seems to have heard the “Aetna door” tower, that mouth huge ancient bell, sent a deep ringing, so I look for traces of history full of moss in the cracks in the dike until the drizzle blurred his eyes, seemed on the other side of the water Ling, a ferry leisurely shaking, Boatmen call the chant boat coming slowly.    Previously, I have the impression that the North off the ferry, but are brick, plaster, stone steps, paths, water around the door eastbound.Can be found today, misty rain Ferries is not only a landscape, it is an ancient feeling, is the kind of dough, Wet, even astringent flavor, floating in the air, seems to be absent.    Sitting on pile wall to see Darling river flowing slowly, as if the mind is also wave ripples in this moment, this has a long history of eternal mother river, flowing in Nu Luer Shan roundabout, nine out of the door after closing stage, Yixian into the boundary, the terrain suddenly open, the river widens, the river slows, flows through the north gate of the ancient city, slowed down, leaving the North off the ferry connecting the north and south sides of a.The old ferry had been too many story.She is so magical, so poetic, is the cradle of her home, accompanied by generation after generation of people grew.She witnessed the vicissitudes of history home.This ancient ferry, is at the northern end of Liaoxizoulang Daling River, is the internal and external communication must pass through the ancient customs, also contested.There are four ancient city of Yizhou, said Xichun east, south, saying Yongqing, Qingfeng West said, Aetna said the North.It is seen from the title gates, only next to the crossing of the north gate to take the meaning of peace and prosperity.But this is only the wish of the people better, because after the big mountains across the river, is the Horqin grassland sturdy Mongolian tribes, according to “justice” record, only the Ming Dynasty, the Mongolian cavalry on the prairie, via the North off the ferry, many times to attack the ancient city of Yixian, break even once the North gate, the ancient city looted.    Even modern warfare, Yixian North off the ferry also focus on offensive and defensive.Liaoning-Shenyang Campaign first war of liberation war, is to force south Shino Beining line, after Daling ferry, in the ancient city of Yixian kicked off the battle.Today, the smoke of war has dissipated, leaving numerous scars of war on the North off the walls, still silently tell the behind Ferries once tragic, brutal war scenes.    As a thoroughfare inside and outside the door shut, northeastern Inner Mongolia, the Union of roads leading to the sea, just north off Ferries war episode in history, Yixian ancient nomadic economy and the agricultural economy of the junction, north off Ferries naturally communicate with the Mainland Inner Mongolia the Union the most prosperous business hub in history.    According to “Ming Shi” recorded Jiajing fifteen years (AD 1537), “Sinuiju lack of horses, government troops not operate equipment, supervision by the child not and will supply mule” Mule children can not fight the battle, commanding Sinuiju Xu Kyung petitioned the court, near the Great Wall of the Ming line (cleared wicker side) opened five horse market (bazaar), Mongolian civil horses, leather goods, the North off the ferry to the mainland city in exchange for each horse can not live without the salt, cloth, tea; the situation is clear lack of military and civil horses have been resolved.Wanli Emperor twenty-six years (AD 1599), the northern tribes several times to attack the Sinuiju Wei (meaning the county), Hundred governor Zhangsi Zhong played in court, closed the Sinuiju City and wooden horse market, only twenty-nine years to Ancestor over three years, according to Ming Ning Bing Defending situation and civil needs, please re force thistle Liaoning Governor Vanta to neglect of North Korea, to Boxer fall in August, re-open Sinuiju Trojans and two cities.After the Ming and Qing exist 570 years, Manchuria, the Republic of China, Yixian horse market.    North off Ferries, in the long historical process, bring the peoples on both sides of the Daling economic prosperity and national harmony, and some still live in the old boatman world, brought ferry once busy, still glowing terms, sigh sigh.    Today, the scene remains the same, not in downtown, the North off the ferries have long been replaced by rail, road Bridges.People today can only stand prosperity embankment dam up the imagination Ferries, how many varieties of Mongolian horses from here to the Mainland, and how much the Bohai Sea salt shipped to Mongolia, the number of North-South business came from here, where the number of young boatman age, no one knows.Ferries with its historical mission, has long been lost in the misty rain Daling.    Now, with the city extending to the north, where the government invested 3 million renovation project has started construction, will become part of the ancient ferry Bank Park, the high-rise buildings will be erected on both sides, will also become the city Daling River,.Old and young Daling, bathed in the ring of the times, the scenery will be more attractive.    Autumn is often caused by people’s imagination, stroll in the misty rain Daling Ferries, would feel the weight of history in the minds of superimposed layers, people smell the breath of a dream is true.Perhaps, in the fast-paced life, we need to feel such a luxury miss, quiet and serene beside Daling Ferries.