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Amidst Lihen not keep people

Amidst Lihen not keep people laughing passionate reside in reincarnation.Empty lightweight sleeves, Cai diameter fences, from the wind passage Nisang, then dilute broken Pingchuang.— text: fences sparsely April Fangfei, sit in the shallow end of time, Zhang blooming tired smile and enjoy the branches back Yingge Yan Yanhong mellowed a singing dance, watch the gurgling spring water flowing Yang Liu Yiyi swing.In fine, clear, the youth years away, a look back, stop, in the silence of distant indifferent to reincarnation Heart Lake.The new branch bears, who he whisper, blooming scattered, broken pieces of Canhong, wrinkled by the wind of the affair waves in water ripples.Earthly fireworks, colorful fleeting, ethereal with not speak sorrowful thoughts at the moment, this beautiful melancholy, crystal tears, and across the cheeks who?    Who is replaced with a touch of lightly with indifference Nama mind and heartbreak?And who deliberately misinterpreted share intimate knowledge with meaning?Do not, and that was a bright spring eat only a little; do not, and that was a cool pale smiling summer.Hill has been non mountains, water nor water.Does anyone know a smile behind the thin cold and lonely injury?Change of heart dream, soaring spread feelings, Zuili dance culture solution You You worry more, dream Yan ink pouring worry worry worry.    Faint touch of sadness lonely, but calm as under the body of a pool of clear water, any passage of time, from the Red laugh.Mo ask, what is the reunion of.Only the sea, rivers and lakes, smoke water.And finally in bloom lonely time, my tears fell like rain.Tear drops like rain, past wind smoke everywhere again, blurring the traces of love.My heart suddenly old, sad Yan intersection.    How the Red poly-FIT, Splendor mind a few people know?Flowers bloom Xie Yi, the flow of water long East.Floral night, the strings off who listen?Hunmeng yo, do not think heartbroken, how indifferent.Sigh sad thing to do, and everything is like having two or three thousand strands of worry into a cocoon, and quiet tears pillow before a dream.Life never far away, it is hard to find and Mark.Spend a long night knowing who show a bleak comfort.Do not hate deeply, read like a long time.End of the World Water Ying Wang Chuan House.Qingchou flower Mei, Mei busy people quiet.    Drunk forget themselves, What if wrapped dependents; wretched lonely night, Sparse bleak.Millennium Predestined, forlorn love life; Zaibu Dong, a lot of worry, tears flow like language.In the ageless night, pierce your warm words broken language film, folded into the Tang and Song, lining shop Tonight text.One kind of love can only send away the dream, and I turned into a butterfly dream, waiting for the dawn of the moment of the lanky moonlight, dance.    Acacia mop, eyes, hope not to wear ma’am, this earthly trail, tie him down hard, and love and hate come true, this shore, snow entanglement, weathering process under the Millennium tears, looking back, this is a gentle stick to mind the sea the most vulnerable places, such as lights, such as weaving.Red Acacia, had no trace eyes, a long time love, hate long.Persevering, from the night wind, thinner than yellow.    Earthly vanity, past and gone, helpless thoughts scattered over the floor from the War, shake off a shoulder Cheng pulls back, quiet people to lock two flowers picture heartache no return, Qianshan Meidai sweep, accompanied by a bleak from the War through the ages.Drunk to know alcohol concentration, wake up empty dream to know.Listen, the flowers of heartbreak, how many lingering Juelian the past, how many leave tapped heartstrings; midnight blurred memories of how much, can not afford to always retain the memory has faded, the scenes in the last freeze, weak; the flowers night, Zanko done, failed to keep the face of years, not fleeting trace of reflection, how many of sadness, melody infiltrate dreams.    Amidst the night, unlined lean on a railing, a few forlorn Acacia taste ignorant, not to keep people Amidst Lihen.