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New Year's drink to help digest greasy barley

  During this time of eating more fried foods-based, and just have to go, digestive effect, Qi Jianwei。   Also has a unique dietary fiber, soluble dietary fiber in tea, stomach in "junk" may be out of the body, relaxing ,, it will not bring any excess heat and burden。   The efficacy and role 1.Aid digestion contained amylase and vitamins to increase gastric acid and pepsin, to alleviate slight illness, loss of appetite have a good effect。
In addition, barley tea dietary fiber can promote bowel movements, speed up the digestion of food。   2.Prevention and treatment of obesity is a coarse grain foods, which contain dietary fiber to adjust the function of digestion and absorption, helping to slow the absorption of nutrients, dietary fiber and these can also produce satiety, avoid the human body due to excessive intake of calories, fat and carbohydrates compounds lead to obesity symptoms。   3.Send a fire contains many essential trace elements and essential amino acids, minerals and unsaturated fatty acids and dietary fiber, free of caffeine, theophylline, without nerve stimulation, in addition to detoxification, for pain caused lit situation, sore throat, constipation, etc. can play a role in mitigation。
  4.Prevent constipation has a cool detoxification, weight loss and spleen, Qingre, to Xingshan, to help digestion effect, can eliminate the feeling of chest tightness, abdominal distension, enhance gastric motility。
Sedentary white-collar family in front of the computer may wish to drink a few glasses of barley tea a day, so not only can eliminate excess fat, but also can effectively regulate gastrointestinal function and prevent constipation。
  Fives.Qushu cool summer drink hot hot weather can also, diuretic, thirst, especially for the elderly summer season to drink, it can quickly replenish moisture loss of the body, relieve thirst, restore the electrolyte balance in the body, to avoid heat stroke。   6.Specific anti-cancer substance comprising inhibiting cancer, have a preventive effect on cancer。 Specific anti-cancer substances contained barley P- coumaric acid is contained in legumes and quercetin widely used in medicine。
  Homemade 1, barley wash clean, stay on the sieve dried, put a layer of gauze and dust when the sun above, well after the sun can fry。
  2, should not be too much attention to the furnace fried, pan heat a small fire, well done outside of the skin paste inside not good。   3, to prepare 2 liters of water (2000CC) and 100 g fried barley.You can also prepare 25 grams Cassia (recommended) 4, the water boil, put barley, boil, turn a small simmer for 15 minutes after the flame burning。
(Cassia no skip step 6) 5, after the flame into 25 g cassia, cover boring bubbles, stirring about every 5 minutes, 15 minutes soak boring。
  6, the filter tea, natural cooling。