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Amidst life (poetry song selection four)

Prostitutes looked brilliant on both sides of the stream and the Bauhinia what you want to find a peaceful accustomed to noisy or repeat every day looking forward to the face of the soul’s smile was blown on the corner of the sky look forward to forgetting whom disgrace hair micro dress in the water behind you sway in the wind, on both sides of the really strange way of prostitutes, Bauhinia has missed the March flowering again in the coming fall and you wait and wait what year which month stood at a distance, I, as well as grass and flowers eager to come into your heart but who can not walk into your mind day in July, a sudden thunderstorm always come then, all passers-by in one direction in the afternoon and you run, and turned a deaf ear to those plants, in contemplation of what you want in a man’s world locked vast died tragically is the injury took away your happiness is it rejected abducted your dreams Nevertheless, all of after the cycle of silence as well as the sun, and rain also can not erase the feeling of love allow me to bother you once you allow me to open the door and then fastening heart with my pen to write your story sing thinking s song..       No choice drink miss you more and more people away from me confused, confused scenic road is also stumbled drink alone, leaving the name of the language left, the back has disappeared like a quiet backwater filled with heart one can not sing the swan song of an empty two people can have a romantic love love to mention the vast sea of the story line in the rain is too heavy wind took the old enemy in the lights only vaguely at a point where I can only sleep at night I planted a small tree flourish until next year to two good habitat for birds from afar love your dragonfly if you can wait that weathered thousands of years of bird love your dragonfly is on the earth I have in this world waving the grass habitat in the evening once the leaves dancing in Hechi why if you can not wait for this moment scenery with specimens memory forever keeping everything perhaps, I can not let pass by you Write down a brief moment this world is like a rainbow after the rain can not hang forever in the horizon if the world can wait thousands of years, and how the cycle of years, in addition to you and only you let me read to be thought of on your shoulders dance dragonfly wings Cause your friends photos hides in my heart I would have you put your story unload my face if I will not forget your heart door key was lost I do not know that whoever I picked up when you leave start and salvage the number of stars in the night with a basket in the creek under the moonlight is not tired of feeling no sense of loss one day, I will wait Bauhinia covered with sludge in Hualien things hidden desire to March, the human desire to know what any wind and rain this life only willing to rub shoulders with you and with your hand in July 2011 Dazhou “Western tide” magazine in