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Amidst life (four)

Leaf wait in the rain leaves a window sill to make you stare long life may be short sigh probably leaves you lonely lonely soul hit the flat peeling off the windowsill tree branches all the leaves as if you lost green hope all your heart and gray ideal long-established residents of the cottage there is only this one leaves you even miscellaneous luggage will soon drift south and memories of the past as you would expect entrenched wrote in a corner of the Pro North windowsill year perhaps someone will have this same person staring outside the window of a withered tree branches but can only be silent no more laughter and joy melancholy drift south windowsill rain leaves a lonely look forward to you come back again….      Satisfy pure life standing in the rain, I look around, how can suddenly disappear all pedestrians face in your memory under the umbrella Congcong Wang home to catch the rain pattering I will not wait for you to leave with disappointment always ask limp limp from I am, how much heart can pretend to be your emotional ask me how deep love Satisfy pure life from dawn to dusk standing in the rain I do not have words you can only look forward to going back alley with tears.      How long the road where you are and winter scarves soul leaves accompanied by the owner of the house did not shut down the entire winter green and loneliness accompany you in the back where the birds have left the nest weather begins to warm your message to send sub-total of the Huaxinling to smile it you said, will come back tired when flowers will be stepping on the floor fell on my shoulder lying in my arms let me hear your romantic journey but, through the whole winter there is nothing Road long speech in Utah where you are to where you do not want to just leave like this do not want to regret some things full of countless number of anticipated fantasy always predictable snow falls wild goose flying south for the spring season twittering swallows I choose life and well-being of gave me the joys of temper calm down, all the language and expression hides in the bag does not look back not obsessed way, always unlimited extension in life.    January 2010 in Zhenjiang [Editor: Butterflies]